The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Well Hello there youtubers! As you can
see all the team mates are dead and left
the game. I lost all my hopes of winning
this game but since I’ve had M24, I
just wanted some kills. Let’s try a
headshot! Shit!
level 3 helmet. He escaped. I have three
other targets in the building right
behind me. Let’s try a frag grenade. Oh! He
is perfectly in my reach. okay he is
knocked out I have to rush to them but
they are three in number and I am all
okay I was expecting three guys but found only
two I will come again this time I got
them but the third one is nowhere to be
found I am low on supplies let’s confirm
the kills and loot them. HOLY HELL!!
I was lucky my head was not static while
I was looting. I have to heal up the
zone is coming I have to go anyhow I
have no idea where they are!
I have to stay low and heal up also the
zone is coming they found me again I
cannot just die like that to continue
since I have reached this far. I have to
win now. I cannot quit I cannot just loose
by those noobs okay until now I flight
away from their grip
I have to stay low and play safe but I
also want to use m24
okay only one enemy left I know I will
win but the safe zone is not in my favor
I have to stay on low profile
Lol I cannot believe my luck and I
also found my enemy I claim his soul I
claimed my ghost land that’s how you do
it never ever give up hope unless you
are knocked out you can also do it like
I did stay strong
thank you for watching the video play

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