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export vc skin from gta3.img
.dff — mesh; .txd — textures change game version in .txd
save export texture(s) import vc skin
i use ifp io from kam’s scripts change name of mesh select all bones and delete assign texture(s) to mesh now rotate it
remember position/orientation export selected mesh to .3ds ctrl+n import sa skin select all and rotate
it should be in the same position/orientation as vc skin import .3ds assign texture(s) again select all sa skin with bones move to correct position if you need to rotate arm or leg do it
then export sa skin and import again select sa mesh attach vc mesh delete sa polygons new skin ready for export you can check weight of bones
load animation from .ifp no bugs new .dff and .txd must have same name as sa ped to walk on streets add with replacement to gta3.img

22 thoughts on “Ped Conversion [VC 2 SA]

  1. man does not understand this part first opened the ped gta vc or ped gta sa.
    you can put subtitles to be understood better because the picture does not look good

  2. Hm, I'm using the same VC ped like u, but I cant put the texture onto it. Do u know where's the problem?

  3. problem solved (: mm, what SA ped do you use on the video? cuz I can't find any SA ped like your one. But, in every way, thank you 4 this video, I can finish my mega mod now 😉

  4. Mr. ILdar Korotkov
    i have just one question what's the name of the skin from san andreas that you used to convert Mike from Vice city please?

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