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– Hey guys, this is Austin, this little chip is one of the
most important new products that AMD has released in a very long time. This is the Ryzen 4000 series mobile chip and with it you get a full eight cores with solid graphics that can fit in a thin and light laptop. It is a very, very big deal. So obviously, AMD has been working on laptops for quite a while, however for the most part, they’ve been fine, they’ve been usable, but in the last couple of years they’ve started to turn around, ever since Ryzen Mobile came out. Now with it you have
really impressive graphics, and while the CPU and the
power usage wasn’t amazing, it was still very usable. However now, they’ve hit the 4000 series, it looks like they’re pretty
much firing on all cylinders. So for context on all of this, over the last couple of months I’ve been using the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1, which does feature the
latest 10th generation, Intel Ice Lake processor, with it I get four cores as
well as a pretty decent GPU. But with Ryzen Mobile the idea is that the performance is going
to be significantly better. In the same tiny chip, in
the same 15W power budget, you can all the way to up to eight cores with even better graphics. Yes, my friends, it’s a brave new world where AMD is now making some
of the best desktop processors that are right up there with laptops too, I mean, obviously it’s CES, we haven’t had a chance
to benchmark anything. All the laptops are behind a plastic case, because they don’t want
me to get near them. But if this is anywhere close
to what I think it should be, it’s going to be really, really fun to try some of these laptops. The lineup is actually
pretty straightforward and very similar to what
you get on the desktop. So, Ryzen 3 is
available with four cores, kinda similar to what
you got last generation. However, if you jump up to Ryzen 5, that gets you six cores, with
or without hyper-threading, depending on which chip you go for. And then if you up to Ryzen 7, you’re getting eight cores, again, eight cores by themselves or eight cores with 16 threads on the very high end Ryzen 7 chip. Now, that’s actually
what I’ve got right here and the interesting thing here is, that all the Ryzen Mobile chips are actually using the
same eight core dies. So everything you see
going down to four or six, it’s all going to fit
in this tiny form factor and there’s pretty wide range of the different kinds of
TDP’s that you’ll find this at. So, at 15W you’ll very much see it in some of very thin and light laptops. But if you want to go
up to a gaming laptop, such as the Zephyrus, which we took a look at a couple days ago, you’re actually getting something which is much more in the 35W, 45W range, which is very, very
competitive with Intel. It’s interesting that they’re using the exact same chip across the board, but they’re able to get such good scaling out of not only the Zen 2 cores inside, but also the fact that it is
running on the 7 nm process. They could just, do that, you know, eight cores and everything, that’s fine, don’t worry about it. What’s cool here is that you’re not only losing a lot of clock speed either, even with the top end Ryzen 7 4800U it still clocking in at 1.8
GHz base and 4.2 GHz boost. That’s about what my current
Ice Lake system is running at, except that of course this has eight cores instead of four. Now, it’s not a complete match with the desktop version of Ryzen, so there is no PCI 4.0 on this, which isn’t particularly
relevant in the laptop space. As well as it does take advantage of integrated Vega graphics not Navi, so it’s a little behind the curve there. But by saying, it’s a
little behind the curve, they’re still claiming
that it’s about 30% faster than an equivalent Ice Lake system and about 30% faster I
would guess from that based on the last
generation of Ryzen Mobile. So, what you’re getting here is something which is not to far off from like lower end dedicated GPU, think maybe like MX150, MX250, that kind of ball park. Certainly this would be good
enough to play some games like 1080p Low, you could also have eight cores to do it at the exact same time. To do it, to game with,
wait no, I guess… You can game with all of it, but you have like four extra cores to watch Austin Evans
videos on a constant loop. – [Ken] Or stream. – Or you could stream… No, but you just watch
Austin Evans videos on a constant loop. Really that’s what you
need eight cores for, please watch my videos. (ping) Now if gaming is really your thing, you’re properly going to want to jump up to the H series processors and something like the Dell G5, as well as ROG Zephyrus G14. Now with this, it’s
basically the same chip, it’s just running at a higher 45W TDP as opposed to 15W. And with that you still
get the eight cores, but you’re really able to essentially boost it significantly higher. So, opposed to base
clocks on the U-series being like 1.8 GHz or so, you’re up to, I think, 2.9 GHz. But what you’re really
going to find this with, is that this chip is going to be paired with dedicated graphics, whether it be like 1660 or a RTX 2060 or of course AMD also has
their own dedicated GPU’s. But, the cool thing here
is the gaming laptops on the AMD and Intel side are about to be very, very competitive. I’m curious to see, AMD is talking a big game, they’re talking about how this is going to be very much equivalent to like a Core i7 or even a
Core i9 on the laptop side. And if that’s the case. Wow! Yeah! Now it should be cheaper too. So, the Ryzen Mobile 4000 Series will actually be going on sale pretty quickly. So laptops should start shipping somewhere in the next two to three months or so and I am really excited
to give them a try. So, obviously the last year or so has been a very, very huge win for AMD on the desktop side and with the mobile side, I feel like they are poised for maybe not quite that same slam dunk, because Intel does have
a lot of advantages in the power side as well as optimization. But if AMD can get close, if
they can get that much better, I think it is going to be a really interesting year for laptops. I mean, this is, it’s a lot of power for a very thin, very small computer. I am very excited. Now, there is actually
a lot more to talk about and something that I think
very much got overshadowed is the brand new AMD Athlon 3000 Series. So, if you look at the
lower end of laptops, you’re going to see a lot of AMD, like A12 and A10 processors, and I’m going to be frank, they suck. They’re very slow and they’re really not usable for a modern system in 2020. Well, thankfully Ryzen and therefore an extension Athlon has come down to that price level, so, a couple of new chips. So there is Athlon Silver and Athlon Gold, in case you’re curious about
who they’re targeting here, essentially these are very similar to the last generation Ryzen chips. So they are 12, 14 mm, couldn’t quite get a completely clear answer on that, but essentially, you’re
getting a couple Zen cores, either with or without hyper-threading, some level of Vega graphics, which generally speaking, this would be a much,
much more usable system at that $200, $300, $400 price point. I can’t image a more
different thing to move on to than the brand new AMD Threadripper 3990X. So the Athlon is going into
those incredibly cheap systems, this is a 64 core processor. I’m just going to pause for a second, 64 cores, with hyper-threading, for the low, low price of $3990. (clears throat) Well, this is not for the faint of heart, this is not for your average gamer or UrAvgConsumer. What this is really
meant for is someone who needs an insane amount
of processing power, but in a way that you can actually build a gaming PC out of it. So with those 64 cores, you’re actually getting
pretty reasonable clocks. So it’s somewhere like
2.9 GHz on all cores, and it will boost well up into four GHz when you’re actually going on single core. But when you look at something like this, it’s not really meant for, look you got to be someone whose gonna really take advantage
of that many cores, that much memory, this is an
incredibly high-end system. But the fact is, even at $3000, that’s a great deal compared to Team Blue, right, I mean you’re looking at Xeons which are significantly more expensive. I’m very excited this
thing when it goes on sale, actually I believe towards
the end of this month. So that my friends is what
AMD has here at CES 2020. Definitely be sure to
subscribe to the channel for more CES content, as well as check out some of our other CES videos here, and here somewhere. Anyway, thank you very much for watching, I’m going to go continue to be impressed, because that’s what happened when I came to the AMD booth today. (gentle music)

