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Hi my name is Chris and this is Battle(non)sense. Earlier this year I did an input lag analysis
for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The results were quite good,
however the was one issue. The first shot always had a lot more delay
than the follow-up shots, unless you pressed the right mouse button to aim before you took the shot. This could then lead to situations where you
felt that you pressed the fire button before the enemy player shot you, but you still died
as your gun did not fire instantly due to the first shot delay. As it turns out, there was a bug involved
here, but it’s not the first shot delay which is actually a game mechanic as the animation and gameplay lead for PUBG
explained to me on twitter. The bug was that one of the previous updates I guess that it was the one which
introduced the vaulting animations removed the relaxed state animation, which made this mechanic impossible to read for the player. The developers now brought this animation
back in one of the recent updates, so let’s take a look at how that works now. So the default state is the relaxed state, which means that your gun always points at the ground instead of where you see the crosshair. When you press the fire button then your character
must first raise the gun, and it will stay there as long as there are
less than 3 seconds between the follow-up shots. To avoid that first shot delay you can simply
press the right mouse button to aim. 3 seconds after you stop to aim, the character
will then enter the relaxed state again. This mechanic affects both the first
and 3rd person perspectives, however it is easier to read in the
first-person perspective simply because you get a better look at the model of your gun there. Now let’s compare the delay
of the first shot, to the delay of the follow-up and shots that you take while you aim down the sight of your gun. But first, how do I measure the input lag
of a game. In the description down below you can find
a link to my input lag analysis for PUBG, where I explain how I do my tests. But very simply put, I have connected an LED directly to the switch
of my left mouse button. So, in this highspeed recording you can then
see the delay between pressing the left mouse button and the game responding to that input. This example then clearly shows how much longer
that first shot delay is compared to a follow-up shot. And in the final example you can see how much longer that first shot is compared to a follow-up shot or the first shot while aiming. So previously players did not know that their
gun was pointing at the ground, which made the first shot delay very confusing. Now that this animation is back, players are able to understand why the first shot has so much more delay, and they can adapt their playstyle
to avoid that it gets them killed. But what do you think about this mechanic? Does it make the game more realistic and challenging? Or is it unnecessary and frustrating? The animation and gameplay lead designer said
that they might remove the delay in the future but keep the relaxed state animation. Let me know in the comments what you think
about this. So that’s all for today. If you enjoyed this quick update on PUBG’s
first shot delay issue, then it would be great if you could support me on Patreon as YouTube’s ad revenue is sadly not enough anymore to run a niche channel like mine. Without the awesome support that I get from
my patrons, Battle(non)sense would simply not exists anymore. You can find a link to my Patreon in the description
down below, where you will also find links to my social accounts in case that you want to stay up to date on the videos that I am working on. So, if you enjoyed this video then please
give it a like, subscribe for more and I hope to see you next time! Until then, have a nice day and take care, my name is Chris and this was Battle(non)sense.

100 thoughts on “PUBG First Shot Delay Bug Fixed! Or Not?

  1. 1. Net-code, and tick-rate is still bad.
    2. Cheaters.
    3. No practice range to practice aim and try stuff.
    4. Bad gun, attachment descriptions and gun stats.
    5. Tons of bugs, and occasional game crashes.
    6. To slow mid game circles, and to fast late game circles.

    How about fixing this issues, and then adding new maps, e-sports and stuff.

  2. Game devs: we want to make the gaming experience more like the real life so we will add in a fixed time before you're about to take the first shot no matter what the circumstances are.

    C'mon bruh

  3. I play FPP, and in FPP you don't hip fire anywhere near as much as you ADS, and so FPP players are not really affected as much as TPP players might be, as you hip fire a lot more, and with this constantly being present when you hip fire, I see how it might be frustrating. Personally I'm not bothered, as there is an 'aim' option which brings the model up from the relaxed state, which TPP players can take advantage of by re-binding (as you can't use the right mouse button if they use hold to ADS than if you use toggle)

  4. The delay animation is a nice detail, but adding an actual delay to the first shot that effects the ability to shoot an enemy at the most critical moment is completely unnecessary. The game shouldn't decide for me that my character is relaxed enough to not shoot at a moment's notice. Besides, our characters are in a situation where they are almost 100% sure they are going to DIE within half an hour. Being relaxed is the last thing they should be.

  5. Please Subscribe, SHARE, and Paetron Chris for this amazing work. Thanks for all you do and keep going, enjoy your analysis and work!

