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The effects setting in PUBG change the way
how muzzle flashes are represented in game. On low you will see this small muzzle flash,
but on ultra the whole character will light up and the muzzle flash itself will be twice
as large. Which one do you think will be best, or which
setting will make it easier for you to spot an enemy. That is what this video is about, die hard
settings are settings that allow you to see your enemy more clearly while gaining a lot
of extra frames. But make no mistake, die hard settings are
not the settings that give you every single possible frame available. Die hard settings are settings that will give
you the ultimate advantage. That is what this video is about, you maximising
your skills and chicken dinners by taking advantage of a few simple gameplay settings
that everybody is allowed to change. The best way to show you which settings are
the best die hard settings, is to put our friend buddy here in this bush. He will become a master bushcamper today. We will change all the settings, we will see
what effect each settings has on buddy and his bush, so focus on him and on his immediate
surroundings. I will also mention the frames per second
that I am getting on this pc. This info can be used as a reference so that
you can have an idea about how much of a performance gain each setting can cause on your own pc. These frames are a result of a PC that has
a gtx 1080 ti, an intel i7-6900k in 1440p. The display mode in PUBG is set to fullscreen
windowed. Just for info, when I show you the settings
that I am changing, you will see the resolution is 1920 by 1080, this is a bug and this is
not the resolution that I am playing the game at. Anti-aliasing or AA aims to cut down on the
pixelated, jagged edges you see in the game. It makes everything look more appealing and
realistic, but your frame rate will go down slightly. To be more accurate, setting AA alone to very
low gave me a frame rate of 86 per second, and that’s only two frames higher than when
everything was on Ultra. It mig ht be tempting to set this to very
high because of how little difference it makes, but that actually makes the objects around
you blurry. It’s best to set this to Very Low to keep
your surroundings clearly visible, especially if you are in motion. Every now and then, you will find yourself
getting shot at while moving, especially if you are out in the open. If your surroundings are blurry, it will be
a lot more difficult to see enemies from great distances. Setting the Anti Aliasing to Very Low will
help you spot and keep track of your enemies. This works so well that you can even see his
ear now through this window. With AA on ultra you cannot even see the outline
of his ear. Post-processing, filters the graphics that
has been rendered to affect what you see, In simple terms, it makes everything look
nicer. Setting this to Ultra might make enemies easier
to see through windows, but this is an advantage that you can also get by setting Anti Aliasing
to Very Low. If you look closely at the bushes around buddy
in this clip, you will see that there are dark spots that will allow enemies to blend
in more if you set Post-processing to ultra. These darker areas will make it very hard
to see an enemy hiding in these bushes especially if they are wearing dark colored clothing. It also has the biggest effect on your framerate. With everything else on Ultra, setting Post
Processing to Very Low gave 19 extra frames per second. You cannot go wrong with having a higher frame
rate and seeing enemies through leaves more clearly, so set Post-Processing to Very Low. Your enemies will think that they are safely
hidden without realizing that your settings are shining a spotlight on them, and that
will allow you to catch enemies by surprise and make some easy kills. You might think that it’s a good idea to
let shadows fully render so that they look sharper. In truth, there are plenty of drawbacks that
come with keeping Shadows at higher settings, and they far outweigh the advantages. From medium onwards, shadows get a lot darker
and enemies hiding in them become harder to spot. On Ultra, almost each individual leaf around
buddy gets its own shadow, and this takes a lot of graphical power. Set Shadows to very low so that they become
lighter and less precise. This will allow you to spot enemies hiding
in the grass or in dark areas. You will also get 15 extra frames per second
compared to having the Shadows on Ultra. Texture Quality adjusts the clarity and the
level of detail of a surface throughout the game. On Ultra, you can see a lot of detail of our
guy’s clothes and the soil that he is standing on. When textures are set to very low, the game
will look a lot worse, but you frame rate will increase by 13 per second. A lot of us set Texture to Medium or Low,
so that you can still gain a few frames without making the game look too ugly. In truth, the best visibility actually comes
from setting this to Ultra. That will allow each leaf to be rendered individually,
and that will allow light to pass through them and make the enemy hiding in a bush more
visible. The clothes that your enemies wear will have
more details. That will stop enemies from blending in with
walls that have the same color as their clothes, because the increased texture will make them
stand out more. This is an advantage that is definitely worth
sacrificing 13 frames for. The amount of grass, bushes, and leaves that
are rendered at any given time depend on the Foliage setting; or at least that’s how
it’s supposed to work in theory. Attempting to change the Foliage setting does
not have any effect anymore. As you can see, the amount of grass around
buddy stays the same. So set this to Ultra and leave it there. Your graphics card will render objects in
the environment depending on how far the View Distance is. This will dictate how far you can see objects
on your screen. Depending on the situation, setting the view
distance to very low wins you one single frame, so just keep it on ultra because it will come
in handy someday. We have gone through all the graphical settings,
and we now know the ultimate die hard settings. To summarize, set Shadows, Anti Aliasing,
and Post Processing to very low, and leaving everything else on ultra. This will give you the biggest advantage and
it will make spotting enemies much easier. I started off having 84 frames per second
and now I have 123. That’s 35 frames more plus I can now see
my enemies more clearly.. And by the way guys the youtube likes and
comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind taking a moment to like and to post a comment on this video. If you haven’t done so already, then make
sure to subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you in Battlegrounds.

