Recovering From Identity Theft, Cyber Security Awareness and Cuttlefish Helps In ID Theft

Security Awareness

When Thomas got his credit card statement, he wasn’t worried. He had finally paid off his bill. So he know he didn’t own any money. But when Thomas looked at his statement, he found thousands of dollars in charges he didn’t recognize. Someone stole his identity, so Thomas got busy.

  • He called his credit card company right away. Then he went to identity theft site to find out what else he needed to do.
  • First, Thomas answered questions about what happened to him. He gave information about the crime, along with his name and address. Based on his information, Thomas got a recovery plan to help him fix the problems caused by his identity theft.
  • His plan told him to put a fraud alert on his credit report and to get a free copy of his credit report from annual credit report site and because Thomas has created a free account at identity theft site, he got even more help.
  • He got a personalized letter he could send to the credit card company asking them to fix the problems and the site helped him keep track of his recovery steps.
  • Thomas had more to do to stop the damage the identity thief had caused, but because he acted so fast in the beginning, it all turned out OK in the end.

Cyber security awareness helps protect from identity theft

Just two weeks ago, Yahoo revealed that usernames and passwords of more than 500 million account holders had been We’re talking about in 2015 alone there were over 15 billion dollars in lost revenue, lost income, lost dollars on the part of around 13.1 million people who lost their identity in some word password. In an effort to help increase cyber security awareness, Governor Ige has proclaimed October Cyber security Awareness Month.

The state says the more people that are educated about the risks, the safer the internet will be for everyone. One of the most popular ways you can protect that links it to that particular computer so the website knows that it’s really you logging in and not someone who’s stolen your password Dunn says there are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself, like using unique being proactive against hackers is the best defense.

What Can a Cuttlefish Teach You About ID Theft?

If there was an award for deception, the cuttlefish would be second to none. As wily as it is cunning, the cuttlefish camouflage itself, giving its prey a false sense of security Before a vicious attack. Just as malicious websites disguise themselves as legitimate e-commerce, taking your sensitive information. So beware of dangers when presenting your personal information online.


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