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I hit the buttons totally think of the
chicken do I think I hit them right episode 100 yeah somebody said on
YouTube that what is wrong what’s wrong with YouTube that they can never start
on time I’m definitely gonna blame you yeah that’s definitely not our fault
definitely definitely people don’t know so they’re doing construction at our in
our floor and so we have no bathroom and literally across the street they tore
down the building right next to us so we have to go like I don’t know it takes 20
minutes ago to the bathroom hearing your plan accordingly we got a we got all the
friends of the shows the whiskey omegas the Kel stands the David’s the a/c and
the dispensers yeah that’s okay you know before we get
started I’ve you know people can see on the stream you know I forgot to decorate
Mike with the hands on whoops yeah put the hats on I got some other things that
you can’t see yet I’m gonna bring over to you just for for party favors hold on
a second oh we got party favors we can’t we can’t look she was good
no no phasma no no bb-8 Rad device should I have a hold one for you in
honor of you I got a radium Vega band they can wear and kind of fit in any set except for Brad do you have preference
no I’m good okay so I didn’t realize this was a cosplay costume party is they
used to call it now it’s called cosplay because we can’t say costume or and for
people who are wondering what’s going on we are celebrating our 100th episode
today asterisk yeah and uh yeah or didn’t just ruin it for everyone here no
to 100 because it says 100 that’s the way the world works it doesn’t actually
have to be 100 it just has to have 100 asterisk at me numbers don’t lie Gordon
because I’m trying to preamp people going wall what about the special
episodes with everybody that had numbers I thought you meant episode 0 epsilon 0
the special episodes we had a couple live episodes that were numbered either
oh those they don’t oh oh they don’t make noise you didn’t get the
noisemakers you just made no oh it’s just like the new Star Wars franchise
it’s all just and they don’t roll back up look at blue mine out and it’s uh
just stuck dang it man Wow yeah what a piece I had alright returned yeah we got
Big Mama in the house we got Leslie I got like I said flash photo we got chris
is asking where the RGB fidgets spinner is somewhere around here somewhere I get
back at these mr. Mac Mac on a twitch and oh I forgot to check Facebook and Stuart and Magnus over on Facebook
alright yo yeah yeah meal says congratulations on the hundredth episode
I’ve been watching ever since number twelve if I recall correctly too bad I
won’t be here for the whole show thank you for coming party make sure when you
leave that you grab your look man you look very like steampunk Ashok I can’t
get this to work with these just put it over this trap ya know cuz then it’ll
crush it I mean the only way to do would be to turn the the headphones here’s
what I did I cut my earphones there we go there we go yeah kinda works right
you know you actually kind of look like a like a gnome a garden gnome or an elf
with the mustache what’s that go for the scary clown thing you know we’re those
were the hat ask you a little bit like note says they’re about to kill you
so yeah I’ll see you and then dot dot MCL says look it’s the Monopoly game fake mustache hook stirs asking a brad
why didn’t you color your beard red I didn’t realize we were gonna be dressing
up I could have put ribbons in my beard and stuff it’s okay we got we got plenty
of decorations weave that rubber wristband thing into your birthday sure
whatever the event also real quick Gordon Gordon liked it your number one
fan has entered the chat my wife Lindsey she’s a she’s your
number one fan thank you for letting Adam hang out with us I was afraid of
like Adam was time to come home I’m watching you wasting time with that
witty yeah and then yeah I died I just still can’t believe these blowers don’t
make noise and then and then they have a hard time rolling back up all right well you know they paid the money for the
Star Wars thing too and then they made them sub stand there probably just knock
I tell you what dude no I so I I went to Party City last night to get some
favorite party favors and I tell you what I almost spent a lot of money I’m
hoping but I did not I’m hoping this adhesive actually is like you know safe
for humans you know it had a human on the picture so you know quality of these
is just oleate your skin garden don’t worry it’ll just have a permanent mark
there I almost got red body paint and then I decided against it yeah yeah to
Adam to HR please they also had a a Toy Story for forky
costume I it wouldn’t have made sense for the full nerd but I still kind of
wanted it yeah and then yeah I have one of those
last time anybody has been to Party City like two months ago okay then I don’t
know if your party city was like mine but like it’s a huge warehouse and you
think oh it’s gonna be fun it’s gonna be a party you go in there it’s it’s dark
it’s like really sterile and huge and like you just feel overwhelmed and it it
wasn’t a party really per se it was consumerism you know at its finest I
