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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

It’s worth a try, Praedyth thinks.
Anything is, at this point.
Something is coming, a tidal wave’s shadow
looming over every timeline he can see.
Its peak rises sharp over the Earth, breaking
the terminator’s arc with a deeper darkness.
The City can’t escape it.
Welcome back Guardians.
Today we are discussing the new lore book
called Aspect, that was released with Shadowkeep.
This new lore book links Praedyth, the Vault
of Glass, the Black Garden, the Vex researchers
from Destiny 1, the exotic weapon No time
to explain, and the campaign of Shadowkeep.
This lore book ties many of this storylines
With that being said, this video will have
spoilers for Shadowkeep.
I recommend, you at least start playing Shadowkeep
up until the big reveal… if you don’t
know what the big reveal is… you have not
played enough.
Stop watching!
Finally, this video will lead to my predictions
for the new raid Garden of Salvation.
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This is myelin games and I hope you enjoy
this latest Destiny 2 lore episode.
Lets begin, the lore book Aspect, alternates
between events taking place within the Black
Garden and the Vault of Glass.
The lore book starts with the gate to the
Black Garden activating and inter-connecting
with the Vex network, however at this stage
we don’t know who is trying to come through.
Realis from the lore book Aspect reads,
The Harpies stop where they are, a shudder
running through each of them in order from
one end of the Garden to the other.
A flicker.
A wash of power, coming from somewhere distant.
A pulse.
The power it carries lights up the pathways.
The Mind’s eye blinks for a bare moment, under
its blanket of lichen.
The power passes through the Garden, overruns
the Vex machinery within it, floods the network
beyond it.
A moment held, like the shore after the tide
rushes out.
Motes of something that isn’t dust shake in
the air.
The bronze pathways hum, a counterpoint to
the Goblins’ song.
And the Garden’s door vibrates with them.
The lore book then switches to Praedyth who
is lost in the Vault of Glass.
Now before we cover Praedtyh, let me just
recap what happened in Destiny 1.
SO in Destiny 1, Praedyth went into the Vault
of Glass with Kabr and Pahanin but was captured
by the Vex.
In the Taken King it was revealed that Praedyth
was trying to escape the Vault of Glass and
was sending messages from his cell.
The grimoire card Mystery: Praedyth’s Door
The receiver sputtered to life.
It had taken him the better part of a decade
to get his crude comm scanner working.
And another few years to get it transmitting.
Now, in the brief windows of time when the
door to his cell opened, he would call for
He sighed, a deliberate act that caused him
to cough roughly.
He had no idea how much longer his body would
hold out.
But then, that kind of thinking was all relative
here, wasn’t it?
Praedyth stared at the sprawling mass of metal
and wires, listening to the tinny sounds coming
from his makeshift speaker.
Before he spoke, he always made a point to
The words, the concepts that flowed into his
mind confused him.
Timelines and potentialities that might have
already happened, might happen, might never
In addition, we had the mission called Paradox,
which allowed us to venture back into the
Vault of Glass, and we actually hear some
of Praedyth’s messages.
In the original ending of the mission, we
found a skeleton in a Vex cell and Praedyth
I think that’s it.
They’re closing the door.
I lived!
Just remember, tell them I lived [static]
We assume that in this timeline, Praedyth
is dead.
Then we actually got the exotic mission for
No time to explain, which allowed us back
into the Vault and we collected dead ghosts,
receiving more messages from Praedyth.
In this mission Praedyth guides us to a future,
where the Vex are defeated by the Taken, he
says this,
Welcome to the end of the Vex.
Their “immutable” future.
Enslaved to a will they don’t understand.
A will long dead here.
Dead eons ago.
But then, they won’t end, will they?
Because you’re here.
The Vex won’t spare the City.
They won’t even thank you.
But that’s the thing about Light.
You never know where it will shine.
Essentially, we save the Vex from their failed
timeline, because we beat Oryx, stopping the
Completing the Paradox mission with the secret
ending, which can only be obtained by finding
all three of Praedyth’s messages, rewards
a chest, and the chest contains a ghost, the
ghost is meant to be Praedyth’s ghost, the
ghost contains Future war cult headers, so
we take the ghost to Lakshmi-2, which then
starts the exotic quest for no time to explain.
The lore tab for No Time to Explain reads,
Novarro’s timeline analysis indicates the
weapon is the fabled Exo Stranger’s Rifle,
enhanced at a future point in this continuity
and then sent back to this present.
Deliah’s timeline analysis indicates the weapon
was built by Praedyth, who based it on his
own version of the Exo Stranger’s Rifle, and
then set it adrift in a time ripple.
And the most important piece of this weapon
is the flavor text, the flavor text reads,
A single word is etched onto the inside of
the weapon’s casing: “Soon.”
THIS is going to link everything together.
So to summarise, Praedyth is captured in the
Vault of Glass, his is trying to escape his
cell sending signals through time, we find
a skeleton in our timeline, we also find Praedyth’s
ghost which then leads us to a weapon he made,
no time to explain, which as the words SOON
engraved on it.
So back to the new lore book.
Praedyth is still trying to escape the Vault
of Glass and is sending and receiving messages
through his home-made radio.
He reaches someone.
The mirative lore entry reads,
Maybe it’s not a hallucination.
Maybe he’s finally breached the walls of the
Vault somehow.
Maybe he has a chance.
Are you still there?”
All he gets back is a wash of static.
Whatever signal he was picking up, it’s gone.
The other important thing that is happening
whilst Praedyth is trying to escape the Vault
is that he is also getting glimpses of different
The Epistemic lore entry reads,
Praedyth has watched from his cell for longer
than he knows how to quantify, sitting inside,
looking out.
He’s seen so many different timelines.
There’s no way to know which are real.
From a certain point of view, they might all

