The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Sunnyville17: Hey move back ant…
….Backwards backwards backwards…
backwards… *BOOM!*
JdawgZ: What did he kill you with?
Big Adawgz: You fucking killed me carl!
All: hahahaha
Sunnyville17: i told you to move backwards man
Big Adawgz: i tried to man haha
Jdawgz: fucking good team work carl haha
Sunnyville17: I grenaded him and Anthony ran at the grenade
Big Adawgz: “chuckles”
Big Adawgz: its all up to you Nutty (Nutbuster3000)
JdawgZ: watch out for Sunnyville, he’s a team killer
Sunnyville17: Fuck you man
JdawgZ: hahaha
Sunnyville17: where the fuck did this guy run off too?
Jdawgz: the moment you turn around, Sunnyville will be like “BANG”
Nutbust3000: big bust…
JdawgZ: is that you shooting Carl?
(grenade explodes in background)
JdawgZ: You just killed a guy called pokey bum wank..
Big Adawgz: hahaha
Big Adawgz: haha (still laughing)
JdawgZ: Fucking best name ever
Sunnyville17: How is it they have no guns in the library?
Sunnyville17: All I could do was punch the guy and then I couldn’t kill him cause i didnt have any weapons to kill him while he was knocked out
Big Adawgz: So then you just threw a frag grenade aye? just out of nowhere?…
JdawgZ: hahaha
Big Adawgz: just throw a random frag…
JdawgZ: haha just light the whole fucking building up
Big Adawgz: haha yea.. thats true
Sunnyville17: yea you ran at him haha
Big Adawgz: …I mean, if you just cant kill him, you might as well just kill us all
Big Adawgz: just bring us all down…
Big Adawgz: Fucken Nutbuster’s looting everything
JdawgZ: he’s probably fully kitted by now
Big Adawgz: he’s got a SKS if you wanna kill him?
JdawgZ: Ha, nah.. im not Sunnyville
Sunnyville17: pft whatever man
JdawgZ: just go in a throw some grenades around
Big Adawgz: hahaha
Sunnyville17: I cannot control some one running into a grenade
JdawgZ: haha
JdawgZ: haha its a great defense in Court… “it wasn’t my fault He got in the way of my gun…”
JdawgZ: hahaha
JdawgZ: do you rekon he is in there?
Sunnyville17: it could be haha, i already threw it… hahaha
Sunnyville17: yep, you’re about to face him
*Shooting noises*
Sunnyville17: there’s another one right next to you
*Shooting noises*
Sunnyville17: Yeah, he’s actually in the garage. around the next wall
*Rapid shooting*
*Rapid shooting*
Big Adawgz: yesss
JdawgZ: thats 2 down
Big Adawgz: he’s got such a soft… nice voice
JdawgZ: hahaha it’s umm, it’s quite sensual
JdawgZ: (mimicking Nubust3000 deep voice)..”Hello”
Big Adawgz: haha
Big Adawgz: (Mimicking Nutbust 3000 voice): “ohh… ugh..”
ALL: hahaha
JdawgZ: (still copying NutBust): “Oh baby”
Big Adawgz: heh
JdawgZ (Copying NutBust still): “Aaaand boom goes the dynamite”
Big Adawgz: haha……(copiying Nutbust voice) – ohhhhh yeaaa
JdawgZ: oh riiiiiight
Sunnyville17: Some soft jazz?
JdawgZ: some yazz flute
Big Adawgz: (copying Nutbust again): “you wanna get hiiiiigh?”
Sunnyville17: I hear it’s call Jy-ogging, its supposed to be wild..
JdawgZ: hahaha
Big Adawgz: haha
Jdawgz: Let me know if you find like a four times or an eight times
Nutbust3000: (Deep voice): Yeah
JdawgZ: (laughing at nutbust voice in seperate chat and copies deep voice)
Big Adawgz: haha
JdawgZ: Has anyone ever told you that your voice is very sensual?
Nutbust3000: haha yea i have heard that a bit actually
Adawgz/Sunnyville17: HAHAHA
JdawgZ: oh baby, don’t stop talking to me
Nutbust3000/Sunnyville17: haha
Nutbust3000: We’re gonna be ‘busting’ in a minute…
*scratch noise*
I dont think so!
two hours later
JdawgZ: Can you say life is like a box of chocolates?
Nutbust3000: You’re gonna earn it
Big Adawgz: hahaha
JdawgZ: Hey, I got two kills already. They’re earning it
JdawgZ: It’d just be nice to get a scope. We can go up in the mountains and you can…
…Serenade me with that sweet sweet Silky voice
Big Adawgz: im spectating to and i wanna hear that
JdawgZ: hahahaha
Sunnyville17: Im gonna shadow player and record that
All: hahahaha
Sunnyville17: im dead
*Shooting Noises*
JdawgZ: One down
Big Adawgz: I’d just run Joe… run Joe
JdawgZ: oh i’m dead…
**Sad song outro….**

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  1. These are the people you kill when playing pubg and after you kill them you saying something like "wow those guys were fucking stupid and bad."

  2. Wow 10k views! That's awesome 😁 thanks heaps everyone! Make sure you check out my other videos and let me know what you think 🙂

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