hope deep exactly Depot is you go for the balloons and you get the streamers
in the balloon section it’s just like where that I don’t know yeah and they so
there was one whole aisle that had sections that were you know for specific
franchises obviously the Star Wars and and Mario and Wow paw Patrol and I don’t
know all these other kids things but there was one section towards the front
that I thought was really funny and it was labeled battle royale and it was
surprisingly looked like a fortnight coloring and the lettering and
everything looks like a fortnight but it did not have the fortnight license I
thought that was pretty funny it’s like everything’s just like you know licensed
property license property than they’re like Battle Royale that kind of looks
like a fortnight also I’ll say you know I went to the old people’s section
because they have like hey happy 50th happy 60th it only goes up to 80 I tried
to finally I thought I tried to find some decorations I just pasted this
thing also if you’re 50 we’re sorry Adam doesn’t realize that 50 is not that old
I’m just saying like you know they had a bunch of old people stuff in an old
people section and they didn’t it stopped at 80 it capped out a very
single that is just extremely guessing that has to do more with market appeal
and how many people they can reach yeah it comes out like I could make 50
arguing so a lot more of these or I can sell like one of these 100’s every ten
months yeah all right well some people as approach to super Oh should we topi
water yeah what are we talking about yeah I
don’t know we are its all full nerd hundreds episode we actually do we are
going to celebrate this because we realized people would be very
disappointed if we did not actually celebrate this we are going to have our
first annual Hall of Fame inductee we each will nominate Hardware that we
think should go into the Hall of Fame what knows that I know this Hardware
belongs in the Hall of Fame yes but then we have to argue your pitch for what
goes in and then we will be yeah we can say the rules work well we’ll talk about
the real fighter we’re also gonna talk about our favorite full nerd moments
episode 200 predictions what will we be running in our pcs I’m talking about
when we’re talking about episode 200 and full nerd trivia this is all full nerd
20/80 super Brad you summarized yep yep okay yeah it exists it exists by that
instead of a super in the 28th etho right okay okay calm yeah also flash
photo is he’s gonna do a prediction right now and say Elena’s pick is the
2200 G I decided that I don’t want Brad to kill me next time he sees me in
person like accidentally push me off the cliff it might happen alright then yeah
I mean let me take this graphic down and I have what was in that graphic just the
full nerd will start soon and then I think I am ready I I also added some
emoji flush clipart to the intro so be sure to watch the intro video yeah oh I
have to watch it now yeah yeah great alright this is gonna be fun alright
yeah then then kick us off for 100 episodes of the full nerd I almost
started the wrong place this episode of the full nerd perfect in
your fall fan okay in this episode of the full nerd our annual Hall of Fame
Fuller moments and 200 that’s for things you say you just say something yeah it’s
a happy well you know this episode of full nerd we turn 100 all right we turn
100 just don’t try to by party supplies I’m looking at this welcome to the full
nerd episode 1 0-0 yes we are 100 that is some kind of Centennial thing right
says that’s right yeah literally Centennial does not count it’s episode
zero I’m your host Corey mom with co-host Brad Turkish in episode zero he
talked about the new GT X 1080 and today the 2080 super launched but that’s all
I’m gonna talk about it that’s that’s that’s all deserving go read his reviews
real calm go read Brad’s review on PC worldcom Eleni e we’re in the Hat yeah
I’ve actually been here since episode one really cool I don’t remember all
that yeah you brought me on to talk about the I think of skull Canyon oh
really okay I can’t remember when was what was that
premiere date we don’t know I’m not gonna ask questions we don’t know the
answer well also i have trivia coming up later so later Adam Patrick Murray of
course controlling the vertical and horizontal and today also party supplies
yes I decorated the place but you know first off I want to thank all you I love
I love you know doing the full nerd 400 episodes with y’all you’re an awesome
crew I prepared a nice little video to to
kind of show off Oh commemorate the all the full nerd intros this is what I was
laughing about yesterday when you saw me editing it works it is work safe and let
me cue it up right here and yeah watch this holy frack GeForce GTX 1080
and gtx 1070 do i need to say more battlefield 1
and is it safe to build a PC right now welcome to the full nerd in this in this
in this episode of the full nerd to the full nerd or the full nerd thread repair
bombshell Nvidia is mean to AMD again we’re still hungover from CES Kyle
Bennett from hard OCP Jim Anderson is back Intel’s giggling yeah because I
believe me there was a lot of stuff to pull from you know I could have made
that that thing like five minutes long but I’d to make it short and punchy but