Some timelines have veils drawn over them,
a darkness too thick to see through.
They push back against Praedyth’s sight, resisting.
All the timelines he sees could be true for
some living thing.
He doesn’t know which are true for him.
He doesn’t know if that’s a meaningful question
to ask.
He asks it anyway, and he keeps looking.
There’s no reason not to.
He’s got all the time in the world.
Ok, so Praedyth once again manages to make
contact through his radio, and it is revealed
that he makes contact with the Vex researchers,
the researchers from Ishtar collective, who
made virtual copies of themselves and sent
their virtual copies in the Vex network to
explore and understand the vex.
This has been a mystery of destiny since destiny
We never knew what happened to the Vex researchers.
These virtual copies of the researchers made
contact and discovered Praedyth trapped in
the Vault.
The lore entry Deontic reads,
The pulses are stabilizing.
The voices come often enough now that Praedyth
has been introduced to their owners: Sundaresh,
Esi, Shim, and Duane-McNiadh.
Not infinite mirrored variations of them from
different timelines, but simulations all split
off the same base, way back in what must have
been the Golden Age.
Some have grown far different from their progenitors.
Some have not.
Now, even though there are virtual copies,
of the same person, they are also individual.
It is sort of like, if you program a virtual
copy to be exactly like you, is it any less
The virtual copies are identified by their
group numbering, there are 227 copies and
they are numbered like this, group one, is
227.001, group two is 227.002, group 13, is
227.13, and so on.
So for example, you could have virtual copy
Maya Sundaresh from group 227.58.
The virtual copies want to assist Praedyth,
but also want assistance from Praedyth, even
though Praedyth is in the Vault of Glass,
he still has a physical state, where as the
virtual researchers are only virtual, and
they too want to escape the Vex network.
The Deontic lore tab reads,
“If Praedyth exists physically, even if the
space he’s in isn’t strictly real, he has
accesses we don’t.
And vice versa.
Maybe together we can get something to work.”