100 thoughts on “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS DIE HARD SETTINGS – Best Graphics Settings for PUBG – UPDATE PC 1.0!

  1. Why Fullscreen Windowed? Why force Vsync? (which windowed always has) The added input delay alone is enough to be a disadvantage.

  2. Idk what this dude talking about but with AA on low, grass bushes and building edges look like shit. Even at 1440p everything else on ultra. i keep aa on ultra to see people in the grass better or if someone’s peaking around a corner, doorway, window, ect

  3. My question is….why Ultra for EFFECTS? What is the advantage with that? Isn't it just an FPS killer?
    Actually, I watched the video twice now, and unless there is a glitch, you didn't cover EFFECTS setting.

  4. Hello I need a help! please!
    So i have 1080ti in 2k, but there is king of Tearring on The horizontal Lines in my PUBG,
    How can i fix this?
    , there are videos on the official Nvidia sites – all more smothier without that tearring

  5. I disagree with so much of this.

    Fps doesn't get hit much with AA on very low, low or medium…
    However… When set to very low, and you are walking; everything looks like it's moving around you. (Tree leaves, grass, etc).
    When set to medium, there's just enough AA that it calms the pixelation dancing and you can then focus on ACTUAL movement and not pixelated movement.

    Textures should be set to nothing higher than medium. Any more, and the graphics/textures look too busy that make it harder to spot things. Any less and you can't make out certain details on items on the floor or walls that may be useful. So medium is the sweet spot and it barely affects fps as all it really does is load up the Vram.

    Post processing needs to be put on very low. It's just eye candy… And if you're playing competitively, then keep it on very low to maximize your fps. It also makes dark spots brighter which makes spotting enemies easier.

    Shadows need to be put on very low. There is no gain tactically for this to be any higher. You will still be able to see clear outlines of your enemies shadows at ranges that actually matter. Any higher than very low will just rob you of fps.

    View distance makes almost no difference in fps regardless of the settings… So leave it on ultra. It will NOT render grass farther. You will still be able to spot enemies that are prone in grass while using an 8x and suffer from the infamous "poof" of smoke bouncing off your enemies heads while you are headshotting them when in reality you are just hitting a rock that isn't rendered in that distance even though view distance is set to ultra. (Thanks pubg optimization…. We already feel bad about hiding in grass only to be shot by someone too far to have the grass rendered… Now we gotta worry about invisible rocks?)

    Effects and foliage have absolutely no good reason to be on anything other than very low. All it does is make things more "busy" on the screen which has the same effect as AA on very low or textures on ultra. For making things easier on the eyes, you have to simplify what you are seeing so that you can focus on what matters. Effects and foliage on very low will not only simplify things, but will also greatly improved your fps as well.

    So in conclusion… Set AA on medium. Textures on medium. View distance on ultra. And everything else on very low.

    Set screen sale to 100. Any lower and any items that are modeled will be blurry or fuzzy. Any higher than 100 will just reduce your fps for no justifiable gain.

    Turn off motion blur. Turn off vsync and enjoy your max fps PUBG with great joy!

    Oh and do yourself a favor and get a 144hz+ monitor if you don't have one already.

    These above settings will render over 60fps constant @ 1080p on a 1050ti video card.
    It will yeild nearly a constant 144fps @ 1080p with a 1080ti

    It will yeild over 100fps constant @2k res with a 1080ti.

    Hope this helps!

  6. aa should be set to low or medium it get rid of object the that tend to disapper like chain link fences and grating on bridges at a distance of a few while rendering look at a a grated bridge with aa set to very low and then to medium ull see what i mean

  7. With my shit pc here's my thoughts on the settings.

    AA and Foliage has 0 impact on fps set them how you want.
    post processing affects the fps and also adds the shitty ambient occlusion effect which looks like shit keep it on very low
    shadows anything higher than very low fucks my fps
    effects adds some really shit effect when you get hit by the blue zone its a disadvantage
    view distance set on very low actually reduces my fps somehow, I suggesting setting on it on medium,high or ultra

  8. thanks bro! I bought PUBG yesterday on my gtx 1060 pc but my fps was a little bit low and I can 't play it well. You helped me a lot. Thanks!

  9. For me… aa: high
    Pp: very low
    Textures: high or medium
    Foliage: very low (rendering won’t work and you can spot enemies hiding on groud at a distance)
    View distance: high or ultra

  10. I have no problems with shadows set to very low, but AA and post-processing on very low gives me a headache….I need them on medium at the lowest, otherwise it's too "noisy" for me.

  11. Hi, I'm a pubg player from Brazil and I have a big problem finding the ideal configuration for my ultrawide monitor 29 'Lg 2560×1080 75hz, I have a 6700 i7, Gtx 1070 G1, 16 gb ram and SSD, I did not find it no video on youtube the ideal setting for those who have ultrawide monitors, could you help me find it? or let me know which one is best? thank you so much.

  12. thanks! i saw about the same frames for me, but i think it made it easier to see enemies. they just released sanhok so that might have effected my frames, so we'll see how the fps goes down the road, but i'll definitely be using these settings. thank you!

  13. I almost didnt make it to the end. Becouse of his "R" that is really annoying hearing him to say words like "EVERYBODY or FRIEND" xD

  14. This is the most explanatory video describing the settings, what they do, and what they do for visibility. Thank you for making a video that says more than "set everything to low and very low".

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