  6. The work around is to remove all binds for right mouse button but the single ADS entry, then go to gameplay and force Aim and ADS to HOLD 🙂

  7. PUBG trying to be soo realisting that you end up flying from map in 3seater bike… Amazing what the devs are focusing on..

  8. The whole game is frustrating. Sometimes you land a perfect shot at someones head and they don't get any damage from it.

  9. The relax state animation is a nice touch but the delay definitely needs to be removed. Some may argue it’s a good mechanic to give advantage to people who are always ready but imo it’s just another small but very annoying feature.

  10. This is just a gimmick which should not be in the game. Why the hell game decides if I want to shoot in the next second or in the next second + 0.15s?
    Imo the game should not decide if I'm ready to shoot – if I'm ready I will shoot, if I'm not – I will be the cause of the delay but not the game.

  11. Realistic? Maybe. But I think it makes the gunplay feel clunky and should be removed. As someone who played a shit ton of FPS games in the past, it doesn't feel "natural" to me :V

  12. If you actually hold right mouse button, you won't go back to relaxed state, but you won't be able to run. It's actually a good mechanic when paired with the visual representation through animation.

  13. Maybe it'd help if the first person animation looked remotely like the gun was being pointed at the ground, the weapon just pulls closer to the camera.

  14. This mechanic reminds me of the stances & movement modes in ArmA 3… For example, in A3 there's "Combat Stance" where your gun is essentially always aiming at the crosshair, but you move slower. In all other stance modes, unless aiming down sights or walking your gun moves freely with the running animation, never worrying about where it's aimed. This causes a delay when you try to shoot if you're moving, the duration of the delay is random and based on how your arms / body were positioned when you sent input.
    I think PUBG's method of weapon resting is actually pretty good & acceptable, but I'd say it should point the gun at a further downward angle, to be more obvious in first person for those unaware.

  15. I think this is nonsense. The people who saw you first are more preimestvo. Another delay in the first shot, which would further increase the advantage of the one who spotted the enemy first + input lag. And the chances of shooting even less.
    Game for campers

  16. There should only be a delay like that while sprinting, vaulting, swapping weapons…. MAYBE if stretching it transitioning between stances (crouching, standing, prone etc) The more you add complications to movements the more frustrating a game becomes the higher your skill gets in said game.

    For example. In bf4 i have over 3000 hours and after around 800 i started feeling as if the games mechanics were holding me back. Getting stuck on inch high obstacles, cant push friendly soldiers out of the way who may be standing in a doorway or behind you, or my favorite taking damage and instinctively jumping out of the way… only for dice to be like… "Oh you've just been shot? So i take it that you wanted to slowly climb up onto this box, that you were nowhere close to, while taking fire."

    Things should be kept simple and the more advances stuff should be placed on an advances control set. For example… tapping space should never initiate a vault animation… only holding it should. Same as firing delays… They should only occur after doing something hand related.

  17. You're stranded in an island, playing a life or death game with other 99 people. Yeah, of course there would be a "relaxed" moment. That makes sense.

  18. Chris! War Thunder is a tank/plane game on (as far as i can tell) a great engine with a great netcode. Would you check it out for us?

  19. Untill we have reached a technological leap, that has a heart monitor wired to the games we play, where your system can detect if you're in a heightened or relaxed stated…until then! I am happy with the delay..This isn't csgo/cod/bf…
    This is PUBG baby!

  20. How would stupid shit like that make a game more difficult and challenging? It's just frustrating. Less control in the hands of the gamer = stoopid

  21. Gears of War 2 had a similar mechanic. If you tried to aim (LT) and fire at the same time from an idle animation where you lower the shotgun to your side, you had a large shot delay. Delay in games is bad. Period. Developers should aim (pardon the pun) to reduce any delay as much as possible.

  22. Leave it on a game like arma or squad, I don't even know if they have that. It's am annoying feature that need to be removed

  23. this game has nothing to do with realistic, when you can change between third and first person view and you can see where the Grenade lands. Also when this Game where realistic so you don't need a crosshair 🙂

  24. i believe it's a good feature .. so people aim more
    aiming will make you shoot first and more accurate .. but sacrifice movement speed

    which in my personal opinion is fair .. so there's less run and gun action and to have more tactical gameplay

  25. I don't believe for even a second that they could remove this delay without consequences affecting the ping of that first shot. Also, you should test the "Aim" (NOT ADS) feature and see if it does the same as ADS 😉

  26. The realism is great but I think it should be removed, or told somewhere so the player could adapt their playstyle rather than thinking it's a bug (because the idle animation is not visible in combat in 3rd person.

