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“Jane” This is…back in September That’s before– No, September… is right around when David just moved
to the place; about a month. Jane Dean, that’s the name of the boat Peter It’s upside-down “A nightmare swims above” “my head” “A ghost sits upon my chest” Oh, we can use that to find the other clip. We need the other side of this (Welonz chuckles) This one’s pretty long, so I’m gonna see if I can… She’s approving The irony! I’m pretty sure she’s talking to David here In September, she just met him. This is
like, their second time talking? (Welonz chuckles) How about the FBI?
Trying to use you to get close to a group “Gigolo” We can use that word He was a video producer He’s doing a lot of talking here Mm, she’s looking sadder Cuz he’s telling some kind of sad story about something He must have said something sad No, he’s talking way more than her in here She’s blinded by love she doesn’t realize I have no idea what that is.
Is that some kind of retail store? Hm. Goodnight They were just getting to know each other here and that reminds me, I never corrected Ava’s job here Yeah, this is just David, I think’ he knew a little bit about music and probably impressed her just with that But the word hotel happened to be behind her Uhh What is it– And that’s what he named his boat. Gosh. Oh, my lord What else? (Welonz chuckles) Wait, did she marry an accountant and
move to Florida? Was that real or hypothetical? I’m not sure. Guess I’ll write it down anyway Now, if you want to find the counterpart
of this one, it should be pretty easy Six minutes long, “Gigolo” Or even “nightmare” would have worked. Yeah. How did they meet, on Omegle? Clearly on the Internet Yes, yes, that’s what the other conversation was about too Ava closed up shop and it was all dark Understood He’s trying to read the lyrics like I wa (Welonz chuckles) “No, we just did cover songs” “Jane Dean, and we were
called Jane Dean and the Rebels” He trying to flirt with her to get close on purpose I was at Well, that’s obviously a fake story Does the FBI actually do that? Pretty much just getting to know each other here Tell me your sad story “Sleep with rich old ladies” She’s trying to guess his job Mm, and that’s where she got sad Drugs I don’t quite remember what she was
talking about here; this is a long one “You seem real” No, she…moving to Florida, married accountant. That’s what they all say Yeah, I don’t think we need to put this one on the timeline but, for the record around the same kind of time Not in this date; the first time they met
might be when she was closing up shop and even then, it wasn’t like they physically met Are they using some kind of chat
program where they find strangers? Especially because this video opened with “you again”, right? Yeah, so it kind of sounds like she clicked
on his name and a website or something Okay What were you looking at before? Man, I feel like we dug down this
hole of Ava and David here There were a few search terms that we did
before where we didn’t watch everything but we don’t have to go in those orders.
We can just do whatever we want, pretty much I pretty much have no idea what we
were doing before (Welonz chuckles) How about we go back to something
completely different, then? Because I feel like we do have an idea of what went
on between Dava–Dava? David and Ava here David was getting close to Ava on purpose for his job And then he got her pregnant and he ran away and he also messed up his job. So all that’s very wonderful What about the wife? I really wonde,r did they ever get a divorce? No. No, so she’s just been stressed
back in her own place the whole time Emma Whoa, you look…battered up in November Oh, police officer beat him up He’s probably infiltrated into Green Storm
already by this point, so the police beat him Guessing he’s talking to Emma here Maybe she’s telling him how worried she is. Probably talking about her own problems too,
’cause she’s still dealing with a daughter and the mom all by herself Argument breaking out Oh, something happened on Emma’s end Probably because she was so stressed.
She can’t handle everything about herself It used to just be her taking care of the
daughter, but now with the mom, double the work Arguments Bound to happen in stressful
situations like this, I suppose 2:54, have we ever seen–? Woah. You know, this whole time,
I still haven’t looked at “Karen” yet I’m at an office Yeah 2:07–holy frick, I’m working on a Sunday, midnight? Wait, it was Sunday earlier too wasn’t it, or–?
Dang, why am I in the office at Sunday? Geez 2:54. I don’t have the counterpart to this one Oh, these two are counterparts or–
no, they’re not, never mind Would be really nice if we could find it,
but I do want to put down maybe Yeah, instead of going through
these just because we see them, I feel like finding the pairs would
make it easier for us to understand So I’m not gonna, you know, try to fill out all that stuff. Let’s see if “protests” can get us the other one Nope. Uhh, “group” I’m doing this one because he said it’s not one of the group so I’m guessing maybe Emma
