The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

these two people are not in the same team

I’m wonderring that he climbed outside
they are not in the same team
so funny
i should on the whole mic

Hello? Can u hear me?


i have opened the whole mic
will meet some fun story

they ignore me


this people are strong
using short gun. strong?
learn from him


have u laern the movement from him?

this people
using short gun as a rifle gun

he used short gun to fight with my rifle gun
so funny

don’t have M416 skin color
i’m poor
my mom said, don’t waste money
u know that?
spent the monry on things that are useful
i’m pretty enough. no need such accessories to dress up myself

i’m full

so funny

i have eat hotpot just now.
very nice

I’m far away from the entertainment anchor
can’t get back anymore

which god player

I can’t be an entertainment anchor

be a pretty anchor? no
how can i be an appearance nchor

aesthetic standard
be attrracted to my soul
look at this small face

I’m funny

i believe that audience in my live broadcast
appreciate my inner beauty so watch my live broadcast everyday

the applause?

lets go
kill someone

i have just killed 6 people
not enough
lets have a loo at P city
i wanna to get 20 kills in this match
look properly

this account
i just bought the manual
after two day, QQ official account
change to this account
no more QQ official account
it can’t be official account anymore
saw a cow on the sky?

too over

lets go to P city to fight
I don’t dance
I’ll dance when my birthday is coming
if i dance now, the things that i prepared damage
12 days
oh my god
strong. i got 8 kills
where are the people in P city?
there are many box around. where are them?
no, i should looking for someone to fight. i wanna to get 30 kills

he is coming
i get surprised
okay. lets go

sit in this car
why don’t using sniper?
i’m so powerful. others won’t will
i still need 11 kills to achieve my goal
where can i go right now? why there is no robot?
robot should face me
do let me killed 3 more robot

someone shot the signal gun
seems like opposite the bridge their

wow. airdrop is in front

this stupid

someone snipe me
he dare to snipe me…

he will die

i thought there are 4 people

drive to looking for him
this people
must die
someone dwon there

i accept your Groza

bro, is not popular to block the stair, don’t u know?
learn it. don’t block stairs anymore

use pan to kill Groza
he is down

8 scope is over here

lets go
10 people left
i still need 8 kill

after this, i wopuld like to change an account. i’m sleepy
so hard
one more shot

where are the people?

there is a people

where is hin?
no, i’ll be shot by him
i’m afarid to drive the car

is able to drive this car

i don’t bel;ieve that he has go away

top 5. 6 people leftokay
6 people, 4 groups

i’m a talented student

i’m clever
i didn’t lie

i’m smart

are u insult me? u only move after i shot u three times

is he insult my marksmanship?

u will die
i didn’t shot on him teammates

why didn;t shotin yhe gun

throw a smoke obet here

where are these people go?

someone at teh back?
inside the water closet?

pretend a robot in front of me

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