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Welcome to PUBG Mechanics – where we offer
the tips and tricks that come second nature to the pros. Does this sound familiar? You got your hands on your favorite gun and
the best loot. You’ve taken out player after player and
had the perfect run. The circle is closing in. Nothing will stand between you and that chicken
Din– Except maybe a shotgun. Don’t worry, PUBG Mechanics is here to help
as we examine Close Quarters Combat. The chance of you coming out the victor in
close quarters depends greatly on your weapon choice. You may want to use an old faithful like the
M4, but weapons with a high damage-per-second, or DPS for short, like SMGs or shotguns, will give you the tactical advantage in a tight situation. Let’s break them down. Shotguns are some of the best tight quarter
weapons, dealing high amounts of damage with fewer shots. But be sure to make those shots count and
be mindful of your ammo. A miss could see you back at the lobby in
no time. While shotguns are great, they are balanced
out by their close-quarter counterpart, the SMG. SMGs may not be able to down a player in a
single shot, but their higher mag capacity and fire rate more than make up for that. They’re also great guns to transition from
close to mid range. Melee weapons are also a great option immediately
after landing, and now with the ability to throw your weapon, you may want to reconsider
passing one up when you touch down. The next aspect to winning a close quarter
battle, is understanding your terrain and enemy. Lets take a look at a few different scenarios. If you know the enemy is held up in a building,
be mindful of rushing in. There’s a good chance the player is counting
on you to make that mistake. Try finding a shot through a window, but if
they are playing cautiously keep changing your position and creating as much havoc from
the outside until you get a reaction. Larger apartment buildings are a little trickier. If you’re in a stalemate with an opponent
trading shot for shot, try faking out your opponent with a smoke grenade. He’ll most likely think you’ve thrown
a frag grenade, so while he’s retreating, charge his location and take the killing shot. Another great tactic for dealing with enemy
players locked down in a building is to use in-game audio to your advantage. If luck is on your side and a red-zone is
close by, use it to mask your footsteps and when you’re opening doors. And there you have it, follow these guidelines
and you’ll be going toe to toe and cleaning up the enemy in no time. Keep an eye on those corners and until next
time, keep playing PUBG!

100 thoughts on “PUBG Mechanics – Close Quarters

  1. watches the video
    plays the game with shotguns
    rage quits
    saws another video named "why shotguns are bad"
    then thinks again but never tries again

  2. My team
    1-he: i need x8
    Me why
    He: because i have shoot gun
    2-he: my ping is 8765
    3-he : help iam hit
    4-he: i lost connection

  3. Para de gravar videozinho e volta os eventos de fim de semana e aumenta o inferno do loot em miramar. E ver se bane os brasileiros que estão formando equipe no diacord.

  4. I would like them to implement mechanics of the full version for the Lite version, because it lacks essential content :v

  5. Any news on ANTI CHEAT MECHANICS?

    look at this guy more than 100 games with aimbot and esp and stilll out there destroying pubg community

  6. Meanwhile in pubg mobile even if you try to crouch and being stealthy and sh*t. The foot step indicator will ruin your vibe. . Hope they remove that and let players know how to use headphones to detect opponents location instead of relying on a indicator sh*t.

  7. Close Quarters—
    pick up shotgun… die to grenade
    pick up smg… die to grenade
    pick up any gun… die to grenade
    pic up grenade… win.

  8. Step 1 Early game: Can't find a gun because your game has the shittiest loot priority in the world. Step 2: Die, because I didn't find a gun refer to step 1.

  9. какой в этом смысл если не регистрируется половина выстрелов, вот позавчера я не убил противника в упор из сайги, просто потому что игра не захотела регистрировать попадание.

  10. Make an update optimizing the game. I'm a fan, but it's getting harder and harder to play …

    Already hard to find solo matches can only find in squad please fix it! I don't wanna see PUBG die! Why is my favorite game! Please…(┬┬﹏┬┬)

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  12. If only shotguns would work properly and not deal 3 dmg sometimes… or server pooping itself first few minutes when it's close combat time… dying behind a wall to a guy that naked took 4 shotgun shots in chest/head isn't what's gonna bring people back.

  13. "Does this sound familiar? You drop in a hotspot for some good close quarters fun; no weapons spawn for you but you see an enemy picking up NOTHING and reloading it. You run for your life, trying to pick up an UZI on the ground, but it's impossible to aim because you are getting 20 FPS and the game stutters like you wouldn't believe. By some miracle you win, just to die to a red zone." Yep, that's close quarters a lot of the time. Especially on Vikendi. Have you ever dropped Castle with 15+ people? I have a high-end gaming PC and my framerate was in the single digits, on VERY LOW across the board.

  14. 2:15
    >Has perfect shot with sniper
    >Decides to go in close range with one of the most hit-or-miss weapons in the game.

  15. Video : You miss one shot with shotgun and you die.
    Game: Take 3 shots in the chest with shotgun and you still die by the guy you shot.

  16. Esse game é muito bom e ainda tem muito a oferecer e evoluir.

    Quero um dia:
    Armadilha de Urso
    Lama para se camuflar
    Atirar dentro da água com a pistola
    Menos palhaçada (fortnite) e mais seriedade e realismo para uma verdadeira experiência de Battle Royale.
    Usar duas pistolas, uma em cada mão, para usar em conjunto ou independentemente.
    Um modo furtivo para snipers, onde a camuflagem e o silêncio são prioridade máxima para a abordagem, tipo um MODO HUNTER.

    E muitas outras idéias boas e legais.

  17. بدون هالعرظ و ما خلصنه من المنوب اهل الشتاقن و بعد هالعرض رح يزيدون 😂😂😂

  18. Well being honest the game is having some issues since the last 2 updates the the lobby loads and it just goes back into the connecting screen for like 10 mins after every game and the frame rates have dropped by like 60-70% and the game is literally unplayable now

  19. hackers every were. Por favor hagan algo con eso, arruinan el juego o por lo menos que se reciba una recompensa por denunciarlos, algo en compensación ademas de un "Bravo! los hemos atrapado".

  20. Если б ваша говноигра не лагала, я может и мог так выносить

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