said, “was it one of the group?” But maybe this was too vague Fighting Nope Hmm…was there anything he said in this one that–? Oh, maybe like, “what happened to you?” “What happened” Hmm…Nope, I keep hoping, I keep hoping Nah, I think we’ll just have to bookmark that one for now I can’t find it. How did I get that one again? Emma? Yeah There you go And we’ll keep going here, then. I want to see the
wife, though. Damn, it’s been forever Maybe I should search “David” if I want to see the wife ‘Cause someone’s saying his name out loud 61 times Goshdangit, what the hell happened to the wife or–even the mom, Laura? I think Emma calls her mom, “Momma”? Yes, there we go finally; getting some stuff here This is September 14th. When David and
Ava were Skyping on the same night She’s a nurse Steven, that’s right (Welonz chuckles) They’re both in a good mood here He’s only moved away for a month at this point Oh, my God You’re not even brushing your teeth! Whoa, what are we seeing here? A visit that’ll last two months, at least Bye Yeah, it’s really sad to see ’cause then,
she’s all happy and stuff here but then… Their relationship breaks down pretty fast I really wonder though, is he really just
meeting with Ava because of his job or I mean, he’s actually sleeping with her and stuff Is that the job sacrifice? What would you even call that? That we also don’t have a—hm. We might be able
to find it if we put “what’s his name” like that? Boom. Heck, yeah “Jason Bourne” would’ve worked. You know, I just realized this game is about 4 people but it’s really about 3 women revolving around 1 man A man who might be able to compete
for “scumbag of the decade” (Welonz chuckles) judging by what we’ve seen so far “Steven” “Oh, Steven” (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz chuckles) Oh, God “If you so much as even look at one of
them, I’ll come bite off your service pistol” He’s not wearing his ring, either You know why he’s got to go? ‘Cuz this is
September 14th, when he was skyping with Ava Yeah, and then he’s like, “oh, you again” Man… Man. Okay, well we got that. What were we
looking at before, “Momma”? She’s super stressed out–eight minutes? November 3rd This is the day where Emma
suspects Laura has dementia Huh, this one is a bit of a weird angle It’s David Oh, this might be the counterpart to Emma’s They’re watching something together? Cuz that’s what long distance couples do Because there’s nothing else
you can do (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my God. (Welonz chuckles)
The syncing of the videos I wonder though, this is in November,
right? So is it Ava or is it Emma? He said “boo” earlier, he said
“Hey, boo” which makes me think it’s Ava Goddamnit, I wanted more Emma clips.
Now we’re back to Ava again This was a long one. Oh– Is he voice acting all of it or what? If they’re watching a movie, why do they keep talking? He’s reading the subtitles Oh, does she not have sound, so he’s trying to give her sound for the movie? What the hell’s happening? Hmm (Welonz chuckles) I have no idea what they’re watching But I just realized We can get the pairing video
by searching “one, two, three” No, he’s just reading the lines now so I think I’m probably gonna go fast-past this one He’s not actually talking to whoever he’s talking to, he’s
just reading the lines from the movie Yeah, this one is a bit strange.
He’s just reading…the words But he’s not even…his webcam–he’s not looking
at it, he’s watching the show the whole time And he’s eating a lot of popcorn in one handful “22”…None of this really applies to him. That’s why we found this clip with “Momma” Yeah. What the heck is this clip? Keep going I really don’t think we’ll miss
anything by skipping this one Maybe towards the end here.
He’ll stop watching the movie? He said “sorry” Did he mess up a line? Hm. Oh no, no. No, no.
He started to look at the webcam a lot here Okay, it’s Ava. Why can’t she hear the sound, why does she have to like, wait for him to–? Oh, God. Things couples do There we go, boom boom She’s probably not gonna be talking
a lot, but why are they doing this? Oh, that’s why he’s…doing everything. Okay, we’re not gonna get actual
conversation from this, then It’s just them reading the lines of this movie So let’s skip the very end Skip to the end, and then go back a little bit
and see when they start talking to each other Hold on. That’s a little bit too much Oh, e read the wrong line earlier Rally? The protest where he got hurt The protest rally was on November… 6th. This was the 3rd, so not quite
But there was a rally on the 4th? It’s just them getting to know each other; these two weren’t that important.
8 minutes long though, my goodness Okay What was I looking at before this, “Momma”? (Welonz chuckles) But I’m still not getting any more Emma clips. No, that was it; that was the last one Hmm… I’m sure there’s a lot that we could go back on based
off what we were looking at before but I’m kinda, kind of lost track of all of that now Because of all the stuff we went through.
How about we just start anew again then? Or– Steven…? Steven was a source of tension too, because David thinks that his wife is cheating on him with
