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100 thoughts on “Riding For Jesus: Inside South Carolina’s Christian Biker Gang

  1. The ex-cons and former addicts of the Disciples Motorcycle Club have kicked their bad habits, swearing off a life of crime and substance abuse. Now, they ride for Jesus.

    WATCH NEXT: Revisiting the Glory Days With One of Japan's Most Violent Biker Gangs –

  2. Pretty gay shit they hide behind the patch and still do all
    The shit the rest of us do it’s just a cover

  3. Thats call a real brotherhood. Who always got your back on a good way not with guns but with love and prayers. I wish i can find a group like this here in South Korea.but sadly there’s not.

  4. God's a crutch… All hit rock bottom an seen God.. I wonder though do they practice what they preach… Or do they still bang heads together….

  5. Biker gang?
    That is not a gang….🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
    Calling them a gang is disrespectful!

  6. The apostle Paul said to be all things to all ppl. This club is amazing. I wanna be a member so f***ing bad. Bad ass righteous men, real men.

  7. Wow very good this is amazing if u practice your religion that most important so from me mashahallah you guy doing best God bless you all

  8. If they into kicking bad habbits out.they might be collecting taxes in the 5'6 way and sistem.😅.

  9. In 2000 when I started riding the first rally was all brand supporters or 1% riders. In 2012 I came back to the same rally. On the right coming through the door was Soldiers for Jesus. Across from them was the Christian Motorcycle Association. Down the other end were two church groups from up the Valley. Times they are a changing.

  10. Losers. Need an imaginary stick thin jew to keep themselves from a self inflicted suicide.

    LOL @ their weakness.

  11. I love how all the comments are positive here, probably would be for Islam too. Such a bunch of faggots.

  12. Christian's pick and choose there brothers as if one doesnt need jesus cuz the person doesnt fit there mold. I'm a Christian I'm a biker I'm not a lame Christian biker lol. No thank u

  13. I don't personally identify as Christian, but I have a lot of respect for this group. Having a positive outlet for growth and genuine human connection is good in my book, no matter if it's religious or non-religious.

  14. I sometime thought that their are such evil vile cruel demonic in some but i believe that their are demonics that aren't all such, they might seem clawing snarling growling but yet behind satans back they practice generously good and upholding beauty of innocense. And thats what i think these guys are…


  16. This is a load of rubbish, there is no way Jesus would try to look like bikies or wave a flag of a country, this just discredits there God,

  17. I don't respect anyone unless I look a MF in the EYES. I think Jesus and Mary would be in complete SHOCK… I respect what I'm seeing but it's HIGHLY DOUBTFUL that these men could be who I Invision them too be probably all Fucking wild and horrible beating their wives… Most people are going to read this ALL WRONG but "COME to ME" with such comments and accusations I'll only respond to the wise anyway… Yes I'm a crazy bitch

  18. vice wtfu Disciple christian club is not a gang nor do they preform in a gang manner Titles are the front to every story so Vice know you stuff before Putting Christian brother in the same as hells angels and other 1% outlaws, While they pray for the 1% and show the brotherhood full respect they themselves are not outlaws

  19. If you dont want to be judged then why not distance your self from 1%ers and not look like them and not wear 3 piece patch i think u guys want to look like tuff mofos but not actually do what real outlaws do kinda like the iron order. I swear sons of anarchy fucked up the biker lifestyle its kinda of a joke when u have christian mc and lemc wearing 3 piece patches and saying your not about that life then why go and do it. Look at the history a lot of people died because outlaw clubs put bottom rockers on their back and now you have this clubs that put bottom rockers and say we dont live that lifestyle but hey its cool to look like an outlaw 🤦 if your not about that life and are into god then why try an look the part you guys dont look like anyone can come up and talk to you guys but hey ur christians but you have protocals just like the demonic outlaw clubs you speak about, i could go on and on but i rather hear the word of god from a godly person who isnt trying to look like a bad ass or look cool what a fucken joke you guys prospect 😆 but like i said a lot of peole have died had their lives ruined for a bottom rocker but hey its ok cus u guys believe in god 888 kinda looks like 666 but no its christian because u say so fucken lame

  20. Great movement but wonderin if other races are àccepted too? There's CMBC in Indonesia and Australia, are the Disciples affiliated?

  21. This level of Brotherhood is amazing, and it does not exist outside of the military possibly some type of police organization, but even then I doubt it.

  22. I am a former Outlaw,Biker, scumbag,evil person, who did have a praying Mother and Dad, yes, i hurt others ,Etc. And Jesus Christ ,The Holy Spirit got a hold of me and yes turned me around ,i knew many many bikers,outlaws, evil people,i started telling them about Jesus and alot of them just heard about me going for Jesus and all together ran away from me,most of them former good old biker buddys. Sad.I gave up the whole look of evil,biker lifestyle,but kept the Motorcycle,i wanted no part of my old life or that look that scared the normal person. I`m i still a scumbag? yes, in God`s eyes,but i am a sinner saved by God`s Mercy and Grace.Can I change what i did in my past? no, but i can tell you about Jesus. We cannot get into Heaven by good deeds or works. Jesus Loves You.God is HOLY. Repent and turn from your wicked ways.

  23. Very cool and I'm VERY interested to hear if there is a chapter near Bremen, Georgia. Please respond to how I can find out how to pursue. I love to ride and most of all, I love Jesus!!!

  24. Jesus Christ NEVER said he was god… not a single phrase says Jesus was god..
    you ugys are so stupid. Jesus was a prophet.

  25. these idiots are "christians" but they have tattoos, drinking at bars.. messing around with 3rd rate whores seriously? fuck off

  26. The disciples are some awesome men and the reason I know is my son in law's dad is one of the chapters Perez he is a really great person not only him but his mother is a very old school mom very nice respectable lady she has a great family and I feel very blessed and privileged to have as part of my family Keith mitchum [email protected] brother keep caring that torch for god he has really blessed you and your family keep spreading the word and I'll do the same for the disciples my god ride shotgun wherever you go a brothers love car

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