  27. Your videos have forced devs into corners to fix games , first BF4-1 and now PUBG , pubg has horrid netcode and their devs are very stubborn. Hopefully soon they will realize they are quickly losing players because they prioritize visuals over solid Shooter mechanics.

  28. The game needs to keep randomness out of the combat. The rest of the game is built on rng, the combat needs to be consistent they should remove the delay.

  29. So if you didn't make money off your videos like at all pateron doesn't exist or anything like that, you would just stop making videos ? I'm sure you enjoy making these for the sake of it being fun but you make it sound like oh if I don't make a dime then what's the point. It doesn't seem that big of a deal to micro manage your time with YouTube and some other form of work may it be a "job " or some passive income…

  30. Considering this game is far from realistic, it's not needed. They've already broken realism with several past balance decisions and other nonsense.

  31. Remove the delay, I can count the number of times I've gotten the drop on someone when I've been crouch skirting a house and suddenly hear them beside me on the other side of a window, pop up SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKE!! Click, click WTF? Boom I'm dead…the delay IS shit dump it. Who EVER runs around in this world in a relaxed state anyways?… he'll the option to simply get a shot off immediately can be advantageous even if you aren't pointing g anywhere near an enemy, merely as a distraction return fire as you withdraw etc…

  32. I don't mind it but they should increase the time between aiming and going into the relaxed state. Three seconds is way too much to micromanage in my opinion.

  33. Needs to go due to unecessary realism. Also BulletPunch should be handled like in CS:GO, when you have no armor you get it, otherwise not. And the blood spatter in first person, which hinders your sight needs to go as well.

  34. This mechanic is beyond stupid. Having to deal with hip, readied, and multiple scoped sensitivities and fields of view all in one game makes building muscle memory almost impossible. That is the exact opposite of what games like Counter-Strike hope to achieve and for good reason; having consistent and responsive controls raises the skill ceiling. All of these 'realistic' and 'tactical' mechanics in PUBG only make the game feel floaty and unresponsive. If this game is going to be successful after the battle royale genre either loses hype or gets more competition, I think Bluehole needs to realize that real life combat can never be captured in a video game and that being tactical has nothing to do with movement based gimmicks.

  35. The level of attention to detail in commendable, pity they aren't paying this much attention to their netcode which will play a MUCH bigger role in the future of pubg…. But it's a year later so lets be honest, another real developer is going to release an at least competent BR game before Bluehole pull their finger out of their Brownhole and fix this steaming turd.

  36. It doesn't seem like the worst mechanic, as long as you're aware it's there. Knowing is always half the battle. Won't make me any better, but I'll probably start going into ADS every couple seconds just to mitigate it.

  37. I really wouldn't mind the characters arms snapping to a firing position upon pulling the trigger. Makes the game more responsive.

  38. Stupid broken feature in a stupid broken game, but ultimately who gives a fuck until the engine can handle 60hz tick like a real modern game

  39. I think first shot delay is a fair mechanic, but not whilst peaker's advantage exists in it's current form.
    Subjectively, I feel it just means that the player being shot (which is typically the non-peaker) is collectively too unfairly treated vs. just one of these mechanics being in play, or both but with a lesser extent of impact. This promotes too much of an aggressive play-style in a game that already forces confrontation.

  40. It's definitely unessessary and frustrating. If your gun is pointing at an enemy, it should fire straight away, relaxed state or not. Stupid pubg gimmicks

  41. i think this is just straith up stupid! they are far from this kind of realism like cars colliding into each others model and just explode. also ruins gameplay for me, not to be able to shoot wne i want in a shooter game? thanks….

  42. Chris, I want to ask you… Are you tested VPN for games? I think it's could be the perspective way to avoid bad hosts that causes ping spikes. You prob do not need it coz you living in EU but for people from 3th world-country it can help if their provider provide bad connection with Europe and best way to avoid it that find VPN with clean connection with EU.
    Unfortunately, I can't support your excellent tests for the reasons indicated above. Best wishes!

  43. Another good vid, I like the delay as it encourages more ADS , I am already seeing way too many YouTube videos showing no scope and third person aim kills from long range. There should be a major accuracy penalty for not being ADS and even more penalty when jumping and moving.

