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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Content Warning: Food, Getting Stood Up On A Date. Getting stood up for any kind of meetup isn’t
a great experience, and I could imagine how bad it would feel if that meetup was a date. You take time out of your day to spend with
someone, and at first things seem to be going fine. Maybe they’re running a little late, no
problem. Just have to wait for a while. Eventually after some time, you attempt to
contact them. Maybe you’re worrying too much, they probably
just got stuck somewhere on their way here. You waste time on your phone. You start to realize you’ve been on your phone
for quite some time. They never answered back. The fear you had in the back of your mind
has come true: They’re not coming. Penguin Cafe attempts to emulate this experience
in the form of a free visual novel. You play as a guy waiting for his date at
a coffee shop, but it becomes increasingly obvious that he isn’t coming. The main character is already nervous prior
to this realization, and helps you connect with his story. You feel for him, especially when it seems
it was difficult for him to go through with this date in the first place. As you wait for your non existent date, you
order coffee, talk to the barista, check text messages, and play a clicker game on your
phone. The game seems to have an invisible timer
for when the next story event will occur, allowing the player to feel the length of
waiting for someone, albeit at a faster pace than in real life. The clicker game serves as the main form of
distraction during that time. The game, called Tomato Garden, is a straightforward
clicker game where you click on tomatoes, getting fertilizer and more hands to get more
tomatoes. At first it’s something to ease your nerves
when the date is a real possibility, but eventually morphs into a way to anchor yourself when
that possibility disappears. The main character is already at the coffee
shop, and scared of just giving up and leaving, so the game helps keep his mind off the situation
for a bit and wait it out. Penguin Cafe’s story may sound like a downer,
but the game is surprisingly kind no matter your decisions. There is a lot of empathy for the main character
from both the player and the game, so while the experience at first is a sad one, it allows
for new, potentially better beginnings. It can make the story feel a little saccharine
by turning what would be a somber experience into an optimistic one, but it can be comforting
to take part in these kinds of stories every once in a while. And you never know, sometimes new paths open
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