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100 thoughts on “Roller Coaster Challenge [3D logic puzzle]

  1. If this hasn't done the burning question thing, I have one, can you buy more sets and put the pase plates together to make a mega rollercoaster.

  2. I think his parents told him the bird and the beeds wrong and told him the corndog and the pee that's not how you make a MALE pregnet

  3. Oh our class bought this but the thing is it’s impossible to build its soooooo hard! It just won’t click in

  4. Ehh I won’t do puzzles I will just make my own

    *trys to make Loopty Loop but fail* *flys a rocket to the sun and throws it* THERE BAKA MAKER!
    Will you just make your own

  5. Well I can tell that he has aids because he pee in a corn dog since he got no balls to go on a damn roller coaster.

    I’m also scared 😱 🤮😖

  6. They were probably inspired to make this toy because of Danny hiding from his boss #5

    Please tell me I’m correct

    If I’m not correct I’m gonna be soooo soo so pissed 🙂

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