ya know a lot of a lot of fun stuff in our past but but it’s fun so yeah I know
what times we made it we made it from 1080 to Rison parts yeah damn
yeah from 1080 and battlefield 1 there’s been battlefield 1 and 5 and something
else yeah we went from battlefield 1 to 5 more in the spam of a hundred episodes
that’s crazy million cores yeah really hard to talk
with this thing but I’m gonna leave it on do it do it should I got it on the
it’s hard it’s really hard ok you eat all right yeah let’s let’s get to the
topic first I think as much as we love ourselves we do want to talk about hard
work is about the hardware here so we are coming up we’re going to have our
first annual Hall of Fame awards this is a full neural Hall of Fame basically
this is hardware any hardware that we deem worthy of nominating to the Hall of
Fame it will work like this we each get three entries so we get to submit three
pieces of hardware that we think should go in the Hall of Fame
we all vote on it there’s only four of us if there is a tie to two then the
tiebreaker goes to where Adam I don’t know you don’t know oh yes I’m sorry the
crowd yes if there’s a tie okay yeah but so yeah cuz normally you only have three
it should be you can’t have a tie but we can action you know you know and those
you know this idea came out of hey there’s been some amazing PC hardware
over the the years and and they need to be inducted and some sort of Hall of
Fame so why not the full nerd is rich our responsibility to put together Hall
of Fame and just like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame you know you have to induct
Hardware every year you can’t just put everything in so we’re gonna we’re just
gonna do three for four this year and it goes slowly it’s gonna make some people
angry because you’re gonna go oh well some things should have been on this
list this year but you know hey there’s a lot of hardware you have also have all
the legacy Hardware you have the current hardware where does it go in it’s all
political most Hall of Fame you know whether it’s
baseball football basketball there’s always they change rules every
year so the rules might change next year but I think this is this is worthy
because this is this is I did think is a big deal
sure we might change this episode like somewhat wing in it yeah well I’m gonna
go first then do it so I you’ve been you’ve been really thinking about this I
tell you behind the scenes Gordon’s just been like man what should I induct what
should i induct what should I do that’s the reason we didn’t have one
last week as Gordon was thinking so hard know which picks ring today and I just
and I just think that I want to pick something because I it’s very we know
the current Hardware atmosphere is very polarized you know you have very strong
fan bases in either corner and how do you pick something without inflaming
everybody and like but I I was like well I could pick something older which I
think is definitely worthy of going in to the Hall of Fame certainly should be
or something is like what’s more recent that people can still remember and I had
a hard time picking because I didn’t know how far back we are actually going
in time it could be anything going back to 8086
you I’ve got I’ve got one pick from this
century Oh what’s this century that’s it Wow I
see that I’m gonna go first so I can well no this is this is current and I
think I I’m going to nominate Intel’s I know cuz everybody hates me because I
actually give Intel credit sometimes Intel core2 the original core to Conroe
dual core it was the core to 1600 X I can’t remember was core 6800
extreme-right don’t remember the exact number but in the original core to
Conroe part and my rationale for this is at the time they Intel basically had
been getting its its butt whipped all day up and down the block by by AMD it
ooh penny for got run off off the field it was like it was just terrible right
it was like people wouldn’t even send you core 2 or they wouldn’t send you
Pentium 4 boxes even for review because they knew they’d just get beaten bloody
bite by any Athlon FX 64 boxes in duck comes out with core 2 which is based on
a mobile architecture and listen I’m gonna find the exact date of the core to
launch the ship that’s earlier but I literally just switched my entry just
just earlier because I was gonna nominate something I thought would be
easier and and safe to not have any kind of no controversy the original core was
2006 right and it’s basically we went from no one
would touch a Intel box painting for Pentium DS which we were just just
always disappointing for the most part no one would touch Pentium 4s to
suddenly no one would touch Athlon it went overnight and we went to core to
core 2 was the real deal it changed everything and it really marked and the
reason why I’m picking this over more historically great CPUs that I think
also deserve to be in at a later date the core 2 I think deserves to be in
there because from 2006 intel has basically ruled desktops until
now until about 2017 right if you think about it well but even with even with
the original rise ins they there were reasons 2017 by 17 they do it even with
the original rise and launch it was you had reasons right there always now of
