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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hey SEAGamers! It looks like we’ve got an exciting week coming
up. In just a few days, season 11 kicks in. And of course, we at SEAGM have some news
for you. First up, we’ve got new skins and outfits. There’s a cool looking red and black outfit
when you reach Gold tier, and matching face mask for once you reach
Platinum. There’s also a new MK14 skin for reaching
Diamond tier, a Season 11 parachute skin and avatar frame,
and “Pummeler” themed rewards which includes even more skins. Speaking of skins,
there’s also the Roaring Tiger skin for motorbikes! Nice! Now enough of the skins, let’s talk about new
modes. There’s a “new” Domination Mode,
which honestly guys, looks like it came from Call of Duty. I’m pretty sure you know what we’re talking
about here right? This new mode however, will arrive with a
new map, very creatively called Town. So that’s cool. There are also new emotes,
and also bug fixes for lag problems which have been flagged for months. Another thing to note,
APPARENTLY, beta testers have been sharing news of the Blue Zone moving faster and being
made harder to outrun. Yikes! But anyways, here’s a little something special
for all you SEAGamers out there. SEAGM has got your back for Season 11,
and is now having an Early Bird Treat promotion! get PUBG M UC Global prepaid codes,
with instant delivery at 10% off! All you got to do, is click the link in the
description, and follow the steps. And trust me, it’s so easy, you don’t want to miss this. Okay guys, that’s all we have for you today. Links are at the bottom in the description,
go ahead and check it out. Like, follow, and subscribe for the latest,
and best gaming deals. While you’re at it, how was Season 10? Let us know at the comments section below. Thanks for watching, see you in the next one!

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