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Welcome. My name is Helga and today i’m
going to show you a rabbit’s foot farm. First i’m going to show you a small farm,
and then a modular farm, where you can use a single module or scale it up to a
size that suits you. Let’s start with some basics. Rabbits only drop the rabbit’s
foot if they are killed by a player. And even so, there is only a 10% chance of
getting the rabbit’s foot. I’m gonna add more rabbits here. You can increase the
chances by having Looting 3 sword. But even so that there’s no
guarantee you get the rabbit’s foot. There’s no here so let’s continue. Now we
must have a rabbit’s foot. Yeah, one rabbit’s foot. If you kill the rabbits by
any other means you will never get the rabbit’s foot. The rabbit’s foot only use
is to make a potion of leaping. I already have an awkward potion here so just add
the rabbit´s foot, to get the potion of leaping. To breed rabbits you can use a
carrot or you can also use a dandelion. I’m gonna use the dandelion here. And
here we go a baby rabbit. The potion finished. Here it is. A potion of leaping
and this will make you able to jump higher and have less fall damage. There
is however another way to get a rabbit’s foot in version 114 and above. And that
is as a gift from a tamed cat. When you sleep and you’re tamed cat is roaming
free, it will crawl it up into the bed with you, and in the morning there is a
70% chance of you receiving a gift from this cat. But there is only a 16% chance
that this gift will be the rabbit’s foot. It will give you
a lot of other things like string and phantom membranes. So I calculated that
to get the same result as this farm behind me, I would need 354 cats. But it’s
not that simple. Even if I have more cats, I don’t get more rabbit’s feet. Here I have
35 cats and if I go to sleep, only one cat is able to lie in the bed with me.
And therefore I only get one gift. Or yeah. One gift, this night. Even if I have 35
cats. So this is clearly not a solution to getting rabbits feet. But if you only
need the occasional rabbit´s foot. Then having one cat, roaming free, might be a
solution for you. But I want it more than that. So let’s look at my rabbit farms.
When I started looking into rabbit farms I saw a solution like this.Where we have the
rabbits stand on a fence or on a wall. And up here you have 24 Rabbits. That’s the
maximum amount of entities you can have. If you are at one more it will die. As
you can see. But when you have this many Rabbits, it’s hard to feed them. I can only
feed like five of them. and yeah, as you can see they can die this way also. The
solution to this is to have a dispenser with water. And when they jump up and
down, I can feed them. and the baby rabbits they will just fall
down here. Into this chamber below. It’s good to have this closed. Because they can
escape if it’s open. The problem with this is that if you leave the water on,
for too long, they the rabbits on top. They start to drown. They get stuck in this
corner and they will drown. This problem is also available when you use a cobblestone. I’m just gonna stop this one. They will get stuck in this corner and start
to drown. A solution to this, them drowning… Yeah, it doesn’t take them long to start
drowning. The solution is to have them on a grindstone. Grindstone is
available in 1.14 .And as you can see the rabbits stand a lot lower. In a different
position on the grindstone. You still need to have water to feed them and
that’s no problem. And the baby rabbits will fall down there.
some died, I could see. That was like an entity cramming death. Which is a problem when
you use such a small space for them. But the baby rabbits should fall through
here and when they are grown up. Like they are here. You just use a Looging sword to
kill them. And the drops will go into your inventory or into the chest below.
So you can see they are not drowning here on the grindstone. But entity cramming can be an issue. Another thing that I should mention is when you have
these 24 rabbits on in the top chamber. You only get 12 paper rabbits in the
killing chamber below. I want you to find a solution where I could get 24 rabbits in the killing chamber below. The most obvious
solution is just to have the breeding chamber two wide. And one thing that happens then, is it’s a lot easier to feed them because they are able to jump around.
Here they are on the grindstone but when you have them on the fence poles you
need to have the walls one higher. Because if you have them one lower they
are able to escape. But here is a design with like a double design. But if you
fill this up with 48 Rabbits, this is what happens. I put in 48 rabbits in here and if
I start to feed them. Yeah, they start dying of entity cramming. Just by moving
around. So this is not a solution. Because they are jumping into the same cell. So
this is not the solution I’m looking for. Space is not an issue for me, for
building this farm. So I decided to have two chambers. Breeding chambers with 24
rabbits each. And I have six grindstones that they are standing on. To feed them
there is no problem. I can get them quite easily here and here also. And the baby
rabbits they fall down into this growing chamber down below. Where they will grow
up to become adult rabbits. And when they’re adult. I will just flick this
lever and water would push here and down into that killing chamber below. And here
I can just use a sword to kill them. In this design I had chests up here. To get
the loot and below the farm. Or behind it I have a sorting system and water
elevators and stuff like that. But I thought “well this may be too complicated
for a farm like this”. So I made another design. Which is the same on top. But I
just have a simple sorting system behind it. And then I have a furnace also to
cook the meat. The raw rapid meat because you have no use for raw rabbit meat.