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  1. mobile chip low tdp 1,8ghz base clock 8 cores 16 threads zen 2 i will bet thats the chip that is going to be in next gen consoles

  2. I was watching this with my friends, and we all just started laughing when he said 64 cores. Intel is completely screwed. Big time. They're not coming back from this, even if they magically figure out 10nm and get out of 14nm.

  3. Oh, snap. Intel just got spank. Publicly. Can't wait for what they come back with. It should really be a change for once.

  4. I always watch Austin Evans on a constant loop when I play, tho it's sad I can only dedicate 2 cores to him instead of the 6 Austin deserves

  5. That chip isn't competing with Xeon, amd launched a 64 core cpu not to long ago for workstation purposes that's around 7500$

  6. Help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help Australia help

  7. at first i thought pentium gold is zeon gold and i was like "what? you wanna compare consumer cpu with server cpu?"
    turns out i was just being autistic.

  8. Well maybe this will encourage Intel to really do something about their CPUs in terms of performance, specs, and the price. If they can release CPUs that are priced competitively and match the performance of Ryzen CPUs, then I think both Intel and AMD will benefit. Competition yields innovation, improvement, and price competition.

  9. "this is not for your average gamer or average consumer"
    some day soon: "Hey what's up guys, it's your avg consumer-"
    challenge accepted?

  10. I'm wanting to build a PC that can cut through 4K60 BRAW and higher video resolutions. I want to be able to play everything back at full res. What's a good AMD CPU for this. My current laptop is a 6 Core i7. Appreciate any build advice, thanks

  11. For server replacement CPUs I'd go for EPYC rather than the Xeon and AMD Ryzen too… they are built for 24/7 uptime along with Xeons and thats why theyre expensive but I still like the info you gave us thanks a lot

  12. Been using my laptop for almost 3 years now and it's slowly getting outdated. Looks like I'll be buying a new laptop soon

  13. This shows never make fun of the dumbest kids in the class

    They have ther own talent and can beat your a**
    In a competiton

  14. Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 had a very bad production timing. They should have waited for this 4000 series. Their “Surface Edition Ryzen” can’t even stream light 4k videos properly.

  15. Maybe during computex 2020 ryzen 9 4900H processor. That would be crazy. Laptop with 12 cores lol. If Apple put that in their new MacBook 14 or 16inch + rx5700m pro and dedicated SD slot I'm sold haha

  16. $3990 is not $3000. It's almost $4000 dollars, don't round down the price when it's that close to the next bracket. Love what AMD is doing though to Intel as an AMD fan and owner of the 3900x.

  17. That AMD slides are killing Intel directly. If Intel can't respond fast enough, they might be dead soon.

  18. Hey Austin. Please do cover these products when they release commercially. Would love to see how they perform.

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