course but you got to recognize 2006 to now basically because let’s face it
Rison 3000 series just is really really hard to recommend Intel there are
reasons but for the most part 90% of people should buy Rison right that’s my
recommendation but that is a hell of a long run 2006 until now because core
really sort of built into core i7 and similar architecture they started
integrating things and that that it’s just it’s just a historic run I think
about it like basically who bought AMD five years ago seven years ago no one
right I mean yeah you had your fans about those parts but core to just I
just can’t think of and you know I’m kind of I give the derivatives of that
you know with Nehalem and alike is kind of including that but it really marked
just to change where Intel just ruled everything for long’s time so so in the
interest of since we’re gonna vote on these before we vote on yours I want to
hop in and get my pick yeah I think we should get all the picks out there at
the end relatively close to his actually okay not quite the same he went with the
originator of it all I went with I’ll call it almost the Perfector of it all
the Intel 2600 K mmm 4 cores 8 threads if you knew what you
were doing you could get that thing damn close to 5 gigahertz for point eight
four point seven there’s a reason that came out a decade ago and people are
still doing videos hey does this new risin chip how does it compare against
the 2600 K hey this new Intel chip how much of a boost is it over the 2600 K
there’s a reason that there are so many ten-year-old gaming PC’s out there and
that’s because the 2600 K delivered and still delivers an outstanding amount of
value that yes in tell went and be AMD with the original
cord to Intel went and beat the crap out of future Intel with the 2600 hey so
that’s my pick it was actually really hard I was I was actually tempted to
pick rise and chips but I feel like that’s probably a better conversation
for a few years down the line 2600 K is to me the defining CPU of this
generation is century nice alright it’s all about debating yeah yeah so I don’t
think we needed to be too much yet look look let’s wait to debate hard when we
get all the pics out there but if we are going somatically
I should note at this point that one of my picks was also it’s very close to
Brad’s but not so specific I was going to pick the Sandy Bridge generation for
court ships because I feel like speaking of somebody who was definitely less than
the enthusiasts pace at that time that was really the first generation of court
ships that made me decide to build a new PC after holding onto my Athlon system
because I had heard about in the Heylin I was like okay well its first gen I
want to kind of see if they get the kinks worked out and then Sandy Bridge
came out and there was just so much positive press about it but I said all
right I’m gonna camp myself in front of fries before sale I’m gonna cat I got
2500 K which is still very serviceable to this day and I just felt like for
people who were more in that mid-range it just really just solidify the whole
like hey you can trust that this ecosystem is something that you can come
back to and that like this is something that you can kind of kind of carry on
with for a while so are you so Brad I’m putting down a core i7 2604 I 5 I’m
little I’m right in the list I got the list ok you don’t need to worry alright
Adam what you got so my first one is actually uh you know I I wasn’t around
at the time I’m obviously a PC building newb and actually didn’t even have this
part but I think about stuff that’s important to me and where I see that
that turning point in enabling something that I love today and somebody in the
chat even mentioned earlier brent is on my side with the
original x-fi card yeah so you know creative has always
been at the forefront of audio technology I think it’s super important
to have great audio for for PC gaming and for obviously the the work that I do
like I said I didn’t have one but I think it’s a super important turning
point to have you know a sound card so you give some more history on it for
those of us who are not that’s the thing I don’t know I didn’t have it so maybe
baby Gordon can can include the history but you know Adam did his picks on the
bar try him today you know it’s like I could I could have done like super x5
but I’m like ah you know yeah where we got to this point because of a lot of
things I’ve heard you know a friend of the show Ryan come on and and talk about
it but you know so I’m just like okay well I’ll just bring it all the way back
to the original card so no you don’t want to go back because old-timers
remember that the Clone Wars I mean the sound card wars the late 90s audigy
audigy arielle they were just a ton of those but I guess x5 is we did sort of
come out how did you use turn into X Y in a lot of ways so I think yeah yeah
I’m just gonna go with that okay creative X Y card I’ve got I’ve got
round one everybody’s got their first round
entries I’m gonna so I’m gonna read off 2600 K core i7 2,620 500k Sandy Bridge
that’s my vote okay tell me you essentially four – yeah just be a
particular model Core 2 X 6800 extreme 16 I think it’s still fair for us at