“Think we’re close enough to Vex at this point
to use one of their tricks?”
227.18’s Chioma turns wry.
“What’s a little more tightrope walking between
Praedyth lifts his head from his former laser
“How much of a chance does this actually have
of working?”
This was Shim, usually the quietest one.
“Oh, negligible.
But it’s better than chasing after tech disproved
centuries ago.”
Praedyth doesn’t have enough scavenged parts
for both trials.
It’s one or the other, a choice they can’t
They take a vote; Praedyth marks the tally
with screws on two adjacent flagstones.
227.18’s Chioma gives the first aye.
It’s unanimous.
They’re taking the leap.
With the assistance of the virtual team, praedyth
is able to start sending physical items through
While Praedyth has been in the Vault of Glass
he has seen visions of different timelines,
and he is very concerned for the safety of
the City.
Praedyth sees a threat the City cannot escape,
a threat he describes as a peak that sharply
rises over the earth, this to me, sounds like
the pyramid ships, a peak that rises over
the Earth.
AND this is when Praedyth sends the weapon
No time to Explain through time with a message
etched into its barrel, soon, as in the threat
is coming soon.
Have a listen to the lore entry Jussive, it
They start to send messages scattershot, wherever
they can, whenever the pulses climb high enough
to boost their signal.
That works for a while.
Then the pulses get too strong, strong enough
to destroy the integrity of the messages.
Instead of skimming along the top, riding
the wave, the messages tumble through it and
shake apart under its power.
If they’re getting strong enough to unravel
data, it could be they’re getting strong enough
to carry something heavier than a pile of
It’s worth a try, Praedyth thinks.
Anything is, at this point.
Something is coming, a tidal wave’s shadow
looming over every timeline he can see.
Its peak rises sharp over the Earth, breaking
the terminator’s arc with a deeper darkness.
The City can’t escape it.
Praedyth carves messages into the last functional
pieces of his gear: anything that can serve
as a bottle for his messages, thrown out on
time’s ocean.
And what does a Guardian pay more attention
to than their equipment?
They’ll catch someone’s eye, somewhen.
He knows the wave is coming.
More visions flicker past him now, burning
afterimages into his eyelids.
More timelines—a possibility or eventuality,
he doesn’t know—lost to the encroaching
He knows they won’t be able to handle it alone.
He knows they need a warning.
They need to know it’s coming.
So this finally explains the message on No
time to explain that we received in Destiny
It was Praedyth warning us of this threat,
which I believe is the pyramid ships, a threat
he saw whilst in the Vault of glass, and he
was able to get the message to us because
he was working with the virtual vex researchers!
BUT you may ask, how does all this relate
to the black garden, well, in classic vex
timey wimey fashion, the very last entry of
the Aspect lore book starts at the beginning,
all ends have a beginning, remember how I
said the very first entry of the lore book
talked about the Vex gate activating in the
black garden and how someone was trying to
come through, well, the very last entry suggests
that it is Praedyth and the Vex researchers
escaping the networking and entering the Black
Have a listen to the lore entry Irrealis,
it reads,
In the Vault, one hundred and eighty-three
sets of simulated Golden Age scientists flex
their own limbs, ready to make a break for
Praedyth, kneeling at his radio, shakes out
his hands.
They’re stiff—he’s stiff, queasy with exertion
and worry and a stack of lifetimes in a cell—but

It’s a slim chance.
But a chance is all they need.
The Garden’s massive door hums, an echo of
the song the Goblins sing as they tend the
The first Minotaur readies itself to step
through, shield coming awake around it.
Everything that has happened is, from a certain
point of view, always happening.
Everything that will happen is happening.
If you know how to slice the ribbon of chronology
thin enough, you can step through to the necessary
If you know how to tear it…
A hundred and sixty Mayas reach for the Chiomas
by their side.
A hundred and fifty-eight Chiomas reach back.
One Praedyth, waiting for the conductor’s
baton to drop.
Uncountable Vex in the Garden, waiting for
the same event, a synchrony none of them notice.
Somewhere, a veil is always lifting.
Somewhere, Kabr is always dooming himself.
Somewhere, a door is always opening.
Somewhere, they are always stepping through.
And that is when the book ends, it sort of
implies that in a timeline, praedyth and vex
researchers escaped from the Vault of Glass,
and the vex network, and they entered the
Black Garden.
So the question is, are we are going to see
Praedyth in the Black Garden, and if so, he
could then provide more information about
the timelines he saw in the Vault of Glass,
specifically about the pyramid ships, he could
arm us with the information that we need and
maybe this is how all of these storylines
are going to tie together.
How the shadowkeep campaign is then going
to link to the Black garden.
with that, that concludes this latest Destiny
2 lore episode, if you would like to support
the channel and cannot think of a comment,
you can leave the comment, Soon, to represent
Praedyths warning about the pyramids that
was sent during Destiny 1.
As usual, it has been a pleasure, this is
myelin games.

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