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Welcome to SQUAD TACTICS – strategic tips that
will get you and your squad to the final circle!
So you’re playing Erangel. You and the
squad have dealt with team after team on the main island,
and the circle has just set over
on Military Base.
Time to buckle up and book it over to deal with the final few opponents.
Looks like you’re the first ones to the bridge.
Bridges can be the perfect place for
dealing with enemy teams
before you’re on an even playing field.
But setting up an effective choke point ambush is harder than it looks.
Let’s see how it’s
Creating obstacles is key in a bridge ambush.
The more vehicles you have, the more roadblocks
your enemy will have to deal with. So collect
as many vehicles as your team can handle.
There is more than one way to arrange your
This will make it harder for the enemy to
navigate, keeping them off balance.
Knowing whether the element of surprise is
on your side or not,
will greatly affect the way you set up your ambush.
If you’ve been noticed,
it’s best to keep the enemy squad at a distance and deal with them from afar.
Also, be careful not to get tunnel vision.
Keep an eye out for teams that may already
be behind you and avoid being ambushed yourself.
Even though you have the bridge locked down,
there is more than one way to cross the island.
Keep an eye out for boats, but choose wisely
if you want to engage, as you will lose the
element of surprise, plus let the whole map
know where you are.
Each squad mate should
take on a different role.
If you’re close to the entrance,
your job is to damage the enemy vehicle, and steer
them into the line of fire for your squadmate behind cover.
The next teammate should be ready to
roadblock the enemy if they get past all the decoys.
And the last player
is there to clean up the mess.
If everything goes to plan,
it should look just like this!
Well done, team! That’s one less squad to worry
about. Remember, as important as it is
to think about your ambush strategy, it’s equally
important to anticipate one from enemy teams.
Keep an eye out, and until next time,
keep playing PUBG!

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