name like architecture okay so Conroe basically – for Sandy Bridge this thing
is not sticking I cannot stop laughing at that big foam on your MacBook oh my
god you’re you’re let’s do this with your Mac really I recommend you do this
okay all right more more Conroe so Sandy Bridge Conroe XY
around 1:00 those are around 1:00 entries my round 2 entry is also queer I
did pick something because I wanted something new because I didn’t want to
do cop-out pick something really really old which I’m doing in the next round
my nomination for round 2 is something that changed literally everybody’s world
and we have not gone back ever since it is the original Corsair k70 k95 keyboard
I think that’s before they even came up with the whole vengeance thing 2014 they
they bust these things out there’s running awful I saw a video with lioness
that did it I saw one way back when we saw a part of
house we used a prototype in a bill that we did way back when it changed
everybody’s world before then you had RGB you know chiclet keyboards but
nobody really use them you know domme keyboards and you also had a full
backlit but Corsairs k70 was full perky RGB yeah I had all these issues not
really hitting the full color gamut that they were full amount of colors in it
but nobody ever since this really made a high-end keyboard that did not have
perky RGB and that was the first one ever and people remember that the fact
and people were like I remember talking to keyboard vendors back then they’re
like you can’t sell that thing for less than $300 you know and it came out like
150 hundred and sixty so they blew everybody away at the K 95 of the case
70 X I think and if I was a little bit higher than yeah those because I had
that hey my mo keys okay somebody bought the original RGB mechanical keyboard
okay nice I rest my case is once again I’m real close to Gordon
but this time I’m going back even further I think that’s a great choice
like you said that and I’m like yes that’s a great freaking choice my pick
is also a keyboard this is gonna be my final pick but I moved ahead now I was
debating between this in the original MacBook Air brig and thinning lights
into the actual area just to troll everybody keyboard that if you’re a computer nerd
and you walk in you’ll look at it and you go oh crap you got one of those the
IBM model M keyboard mid-eighties bubble spring got the nasty beige coloring
going on you know vintage but indestructible you’ll still find people
still using those because they’re so well made they feel so good there’s
nothing else like them I love the Corsair k70 IBM model and
though is what I think deserves to be in the Hall of Fame he’s copying me all
right Alayna fine hang on do I need to stay in theme I
feel like we’re all like CPUs to now like accessories do whatever be this is
your chance to throw us to throw it to the floor with the jiu-jitsu move I
actually feel a little hesitant posing this one because this is not my
wheelhouse and I can I already anticipate like some kind of a look from
Brad it’s not that it’s not the 22 G Polaris because I feel like that was
really when we got competition back into the GPU space and like since then so
many like mainstream you know mid-level and budget gamers have been able to
really get these nice upgrades for cards they’ve been hanging out they had been
hanging on to for forever without having to really shout out for it and it forced
nvidia to kind of step up its game a little just because it’s nvidia and
they’re super competitive so they were gonna do that right yeah I just think
it’s a really in line with my value system here I just thought it was a very
like value oriented sort of thing I think there’s something to be said for
it that three or four years later those are still by far that’s 1080p budget
gaming CPUs GPUs you can buy get them really cheap too and s 74-73 on youtube
says price performance has gone out the window since players yes
oh damn that’s a good one Fabian said that being said this isn’t a pic I just
want to say it right now I think that five or ten years from now when we do
this episode and look back and make new inductees into the Hall of Fame
we hate on the r-tx generation right now but I think it’s gonna be the start of
something special you’re not nominating that no you gotta
wait till they retire for that I mean it’s it’s definitely starting to hit
it’s twilight years I feel like yeah you could definitely like it’s on the
farewell tour yeah okay no that’s a really good one see that’s a really good
one that’s okay Adam round two round two I’m gonna pick something that is
important to me and then something that that has already hit the news recently
the Razer DeathAdder became the first Mouse to sell what is it ten million
units and you know I I have had a Death Adder I literally am using one right now
and I’ve had one at home I’ve used it for years and years I think it is just
like right here yeah there you go quintessential justjust Mouse the RGB is
probably the first thing I ever had on my PC with RGB maybe somebody who
actually doesn’t use normal mice because of my economic setup mhm
what makes that so good I mean I know for me at the time like even before I