I can show you how the killing chamber works. I think, yeah, they are all grown up here. I’ll just flick this lever and the water will flush them down. They drop down here. Quite fast.
And then I just kill them. Collect the XP and the drops will go into my inventory or into
this. Into the chest below. The meat is being cooked and the rest will go in here. Most
of it will go into my inventory. But when I was testing this out. I saw how much I
get from each time I run this farm. Each 20 minutes, and it’s only like these four
stacks of items. This is round number two and round number three. So having having a sorting system it’s just an over kill. And here is my latest design. And I’m
building it as a rabbit. I’m not finished with the outside. But inside I have it just
like this. Instead of having a sorting system. I have just have a hopper and the
chest below. Everything else works the same. And also nice in this farm, because
I have the head of the rapid, I have like a small room here for brewing and
sleeping in. These are their small farms, having 72 rabbits each in it. And they fit
well on the server I’m planning to build it on. But there is a limit there on how
many mobs, of the same kind, can be in one place. And the limit is 100 so 72 is
well within that limit. Out there you see a farm which I did not design. This
is an ilmango Small Flower Farm. And I had this idea to have a flower
farm below the rabbit farm. This is just too powerful to this farm. In 20 seconds
it gets me, stack and a half of flowers. So I will just build this in a
flower biom somewhere and then just fill up a shulker and move it to my
rabbit farm. As I say I’m not totally finished with this rabbit farm. I need to
work on it a bit more, on the outside. But if you want me to make a video of this
farm. While I built it in survival just write it in the comments. Let’s now look
at a modular farm. It uses the same design principles as the small farms.
There are two breeding chambers. Each for 24 Rabbits and they have six
grindstone in them. Then the rabbits fall down onto the blue ice. And when
they’re grown up I flush them down with water. Into a killing chamber. And
a single module has just a chest underneath. But if you put put ten of
these together, you can connect them with hoppers and put a sorting system here.
To build this module you would need 151 glass but for every additional module
you built you will only need 82 glass. You will need 24 blocks of any kind. I’m
using gray concrete. And also you can use less if you place the bottom rails
straight on the ground. So let’s build this farm. The area we
need is 18 by 3 blocks and note that the floor height is 2 blocks higher. I’m going
to start by placing blocks underneath the first rails. So 9 blocks ,9 power rails
on top of them. Then we have an observer facing up and rail on top. More blocks until the 16th block. Rails on top and an
observer facing up with a rail on top. 2 more blocks, rails on top and an
observer facing up. Here we put the dispenser facing in. And here we can make
the floor, six blocks here. This is just a helper block. And a lever here. And we
have two observers facing up and a sticky piston on top. Down here we can
put the chest and hopper facing into the chest. Like this. And we put a slab on top
of the hopper. It can be any type of slab. Next I’m going to place the blue-ice. We
go one two three four five six seven. And then we go one down. One two three and until the sticky piston. Then we go one up. Now for the killing chamber. Let me take
the glass and go, one, two, three, four. One two, three, and one, two. The same on the
other side. One, two, three, four. One, two, three. And one, two. Here in front we have two blocks. And here we place a sign. Close this with a
block. And up here we have four blocks. One, two, three, four. Here we need to place
a trapdoor. I have an iron trapdoor, but you can use any other trapdoor. And a ladder up here this is all we can check if our rabbits have grown up. And to go up to feed the rabbits. Next are the grindstones. And so they stand the correct
way I’m going to use helper blocks underneath them. There are six of them
and if I place them directly on top they will stand correctly. Oops. I want to have
them all the same. Then I can just break the blocks. It’s the same over here.
