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the day that I was born the doctors
actually told me I would never walk what is up…ooops yeah I’ll do it I got it
thanks thanks Caleb what’s up everybody welcome back to the
channel another episode of world record Wednesdays where we break a world record
every single Wednesday today we’re joined by Blake Leeper he’s a
world-class runner and you could say he’s got a leg up on the competition
Caleb thanks appreciate it man an incredible athlete obviously unique
athlete as well I’m excited to see what you do because you do it so well he’s
currently training for the Olympics you’ll hear more about him but I think
the main thing for this video is going to be a track meet between the three of
us there’s gonna be five events here we go you’re about to lose to a guy with no
legs it’s over okay the first event is the 100-meter dash
I think Caleb and I have a zero percent chance of winning this I’m gonna lose
this one for sure this is what I do okay event number one
you think you got us I think I got you guys I really don’t wanna be too cocky
but okay yeah I’ve ever run 100 meters in a very long time
yeah who is gonna win between you guys ah I don’t know so if you listen closely Kayla what are you doing what are you
doing up there now you guys start with us yeah big hero okay I’m not sure who won I think we got
look at the replay so it see I think did you win I did I think I think I would
think he won I think on the way somebody cheated I’m gonna say no names but
somebody started early he started way early right hey somebody
started so it wasn’t just me wearily some I jump Oh somebody jump he said
ready set yeah wait till go yeah got the win
nice whoo so what do we do do we do we give them third place I think you uh you
can’t reward every cheating he cheated go back to the replay is the replay nice
so three point seven meters what happens if you cheat the Olympics Blake man you
get thrown out the race exactly I’m sorry so that’s three points for Blake
two points for me and one point for Caleb here’s race number two so the
second event that we got is the 50 meters backwards do you need legs to go
backwards guys how are you feeling about backwards is that hard on the blade I
mean yeah you know I don’t have heels on the blade so you guys have a little
advantage on me but hey I always gotta try it you never quit that’s my motto
it won’t push I’m still gonna get this way ready set go okay Caleb takes first place for three
points I got second place for two points Blake just behind me one point at third
you need heels okay the next event is one foot hop 50
meters I’m already tired so for the third challenge is the one foot and what
I call it the no leg one foot I think I got this one with the blaze but we’ll
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alright here we go Oh what oh wow you really going one leg oh my god Caleb I’m
so good – easy I didn’t I didn’t learn how to do
that Caleb why were you so fast so that is one point for me two points for Caleb
and three points for Blake so I was born with a congenital birth defect fiddler
him Amelia the day that I was born the doctors actually told me I would never
walk so but I’ve been thankful and blessed to have good parents good family
members in my life to support me and to get me through tough times and tough
situations to be in the position that I am today and which the position I am
today is not only competing and competing in a few Paralympic Games in
2012 I took a silver and a bronze but within these past few years actually
broke two World Records I broke the world record in the for about a 100
meter relay and I also broke the 400-meter relay being the first double
leg amputee or any MPT to run the 400 meters under 45 seconds I ran 44.4 2
seconds last year which was the eighth fastest time in the world fourth in the
nation and it’s pretty cool that’s legs or no legs that’s anybody the fastest
runners in the world and it’s pretty cool to think that I’m able to to run to
travel all around the world to compete at the highest stage when it comes to
track and fielding and getting ready for the Olympic Games and I was born without
legs so that’s just a true testament of just saying that anything is truly
possible my message to the world is with the right mindset with the right
determination with the right heart and if you set your goals and you really
truly believe in yourself then you can achieve anything you want to the fourth
event is my favorite event is gonna be the 25 meter crawl guys ready ready
ready oh my gosh what did you just do that was it was
amazing thing you’ve done today this was the most tiring okay it’s almost time
for the final round and the score is currently seven for me seven for Caleb
ten for Blake which means if you’re doing the math at home Blake won this
competition big surprise Yulin being hopeful beats us bums but now we’re
gonna see who treating Caleb and I who’s gonna take the W here we go
I’m in a little battle right now trying to prove to the pair to the Olympic
Games that I don’t have an unfair advantage after I ran the 4044 they said
that they call it technological doping and they actually took my time froze my
times and they said that that I have an unfair advantage against able-bodied
competitors it’s kind of unfortunate you talk about the guy missing both of his
legs as the unfair advantage against the guys with their legs yes but I tell
people that you know this when I’m even dealing with haters and naysayers and
non-believers in me and I was born that leg so imagine what you’re gonna go
through so I’m a message to people which is to stay focused stay true to yourself
know where your talents truly come from know what you truly can do with your
life and regardless of all the negativity that’s thrown your way you’ve
got to stay positive put a smile in your face and go live life to the fullest and
that and that’s what I’m doing I’m trying to get my message out there to
the world I got I just dropped a pretty cool video called hashtag let leaper run
I would love for everybody to go out there to support it to share it it’s
just my life and it’s a quick two-minute video I shot with an amazing director
just showing that anything is truly possible and that’s what I truly believe
in okay the last and final event is gonna
involve a spoon and an egg for 50 meters I dropped all the eggs already yeah the
stairs coming in Caleb try not to crack under the pressure
Blake I know you’re gonna do an excellent job that’s all I got you got
any more Josh your yolks are terrible Hey Oh I have no excuses I think he just beat
us good job good job eyedrops yeah don’t you still won the whole competition is a
win guys true that’s how you do it right there so inspirational I think that
deserves a thumbs up his story your personality everything deserves a thumbs
up on this video but this is a world record Wednesday episode which means
there needs to be some sort of world record and I’ve got I’ve got idea I
think would you would you can I can I borrow this yes so I think I’m going to
set a new world record for the longest distance travelled while balancing a
prosthetic leg on your face here we go oh ho that works first right here we go
goals 100 meters oh right fifty that’s about 50 liters
that’s nice I got your Blake ready all right oh you
like that here we go here we go yeah good you going keep going nice be
new world record thank you for watching everyone I’ve got
two things you need to do you need to go to this man’s Instagram comment the leg
emoji I’m at the gold medal okay come in the leg and the gold medal emoji both
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thank you for joining us a lot of fun more videos with this man soon I think
here if you’re down whoa what’s going on these are like 10 grand on eBay boy what
okay alright alright you good alright I guess that’s the end
see everybody new videos every Monday from Wednesday every Saturdays make sure
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