Steven, when in reality, he was probably just projecting This is November 4th: the day of the protest; the day of the rally. Getting unhappy hearing his name, already November, so he’s moved here for about three months Is this the counterpart to the Laura dementia clip? It ends in an argument, I think Yeah, it didn’t end well 1:48 Did I ever–I don’t think I noted that
one down, but it was one where– Emma was looking at the laptop and she
got angry. It might have been that one (Welonz sighs) Their relationship’s pretty
much broken down in three months Pretty much Ni–holy crap, this one’s like 10 minutes long, in March March 11th is about… a day before David catches the spy Okay Well, I can put down maybe there was a rally here Some kind of rally, involving David wearing a mask Whoa… Which one? It’s March, so, it’s Emma because in February, David and Ava already moved in together,
which means they wouldn’t be Skyping And he just mentioned the mom,
so something’s gone wrong with Laura Oh, no, might not be talking about Laura.
Maybe he’s talking to his daughter. Oh, I completely forgot he had a daughter;
it’s been a while since she showed up. Yes, he’s talking to his daughter about
mama not feeling well as in, his wife Right, because he calls Laura, Laura. He wouldn’t call her “mama” That’s–Wow. (Welonz chuckles) Okay Wait–Did he not realize he
messed up in talking about that? He spins the gold into straw? (Welonz chuckles)
He spins the straw into gold! Oh, my God (Welonz chuckles) Damn. (Welonz chuckles) He’s really good at voice acting (Welonz chuckles) Steven! (Welonz chuckles) I’ve never heard that story before;
is that like a really popular one? Oh, “why did he want the baby?” (Welonz chuckles) Hmph Glowworm? (Welonz chuckles) (Welonz exhales) Seriously, this guy’s a horrible husband, but he did invest time into trying to be
there for his daughter and all. And Iwas kind of into that story.
Is that a popular fairy tale? I’ve never heard of that one before
but I’m pretty sure we can find it. (Welonz chuckles) I love how she guesses “Steven” That’s not a good thing, right? For him
‘cuz kids usually guess names they know The ones that they come into contact with often How about if we search “princess”? Heck yeah, we got it Obviously, we can skip a lot of this In terms of the–(Welonz chuckles) She’s so cute In terms of the overall story, I think even watching this whole video
probably won’t really increase our understanding Hey, how do I make it faster? Yeah, she’s just making comments
about the story the whole time Don’t think there is anything too crazy here A lot of these are basically to understand the relationships between the characters, but they don’t all necessarily have explosive amounts of information in them,
not like the one where we found out Ava apparently was pregnant with David’s child Whose name might not be Jane Oh? Oh, your teacher is pregnant (Welonz chuckles) Oh, my God, (Welonz chuckles) imagine being the teacher Bedtime, kid You look like you’re maybe…how old are you, anyway? Is this kid– She’s an actress, but I wonder– I wonder when they make these videos,
do they actually have someone on the other side? (Welonz chuckles) “Steven” or
are they just talking to a blank screen? ‘Cause I feel like they’re probably talking
to a blank screen and in that case, This kid would be a pretty damn good actor, my God Yeah, the kid doesn’t really talk :Does he explode?” “No, he’s just lonely” Controls are a little–(?) (Welonz chuckles) “No, sorry honey, gotta go out” Have a good sleep though (Welonz gasps) What? That looks exactly like the one Ava has. What?! That’s a coincidence, right? Probably he could use it as a topic like,
“Oh my God, my daughter has one of those too” Although, you don’t really want her to know
that you have a daughter (Welonz chuckles) Huh…Any other information we can get here? Not really Yeah, a lot of these ones were
just kind of slice of life-ish Okay, well, I’m gonna take a small break here first and we’ll come back and read more in a quick second

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  1. I remember reading RumpleStiltskin when I was young, but I'm pretty sure it was the original Brothers Grimm version because I have a vivid memory of him going into a rage when she said his name, he put his foot through the floorboard and then yanked it so hard his leg came off. Looking back it really suprises me how popular Brothers Grimm fairy tales were considering how dark and violent they were.

  2. I remember Rumplestiltskin was read to us in elementary school and it’s one of the brothers Grimm fairy tales. Although I haven’t seen too many modern adaptions of the story, cough Disney *cough*, I think that the character rumplestiltskin is adapted in different modern stories about fairy tales

  3. It's probably nothing important, but you forgot to rewind Ava's "one two three" clip where she was presumably having real conversation.

  4. I still remember a Rumpelstiltskin song form when i was very young.

    "Oh bring me cookies, bring me wine,
    Tomorrow night the baby's mine,
    If I don't with the guessing game,
    Rumpelstiltskin's not not my name."

    But in the version i was taught the royal huntsman overheard Rumpelstiltskin singing and dancing around a campfire in the woods and told the Queen.

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