got working at PC world and stuff when I got it I looked at the price I felt like
it was a good price at the time for the functionality that I had and then also I
liked the long skinny ones that fit in my hand so I ergonomically it’s just
like one of the best fits for my hand I know there’s some people who prefer but
what’s that one the isn’t it Corsair that has one that everyone Harold said
g502 g502 that’s a I never had that one I always had the Death Adder I remember
I was looking between those at the time and and I picked the Death Adder and
haven’t looked back since so what I’ve actually I’ve actually I’m
on my third Death Adder personally cuz you know I worked at computer all day
I’ve gone and tried the g502 Haden drools over it and tucks it up
every time he has a chance he gave it away and got another Death Adder after
that was to be the Death Adder just nails the shape you know the basic
performance has the basic stuff you need it’s the right price to me it’s damn
close to the ideal Gaming Mouse and we have a lot of people in the chat
who love the g502 as well I mean they’re pretty basic it’s not like it does
anything crazy but you know it has the the two buttons on the side the the
scroll wheel has a nice thick click to it and a lot of like play in between
it’s I mean the wheel itself feels really big so it’s not like yeah and
then something about just the way the ergonomics and the other ways at the
clicks yeah I mean it’s just it’s I’m not gonna say it’s like you know got
crazy features or anything but it just has always felt nice you know the the
cable of the braided cable has always held up for me you know so and I can use
it 9,000 dpi there you go 16 I think this one goes up too but yeah just the
thing about the Death Adder it’s just it just nails the basics like 100% yeah
yeah exactly I mean a million in the same Mouse that’s crazy ten million on
sale they’re pretty affordable I think they hit like 35 or 40 on sale Wow okay
cool that concludes round 2 round 3 that Death Adder got me excited I just gotten
reasonably excited every single one of these and it’s just like typical it as I
imagine when they do these hall of fame discussions at any other organization
they’re real I mean everybody’s sort of like these are really these are really
stars or standouts every single one of them only three get in yeah so that’s
why you want to win I’m changing I’m making another change I was going to
pick and I am going to nominate socket seven now some people may not remember
socket seven I barely remember it came out in 1995 it was a
was a standard ZIF socket that we’re all used to you lift the arm up he dropped
the chip in but it it really marked the day now people don’t even remember this
there was a day you could buy am on the board you could write Intel you could
run AMD you couldn’t run cyrix you could run IDT right you bought one motherboard
and you could run other chips you could run the Intel part and all the clones of
it one motherboard and I think that was probably the last time we ever saw that
after that Intel decided to take its ball and go home
they went to slots everybody sort of it broke everything up people went out of
business but in 1995 one motherboard you could run them all and that I think is
worthy of of its inclusion because it would be awesome if we could do that
today it is impossible it is not even only technically impossible it just
doesn’t make any sense for me like that comes a very different world I don’t
think anyone today could even fathom it yeah it’s like nominating somebody from
from the 1960s or 1952 from black-and-white pictures of them playing
that’s that’s that that’s one of those but think about imagine one socket that
you could run any different cpu on back then I mean that’s sound kind of utopian you’re making that up there is no
sanctuary Logan there actually okay all right all right so I cannot like I said
in good faith pitch the are txseries graphics cards yet it’s still playing
well what I can do is nominate since I’m the graphics card guy another NVIDIA GPU
in fact the first ever GPU period the GeForce 256 came out right before the
turn of the century I believe it wound up beating the Voodoo one if I remember
correctly this was the first ever GPU Nvidia actually coined the term graphics
processor unit talk about this chip had DDR it moved a
bunch of tasks that previously were on the CPU over to the GPU that’s why they
call it a GPU like transformation lighting effects it supported DirectX
seven it I’m not sure if it was the first but it was definitely one of the
first cars to ever do that and I think it changed the course of the industry
soon after that booty too came out and it was you know it’s pretty good but
there’s a reason 3dfx folded after that and Radeon has been struggling from
second place position ever since Nvidia introduced the first GPU and
they’ve been riding high ever since we yeah and you know people don’t remember
this thing everybody just assumes everybody went with GPU I’m just gonna
bring him a little ancient history but AME he was like well H I was like nah
nah we don’t want to use that they got that it’s not visual processing unit VP
you didn’t win out and obviously we we all went with the term GPU over VP mmm
