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Hi everybody how’s it going? Welcome back to GTA San Andreas and our 100% playthrough where today we will be
taking on the 4th and final Wang Cars mission which is called Puncture Wounds
and this is again a really cool fun little mission. But first if you haven’t
already done so make sure you hit that subscribe button and the notification
bell down below the video so you get a notification to your device every time I
upload. And as always guys thank you all for your ongoing support. So let’s do it
then this is Puncture Wounds and I’ll let Caesar explain it all. Sleeping on the job hey man where you been I tricked one of
the cars on a shopping list but the crazy bitch she tries like the devil
I’ve been following him for hours but she stops for nothing you’d have to ram
her off the road in order to get a chance to get her car and you know a
wrecked car is no good to us I swear she’s playing with me dude calm down if
she playing with you this she probably won’t give one time involved until it
turn up we got to find a way to stop her or slow her down
too bad we can’t involve the police cuz then we could pop a crazy bitch tires a
banger crazy bitch ass in jail for being a danger to my sanity you know what I
think I got an idea I think we’ve got an idea get in the car the car has been
modded to use stingers burst the tires of the target car using
the stairs and that hopefully work you only have
free stingers available so you got to make sure we don’t use up all of our
stingers and miss our opportunity we’ve got a press circle to drop a stinger gotta try and stop her from drivin a car
right eyes get confused in this Junction we want to follow yeah the outside one so confusing
it premieres in from the people I let’s just find these big junctions confusing
I think it’s because in the UK we don’t have any junctions like this I know in
America you guys have these type of they called like intersections or something
but we just don’t have them so it’s a bit of an odd concept for me you don’t
have these big massive junctions like that okay where is she off to we need to
get in front of her drop the stinger tractors come on all right which way is
she gonna go up here this is kind of annoying cause her car’s right in my way
done it just about to fix the tires should be back any minute later man why
is it nasty stuff I think she nicked my car you know me stop oh no she couldn’t
miss a different car wasn’t it yeah not be I’ve just bought those
clothes okay let’s get the car back to the garage
well sure do we just leave our steer equipped car then
yes so yes I never got to get back to some garage this is like modded isn’t it
look at the exhausts on it there’s a lot faster than these cars
usually go which way do we come from we need to get up to there yes so ideally
we want to turn yeah that wasn’t too bad we managed to
get the stinger down I mean she crashed into the other car which helped us out a
lot we’ve got the stinger down quite nicely I should get the car so that was
a lot easier and that could have been actually which is good news for us turn
off here I think we do don’t you yeah and then we’ll go underneath so yeah
that is the last one cars mission done now once we get this back at a garage
and then we’ll be off to Las Venturas to play the next chapter of the game see
what happens there and we’ve got some more collectibles we’ve got plenty of
story mission and side missions have got the export lists and things are that to
do there is still plenty for us to be doing in this game we’re only about
halfway through it which is crazy considering nothing this is episode 106
so yeah we’re looking at potentially just over 200 episodes to fully complete
this game which is mad but I’m having so much fun playing it you guys seem to be
really enjoyed watching it which is great as well and we’re just going to
keep going with it I am determined 100% this game it will be one of the hardest
things I’ve ever done on a video game I’m determined to get it done even if it
takes me years let’s bring the car back into the garage
like so and now the when cars asset is acquired property will generate revenue up to a
max of eight thousand dollars so again we need to make sure we complete a sorry
we collect it regularly I would get five thousand dollars and respect plus for
completing their mission so yeah that’s it all of the wine cars missions done we
unlocked that asset as well now so we just need to keep collecting up our
money whenever we pass by and yeah we’ll check the stats screen forty nine point
seven three percent complete say the next one should take us over the 50
percent mark have potentially got to do some collectibles first though so I
don’t know whether the collectibles will get us there on up we’ll see but that
does it for this episode guys so as always thank you very much for watching
if you enjoyed the video click on that like button it really does help the
channel to grow so I do appreciate it make sure you hit that subscribe button
and the notification of anything you or just haven’t already done so and I’ll
see you all next time

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  1. Once you got the car, I was thinking "Will he crash it?" The answer was yes. If I was able to collect 8k on a regular basis, that would be awesome. Oh and yeah, American cities/towns are full of massive intersections.

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