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100 thoughts on “[PUBG MOBILE] Stream Sniper Trying Ruins My Mission!

  1. Athena+Mok+Scout OP trio ❤️
    Love you Athena from Nepal ❤️
    Athena lovers like here ❤️
    Pray for Australia 🙏🙏😇😇 ❤️❤️

  2. i fell bad for mok 3 kill only 21 dollar
    athena got good amout what happen to mok in this challenge after all he is also op like my hero athena however that guy keep his promise nice human.

  3. Hi dude you're really good. I also have a YouTube channel. And I'm not just saying but I'm really, really good. If you can support me I would be very happy❤

  4. Keep entertain us don’t ever stop playing PUBG getting hard day by day but you are serioton don’t forget 👌❤️

  5. I have a question
    which language does ur college follow?????
    Korean or English ????
    are the books written in korean or english ????

  6. Alwys watch athena video and comment everytime but maybe today I will got a heart from athena gaming ?☹️🥰

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