interesting what a different world Lina that sounds like Gordon’s voting
for my pickers what that sounded like yeah well any you get your last pick
yeah the the noise I just made was because I’m still trying to decide do
you want me to go while you wait yeah actually so that this one I I don’t
know if it’s technically you know an amazing leap in the technology at the
time I just know for me personally about you know 11 12 years ago there was a
large discussion around pcs it’s when I first started getting to PCs listening
to Gordon on the the no BS podcast talk about this this little game called
crisis and how there’s this GPU the the 8800 series of GPUs whether it’s the GT
or the ultra or whatever you know just it would melt the thing how could you
run it maybe we get four in one box or something so that was probably one of
the turning points where I was like huh this PC stuff is pretty interesting I
might want to build one of my own one day so I I would
a lot of a lot of what happened around crisis and the 8800 is is why I kind of
let down that path into building my own PC so I’m gonna nominate the the 8800
not not any particular model but just that series well well
1800 GTX Oh or just so that well there’s the GT the GTX ultra you know decision
so GT was like it was just a phenomenal card so like I said I never once again I
never had this one but it’s it’s personally important to me I thought
what am i gosh somewhere in I’m sure you do
so yeah that’s mine that’s a good pick I like that pick a lot actually 575 CUDA
cores 900 mega memory clock 768 megabytes of RAM dude yeah but cait but
can it run Crysis it’s the thing I remember running crisis the benchmark
unlike trial I 8800 boxes yeah those say the crisis the the first far cry I
remember going to a Computex and seeing a PC running far cry and just being like
wow that’s amazing I don’t know if it was an 8800 in there but it’s around the
same time so you know you been you can’t run Crysis on in intelligent gridded
graphics I’m sure you can but should you see I’ll tell you that’s like a
controversial entry should Intel integrated graphics get nominated change
the world change into our world integrating into the CPU and the chips
that really change the PC yeah everybody my pick for my third one okay all right
let’s do it already you have to wait a whole year
Gordon so this is a funny one for me to pick because I don’t actually feel like
I can do it justice in my explanation but I still feel like it deserves a
mention and that would be the I feel like one of the really first consumer
parts that until I put out there and that would be the 8086
going way way back like this thing basically gave birth really to what we
all take for granted today and that it’s derivative which is what I’m more
familiar with personally which is the 8088 was just in so many home computers
at the time and I actually had my first experiences with computers on my
cousin’s 8088 and I would say that in some ways it got me here so 8086 and
8088 yeah I mean 8086 is really what started it all but I mean I feel like
the 80 88 was the more well known popular one but yeah they kind of come
as a saddle really okay well we have we have our doesn’t feel like a party
anymore now yeah thinking yeah I I think they’re I mean there’s a lot of themes
there is a lot of Intel okay on this list well I mean as much as haters wanna
hate it tells you about the dominance that Intel has had on the PC industry
for the last yeah at the rear deck I almost that was considering Athlon 64
but I just like yeah there’s a lot of people asking why nobody said to on 64
well it’s it’s really hard to pick when you only have three options yeah yeah I
mean I think that’s the thing is there and and this is the crazy thing
Adam and I were looking at the first year they started the Rock and Roll Hall
of Fame The Beatles did not get in the fever’s of the list Beatles didn’t
even get into the third year yeah and I and I just like that’s insane right cuz
the Beatles are like you know they’re really steps above everybody else but I
do think is it was just the timing it was just a vintage of yep it was started
in the mid 80s for the Rock and Roll Hall of 86 yeah you’re not thinking
Beatles in 1986 I mean yeah you’ve recognized you know they’re gonna get in
you know they’re gonna get in but you just like you want to do something more
media almost I mean we’ll have to see how it plays out in the future but it’s
almost like I was talking about the r-tx stuff right yeah you know I thought 64 I
thought about two but then it’s like Athlon 64 you know Conroe and then
eighty eighty six eighty eighty-eight is just like as far as a historical who
deserves to be remembered forever yeah kind of like everybody oh they all do
but right now it’s really hard because I mean I have an Athlon system it’s still
running in my parents house you know but when you put it up against things even
even against something like the IBM keyboard that you mentioned like you
have so this all this like really historic hardware that deserves a
mention now as opposed to waiting that it’s hard to put something a little
newer in its place yeah no I mean I said this clearly like it is no doubt that
rise in three thousand if not 1,800 you could I repeat the first rise in because