Use the helper blocks. One, two, three, four, five, six. The grindstone on top. One, two, three, four, five, six. Again, six. Break here. I gonna have glass here. Three high. And here, also three high. Now we just have to put the top on. So we can stand and feed the rabbits. Over here to the stair (ladder). And the same on the other side. And black stained glass panes
or any other color. This just helps me not to fall into the chamber, with the
rabbits. Okay. Then are the sides. And then the same on the other side. Now the only
thing left is to put in the water, into the dispenser. Here. And now we can test
if this works. So flick the lever and the water should flow down, and stop here, by
the killing chamber. So this is working. And the last thing is to put in the
rabbits. And here is how it looks with the rabbits in it. You cannot breed the
rabbits directly on the grindstone. As the baby rabbits will drop down. But you
could do something like this. Put temporary glass blocks on top and have a
higher wall. Two high and then breed the rabbits on top of
this. Put them here. And then after you have 24. You just break the blocks
underneath the rabbits. And they will fall down to the grindstone. When you put the
modules together they will share the glass block in between. There’s only one
wide glass in between them. Another thing, when you put many modules
together, is to chain them up. Instead of having a chest, you put in a hopper line
that will then end in a sorting system. Like I have here. I’ve also added a light
here on the last hopper, before the sorting system. So you can see when all
the items have gone through. So if we are going to add more modules to our farm,
we will just put the next one here, and the third here and so on and so on.
And instead of having a chest we will put hoppers. I am just gonna put a temporary block here. And then we can have a hopper line here. And the hoppers will connect straight
down into the line. And then we will have to put a sorting system down here. I’m
gonna dig a bit, to make room for the sorting system. And here is what you need
for the sorting system. These will go into the item frames. And this is for the
filter. I have a filter block, which is just just a diorite block named Filter.
But let’s build this. Now start by setting the redstone light here, with a
comparator. And then we need four double chests. Like this. And then we need
hoppers pointing into the chests. And then we build the filters. Gonna have
three filters so I need three blocks, and comparators on top. This way. Blocks. And
underneath here to. Redstone torches here. Three more blocks and repeaters. And then the redstone dust on top. Then
we need the hoppers on top. I’m going to point them in to the comparators here. I
need the hopper to go straight down. No filter there. And then we can finish the
hopper line. I have them pointing into the last hopper. The last one. Then we put
the filters. And so we need four blocks here and a filter item. And a filter item. Yeah the item frames. Rabbit’s feet should go here on the end. Now I can’t remember
what I put. Yep, wrong way. Like this. The filters now only have one item. But they
need 41. So as soon as it starts to fill up you they will fill up with 41 items.
And then one in the bottom one, before the the items will go into the chest. I
can show you this on the other side. Here we have 41 items here and then
one in the hopper below. Instead of having levers at every module. You can
just have one lever and connect all the rails together. With redstone dust for
example. Just remember to put in a repeater so signal goes all the way down.
I’m gonna change this on my farm to show you. Now I have changed this
on the big farm. So now I only have one lever and everything is connected. I
just put a glass floor here. But you need a solid block underneath the lever. I have also been breeding all the rabbits. And it took 8 minutes to breed all these rabbits. And
then I waited the 20 minutes, until they’re all grown up. Now we’re going to
test this to see if it works. And the water should flush them all down, into
the killing chambers. I get my sword. There was an entity cramming death there.
Sometimes I get more rabbits than I should. So that is probably what happened here. But they’re all down and first. So we just start killing them. As you can see my
computer struggles a bit with all these rabbits. Gonna get the XP also. I was standing so far back I didn’t get the XP. Well you can just stand in a better place.
Now I will just have to wait until this light turns off. And then all the
item should be in the chests. I will just put the one in my inventory, into the chest. So to see
exactly how much we got. Now the items have finally gone through.
It took a few minutes but let’s see what we have. And 51 rabbit’s feet. The last thing I need to mention is chunk loading. For the baby rabbits to grow up they need to be within active chunks. So let’s turn the chunks on by pressing F3 and G. And each
chunk is sixteen by sixteen. And my farm is within one chunk and two chunks here.
And the size of it. Depth of this. Of it is within one chunk. So if I stand in
front of it all the rabbits should grow up. To
explain this a little bit better. If I am inside the red chunk. Rabbits need to be
within these nine chunks. They can be within the same chunk as I am. Or any of
the chunks, just beside it. This is it and thanks for watching. If you like this
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  1. I wasted three days building the most common designs out there , which I found completely useless compared to this brilliant rabbit farm. Best by far! Thx!

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