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Welcome back to I’m MrTien Duc from Today, We will play Pocket Royal or Pocket Era It’s Android and iOS Games So it’s an old game because I see more and more videos about it But now, I play then I make this video. This game is just similar to Pokemon Games from China Hmm yeah, The Graphics and The music are good I’m so excited when I was playing this game But I have a big problem, I can’t find that game on google play maybe it’s removed So you can come to and download apk About version for iOS, you can download at Apple store. So Thanks for Watching. Remember to like, share video and subscribe to get more games and more videos.

12 thoughts on “Pocket Royal, Pocket Era, Old Online Game but I’m playing :)) for Android, iOS, For GOD

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  2. Pokemoner, is it possible for me to download the demo, finish it and claim the ash greninja and transfer it to my Ultra Moon?

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