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Hi guys today I’m going to tell you how to install Exagear window simulator so you can run games like Starcraft Age of Empires 1 & 2, Fallout 1 and 2, Starcraft and all other games etc. first of all you need to download Exagear Windows Emulator from the link that’s given in the video so after that you need to go to the download folder-exagear folder and you can see all the files that’s in the folder so first of all you need open Exagear Windows Emulator.apk click & install it. As I’ve already installed it I don’t need to install it again after that copy com.ectechs.ed & go to your internal memory- Go to Android-obb paste it here, so I already pasted it here so I don’t need to paste it again so after you have installed and copied go to your computer and connect your computer to the Android device and copy your game which you’ve installed and wanna play on your Android to the download folder so I have made a Games folder inside the download folder so this is where you can place all the games so please note that only the download folder can be accessible through the exagear application so you need to paste all the games in the download folder. Copy Age of Empires. At first you need to extract and install on your PC, copy the folder and paste it in the games folder so as you can see I have pasted all these games from the from my computer so these are all installed games not setups you can see this all the files plus the exe that you can run from Age of Empires, Age of Empires 2 command and conquer and NOx. so when you’ve pasted all the games here in the games folder then what you need to do is open your exagear window emulator, you need to click on allow wait for some time till it extracts so this is the application, Desktop, Start menu, install new, manage containers, so I think you can still can use this to install all the applications that are given here you can also install all other applications like Age of Empires and others if you have the setup, you don’t need a computer to do that you can directly install it from this application so first of all you need to click on three lines and click on manage containers, Click on + now first of all you need to click on three dots click on run explorer see the default controls of the Explorer so as you can see this is the download folder and this is the only folder you can access not any other folders this is the D Drive where the Download folder is mounted, C Drive is the one where you have the Windows installed by default and E is the one for temporary files & Z as you can see this is the storage of your phone but you cannot access it, this folder there’s nothing here just go on D folder and this is the place where you have put all the games in the games folder. and when you have extracted all the games you need to go Age of Empires or whatever game you wanna play this is just a test so if you need all other games that you want me to test just put in a comment below. so what you need to do is find the exe file that you want to play just click and hold and you can see this is like a right-click it’s open, edit, cut, copy create link and you have to click on create link after that create link you have to click on X, close. As you can see the Desktop option you can directly access your game from here and for some of the games you need to put Dsound.dll in the game’s folder to make it run so in case we have Age of empires 1 & 2 you have to put the dsound.dll in the games folder where you have the EXE So I’ll just show you and Dsound.dll you can download from the link that I have given in the youtube video so I just put it here actually you’ll be having it in the download folder anywhere like Dsound.dll so I just kept it in the Exagear folder so you need to copy dsound.dll from the ZIP folder I think you have just given the Dsound.dll in the folder itself Go to download-games-Age of Empires paste it I already pasted it so I don’t need to paste it. Do the same for Age of Empires 2 after that just go to your games(through) Exagear Windows Emulator, click on Manage Containers click on three dots-properties and here you can set up the controls and resolution for the game. You can click on hide talk bar when launched from shortcut, resolution you can keep on 1024×768 it’s a good resolution for Age of Empires. Controls you have to keep it on Disciples 2 for Age of Empires so after that click on the three lines go to desktop and click on the Exe, I mean the shortcut file. Here you can see the default controls for disciples 2 which is the same for Age of Empires Click on the side, click on Single player, click on campaign two fingers you can can bring up the keyboard I guess three no four yeah after clicking with four fingers click on keyboard you can write anything. Click on okay so after that you can click anywhere you wanna play, this is not a good campaign just go to scenario. You can directly exclude building part. As u can see this age of empires classic one, click on the villager Build up some things For right click you have to touch and hold(then release). that’s all for now so this is how you can play all the games so if you like what I just told you all just click on like, subscribe and comment if this has helped you

83 thoughts on “Play PC Games on Android using Exagear Windows Emulator

  1. Is there a way to change what folder it reads as a D drive? I don't like keeping my stuff in download folder

  2. hi bro, I'm trying to install the PLANESCAPE TORMENT game and the ICEWIND DALE 2 game to exagear but it gives me error after installing them, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. can you make a video of how to correctly set up those particular games?

  3. Bro I need help,when I run one of my games,it's slow . it was going like 1 frame per second or something,and kinda laggy I guess. What do you recommend me doing? it's also a modern game not classic

  4. Hi.
    How could i downgrade the resolution?
    Im playing simcity 4 but the UI is bigger than my phone screen, so i can't use some things.
    Help please!

  5. When I touch exagear app it there is a pop up saying 'Starting Up' then another pop up comes over that showing me the 'How to start' tutorial. And the app never starts up. What should I do?

  6. May I ask you a video about using this app to make disciples II run? I followed all but when i start disciples 2 it says " failed to initialize".
    Tnx between for the video, really helped me make the app works :D!

  7. Previously with the instructions from this video I have successfully installed Exagear Windows and have played games. Then the next day the shortcut menu popped up on the Exagear desktop, I thought the file wasn't important so I deleted it. after I delete it I can't open "run explorer", always return to the desktop. After reinstalling it is the same. How do you fix this problem so you can open "run eplorer" again?

  8. when i tried to Run explorer from container , it says starting up and goes back to desktop. Anyone can help? im using Razer Phone 2 not rooted

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