The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hey everybody, we’re going to be taking
a closer look at the Rattle Twist Three. This puzzle’s a level seven on
Puzzle Master’s difficulty scale. It is manufactured by Pelikan puzzles
and the designer is Osanori Yamamoto. The idea of this puzzle is to
take apart and reassemble it. Taking a tour around the
puzzle. We have this nice frame, one solid piece, and it’s
got some nubs, for difficulty. We also have two internal
pieces that oddly enough, can rotate, making positioning these two, to remove
from the frame, even more difficult. We have our traditional two-tone, the
wood look that Pelikan likes to do, and I think it looks pretty snazzy. It has the normal Pelikan fee,l that
slightly nice waxy wood and all the pieces slide very nicely on each other. Thank you for watching.

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