  44. This is why I watch your videos. I sort of see why they did this(fpp it lowers the gun from the pov) while I agree that a delay is needed for a weapon to be drawn to the shooting position. I'd like to see shotguns and rifles excluded from this though. As any person in a combat sitution isn't going to relax a shotgun or rifle in ANY other position but shoulder or hip. if anything introduce specific times and variable stances for each weapon or weapon class. The games mechanics are third class to EFT, Arma, and any other hardcore tactical shooter coming too or on the market and if they don't see to a long term solution to these problems me and many others are just going to move on and pubg will become a shell just like h1…

  45. Anything that is anti lemmings running is a good thing. If you are not being tactical when its needed, you really should have some kind of penalty for not using your brain. Unlike most games were twitch skills alone can help the "retarded".

  46. Animation and polish of this sort is fine so long as it does not worsen game play because game play should always be prioritized however here the mechanic is the issue and needs to simply be removed ASAP.

  47. I am actually not against this, but I think there needs to be a more distinct gun position in FPP that tells the player when he is in the relaxed state. To be honest I didn't know that the relaxed state has the gun pointing lower until I watched this video. It should be made more obvious in the HUD or in terms of gun position.

  48. I think it's great. It promotes good positioning and awareness; if you think you're going to get into a firefight, you should be preparing with positioning and weapon stance. Banking on the game to just know or become a twitch shooter is unnecessary and removes depth.

  49. So if i'm sitting in a corner with a shotgun waiting for an enemy to enter the room i have to ADS every three seconds to avoid a massive delay almost guaranteeing a miss on my first shot? Why, remove the animation, 95% of players probably never even noticed it anyways.

  50. Very nice work you provide information that i havent seen on youtube before. I would love if you could make Videos about older fps games Netcode like. (CS 1.6, Quake Arena,UT99 for exampel). I would like to know if games have improved in the last 20 years

  51. This game is about milliseconds when you have to keep pressing the aim button or raise that animation every 3 seconds even if your are in combat or just about to but the situation hasn't arrived you have to keep tapping right click to keep the gun up. Also note. When sprinting and even having your gun up and you press sprint within 3 seconds of that sprint the action will automatically put your gun down. Sprint is probably everyone's favorite rate of moving so be mindful when sprinting around and you have to hip fire. The gun will be pointing to The ground and you will. Have to manually bring it back up again.

  52. This is why I will never find PUBG enjoyable. Knowing the devs care more about realism than you know, making the gameplay fun and responsive.

  53. No offense but I feel like whoever decided to put this so called mechanic into the game aren't playing the game themselves.

  54. nobody should shoot without aiming anyway, 400h played, never noticed that, i always at least aim via hold rmb when not ADSing

  55. In a game where drinking 2 redbulls turns you into a bullet sponge this mechanic is completely stupid. Keep the animation take away the delay. Or give us a fully fleshed out stance system like in arma so I'm not constantly shooting window sills in front of me instead of pandering to the Xbox market. Fuck you Brendan Greene.

  56. They should just allow the character to shoot the gun but since it is relaxed the bullets will go below the crosshair.

  57. These mechanics are more frustrating than anything. This game can be realistic but realistically, it is really poorly optimized to the realest level or real realness.

  58. If you're going to put the delay mechanics, then make it visibly accurate to the fps/tpp actual view. I've had so many times where I shot my first but end up in neverland yet my ADS shows I'm aiming.

  59. If my gun is relaxed, then it should be displayed pointing at the ground when in first person, including the crosshairs. PUBG displays crosshairs as I walk around a corner and then give a shot delay? So I lose to the camper already in ADS. The feature
    is plain DUMB.

  60. Its a dumb direct nerf to shotguns. Shotguns require first shot accuracy and this mechanic adds a frustrating and unforgiving extra trait on top of the arguably most difficult aspect of FPS aim.

  61. bluehole = most stupid developers ever they are so stupid and retarded they cant fix fucking game for 3 fucking years they fix my shit i still got 40 fps on good pc and ton of bugs i shot guy with shotgun in head with no helmet hi didint die yea fixed game fuck you bluehole only map where i have 80-120 fps is sanhok miramar and erangel fucking 40-50 fps

  62. My problem is i lag while getting shot and i have a 1050 ti, you aren't supposed to go to 10 fps when getting shot in any game ever, but pubg has not optimized bullets at all so anyone with 1060 6gb or below is suffering

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