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Hey guys, I’m Sweaterr from Ninjas in Pyjamas and I just wanna go over some really quick looting tips.
Obviously, you want the best loot possible all day,
every game, but that just simply won’t happen due to the nature of how loot spawns across the map.
Of course some areas such as Mylta Power, Military Base, South George etc
All have a higher chance of spawning a lot more weapons
as well as over all loot.
But even then a bad streak of looting can occur
The best way to combat the random factor to loot, is to simply see more loot.
Which basically means, loot quicker and more effectively
The more loot you see, the higher chance some of that loot is actually worth while.
In order to have a smooth looting run, it’s important that lack of space doesn’t slow you down.
Prioritizing a vest and a backpack is absolutely necessary.
Don’t forget, the quicker you loot, the more capable you are of catching other players off guard
While they actually take their time to loot.
Now, a lot of players like to physically use the interact key to pick up items
This is the same key you use to open doors, get in and out of vehicles and so on.
There is a time and place to use the interact function but 99% of the time you are encuraged to use proximity looting through your inventory.
A lot of players waste so much time during loot phase, interacting with items
and physically scouring for loot that they fall behind immensely
However, the time and place to use the interact key on an item is,
if the item you’re looking to pick up, is an isolated one.
For exemple, your teammate drops a first aid, a med kit.
Or even a helmet.
It’s actually very quick to interact with a solo item
So this is entirely acceptable.
The better you are at understanding buildings you frequently loot,
The quicker you’ll be with your routing through said building,
and as you improve that specific skill set,
you may very well be looting twice the amount of items that you used to, in probably around the same time.
That’ll be it for me guys, I appreciate ya’ll checking out the video and listen to me rant.
You guys have a good one.

17 thoughts on “PUBG Tips & Tricks | Looting

  1. Nice video but there really wasnt anything you wouldnt have thought of yourself. I would have liked a more indept guide. For example which buildings have a higher spawn rate and such

  2. I just kill players with a lot of loot. People focus too much on dropping school or military base. It's so random and youll just die more 50% of times.

  3. If you play 3rd person, avoid the level 3 backpack if you can. Laying in grass is OP unless you're against professionals, and the level 3 backpack sticks out.

  4. this video didnt tell me anything i wouldnt have found out in about 10 hours of playing this game.
    i expected a more in-depth perspective on what loots spawns where (military? school?), how to efficiently loot using proximity loot (drag n drop? right click?) or that you can equip attachments without having to pick them up first – useful if your backpack is full.
    Other than that i need to say i really liked the style of this video, and i am looking forward to see more of PUBG tips & tricks

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