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G’Day everyone, Corrupt Carnage here and today we’re
going to do something a little bit
different we’re going to do minecraft in
real life and I’m going to show you how
to build a Minecraft house in the real
minecraft so I’m starting a new world
I’m just building the terrain it’s going
to randomly generate blocks and trees
and grass and water and obviously the
terrain as it says because it’s building
the terrains let’s just see where we go
saving chunks here we are look what we
got here it’s a bit of a nice level
terrain the first thing going to do but
to build a house is to get some wood so
let’s just cruise down to those two
trees down there and grab some wood what
a nice what a nice map this is the grass
is a little bit long but that’s okay
just need to walk a little bit higher
just taking me a little bit more to get
through this grass because a little bit
longer you get that on the big jobs so
let’s just go to this tree and get some
wood so and this finally got here too
long walk let’s just get some wood here
oh that’s hurting me hand oh there we go got
it pick it off there from the ground
there’s one there’s two there’s three
and there’s four pieces of wood that’s
great let’s go to let’s go to
the other tree now, walkie walkie
walkie so after we get the wood which
I’m going to get now here we go ahhhh it hurts me
nails here we go cut some wood so
there’s another piece five six I’ve got
six pieces of wood now let’s let’s make
myself an axe so we can get through
these trees a little bit easier so let’s
just turn this raw wood into wooden
planks and from that make some sticks
for the shaft of the axe and then from
the axe of from from the sticks and the
wooden planks puts make an axe here so
let’s just wield this axe here we go or
what a nice axe we have here let’s just
go to this tree and make mincemeat
mincemeat out of it and get some wood
hopefully dont destroy it too much this is
nature after all cuz it’s real minecraft
let’s give this tree here
that’s it bit up and down motion get
into it shit yeah and one last hit yep
sweet got some good chunks off that
let’s just pick that up six pieces off
of wood got 12 now see the axe is much
more efficient here we go now let’s for
the house it might need a bit more dirt
so let’s just make a shovel so just turn
the raw wood into wooden planks again
grab the wooden planks and let’s just
make a stick sorry a shovel my bad so
let’s just change the wooden plank over
with backs let’s go dig some dirt now so
best place to dig it’s probably up here
let’s go for a bit of a walk and let’s
just have a dig here we may as well
let’s just clear the grass a little bit a
couple of a couple of prods at that here
we go back to the nice dirt there you go
proving a little bit difficult we’ve got
one two and three let’s just grab some
dirt so got a bit of dirt there bit more
dirt there bit more dirt there awesome
grass seeds sweet bit more dirt it’s
four pieces and let’s just grab one more
we may as well and that’s six pieces of
dirt so from this I reckon we should
make a hammer so I could build my
house or in this case I’m just going to
build a pick and I’m going to say it’s a
hammer so let’s just put the sorry also
we need a door for the ummm for
the shelter so the when it goes to know
goes to night time we won’t get killed by
the dangerous creatures creepers and
skeletons and that so let’s just find a
nice place to build this house they’ve
got me wood I’ve got me door just need a
nice place on top of the hill nice flat
area and then we can build my house for
the night and then from that I can go
exploring to find other resources so
that’s just in the nice and the shade
here lets just build a house with me hammer
let’s just build a house so this is to
the first base ok going up there it is
first base to second base there it is
put a roof from this bad boy
and let’s put a door so that is how you
build a house in real minecraft

100 thoughts on “Real Life Minecraft Episode 1 – HOW TO BUILD A SHELTER (Realistic Minecraft)

  1. I watched this when I was about 7 years old and I thought that this was a real mod, but I played on ps3 so I was so jealous that pc got this mod, and then when I got my mom's laptop I looked up how to download this mod and I couldn't find out how.

  2. Anybody else go into Minecraft java and typed this in to see what would happen then go outside and do this thing with your hands and try and get wood

  3. 1. All his tools are metal 2. He doesn't need a crafting table 3. His pickaxe is a hammer 4. He uses so much wood for a 3 by 4 house. I can't believe I used to think this was real

  4. Oh god, I remember watching this as a child like 7 years ago and then I tried to make my own… it did not turn out since I had no idea how to edit 😂 this took me down memory lane

  5. Picture this. It is a cold November 2011 day. You are playing Minecraft on the computer, your brother is playing Mario Kart Wii online, your sister is watching Cartoon Network, and you are curious. You look up "minecraft in real life" on google. This pops up.

  6. I would always binge watch these when I was around 6 since I had a good imagination (like every young child would) and loved minecraft, but my computer couldn't run it. This is almost nostalgia

  7. This is what I watched as a kid and I don’t regret it. I miss these videos so much. Some may call it cringeworthy, I call it history in the making.

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