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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

It’s a new year,
and we’re bringing it in with a bang. PUBG
SEASON 6 A new island is ready for your landing,
and Karakin is not forgiving. You’ll need to employ new tactics
and strategies if you want to survive. Vikendi will be rotating out
to make room for Karakin, but don’t worry,
Vikendi will be back in the future. All of this and so much more is here
in Season 6 of PUBG. Welcome to Karakin, a two-by-two island
off the Northern coast of Africa. The island’s Octopus fishing industry
has all but vanished, but most people know
that the real economy of the island was its lucrative smuggling operation. Even the local textile factory
acted as a front for these underworld
and underground deeds. The remains of the tunnels
are scattered across the island and make for intense new scenarios
for those who learn their pathways. The latest Battleground is a beast
of a different breed rising from the sea. Buildings on the island
have visible weak points where players can use the new sticky bomb to breach walls
and catch their enemies unawares. Stay alert to the types of walls
you’re taking cover behind as well, since some unfinished walls
can be penetrated by gunfire. This island also inverts
the idea of danger zones with the introduction of the Black Zone, a strategic missile strike that completely
lays waste to buildings and targets along with any campers
that might be hanging out inside. Buildings on Karakin
are still viable cover, just be sure to spend
some quality time outside when you hear those sirens start to blast. In addition to all of these changes
and additions, we’re also happy to report
several quality of life improvements, including minor sound improvements
and new integrations of your PUBG ID into post-match reporting and while you watch
your death cam or spectate. Players can also go inside
the story of Karakin with Survivor Pass, Shakedown. The mysterious operators
of the Battlegrounds continue to grow their operation,
but to what end? Complete over 400 missions and challenges throughout the Survivor Pass to unlock
the skins of the movers and shakers in the fight for control of Karakin. You can find the Survivor Pass
under the Pass tab on the navigation bar in the lobby. Stay tuned as we reveal
more of the legend behind the island in a new series of PUBG motion comics
unlocked throughout the season. While there’s lots happening on Karakin, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss
that the Motor Glider of PUBG Labs fame was added to live servers
for Miramar and Erangel last update. The Motor Glider can transport you
and a squadmate in the air and get you perspective
on where the action is on the map. To take off, first,
you’ll need to fuel the glider. Then you’ll want to get the speed
up to 70 kilometers an hour and once you’re moving
you can use sticky throttle to lock in your forward acceleration. Be careful around the rotor or you’ll learn who wins in a faceoff
between your face and a mower. Several changes to keep in mind is that there are now 40 places
the glider can spawn, but only ten will spawn in a given match. To add a bit more challenge
to the experience, you’re going to need to fuel it yourself
before you can fly anywhere. Season 6 is upon us and Karakin is here. The battle for this small island
is going to be explosive. So squad up, drop in, and throw down! PUBG

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