it was the first one or you pick rising through there’s no doubt it’s going in
right but it’s too soon yeah it almost still feels you know yeah I mean there’s
arguments for it but yes it’s it’s too soon we’re still too in it yeah I mean
this was actually a super hard like assignment for me let me talk about this
I’m like oh yeah I can come up with that stuff all day no problem but then
narrowing it down to three yeah you got a pick three
you got a pick three and you gotta argue for it at 164 I could argue all day too
I and I will one of us will eventually it’ll get nominated cuz I have it
literally written right here just in case one of y’all adventures yeah that
was my number two choice for CPUs and we got more years to come
do we want to vote on the first round picks yeah I don’t think we I don’t
think we do rounds I don’t think we need to like say hey from each yeah I think
we just have a list of 12 and we need to pare it down this okay so I’m going to
should I run them off or you’ve been taking notes I’ve been taking those two
but you can go in so we have sandy bridge basically 2500 K 2,600 K still
going strong Core 2 X 1600 basically con rows so core to we got to sort of cut it
off at some point but we’ll say core to original core to we have creatives
original X 5 we have of course here’s original k70 RGB keyboard the original
IBM model M keyboard AMD Polaris changed basically everybody’s access to low-end
graphics Razer DeathAdder 10 million my sold suck at seven when we all took that
along get along folks GeForce 256 the first GPU hard side I
know GeForce 8800 GT X and inhale that’s like
you know Intel 8088 8086 is going in there it’s a question of when do you do
it now immediately or is that just too predictable I don’t know look at that
list well recommendation we don’t necessarily
have to do this but I mean it seems like other than socket seven there’s three
categories we have CPU GPU and and peripheral if we wanted to we could we
could do one from each you know but an idea I’m not saying we have to just do
we wanna I mean that’s that changes a little bit I mean I mean I mean we could
do three CPUs you know whatever you know I feel like maybe for the inaugural year
we could just kind of go freeform and if it if it’s unwieldy we can start doing
it by category in subsequent years yes that’s my personal take I I sort of
think we do it in waves we all nominate one everybody well but see that’s open
on our own one I mean we vote so now we’re gonna vote cuz I swear to god like
if I had to put some of these other ones against someone’s eye picks are you
saying you can’t vote on your own no you can I’m just saying so we just we can
select from these everyone starts with one the entire lists so everybody that’s
going to make it harder I’m inclined to take Adams recommendation and say I
would vote just for the core architecture that Gordon brought up just
to cuz all of us are kind of similar with the Intel things and that was the
original version that was the root of it all I would hang my hat on the 2600 K as
an individual part but I think for the first wave of the Hall of Fame with all
those being so close it might just make sense to say core architecture there
yeah but the only argument against that I was trying to do that because I wanted
to win it is technically encore right I mean Chorus
continued on branding and it’s very different as it is and just we can vote
and see what I saw yeah I think I would say if I were to if
I had to be fair to be fair it should be core to well I will say core to
basically the core two series which was not the same as they handle on me it was
not the same as Sandy Bridge certainly not the same as what we have today right
so core to Sandy Bridge parts XY Corsair k70 model and IBM keyboard Polaris RZR
DeathAdder socket 7g force 256 GeForce 8800 GT X Intel 8086 8086 like a that
doesn’t really hang well I think we’re just snow I mean I think we’re just
gonna vote right and then we have to kind of go through subsequent rounds
after this sure all right well so the thing is the first person who votes if
they pick something come on this is the way worse than all the reality TV shows
yeah you go like well okay I agree with that and it’s just sort of like that
that first one just goes in it eliminates from lists the first one’s
gonna be easy I think cuz I’m gonna say I’m gonna vote for I’m just gonna start
this kick us off alright until 8088 okay so what we’re we’re labeling hey this
one hat is safe no no I’m saying who wants to vote for now so now who so now
that I’ve said that me I mean kind of knew it though but now Adam and Brad
does it what deserve I mean I don’t have any personal affinity for it so there’s
other things I’d vote for but I mean for years dude I think we should just put
this as like two votes right we can if we might have to do like semifinal
rounds on this right does Brad do we just want to say vote submit and then no
I I think I want to save for one of the core to Sandy Bridge things course into
bridge ship and so just two votes on that okay oh so we’re just going down
the list or what well I think it sort of makes sense because you basically have a
list of nominees mm-hmm everybody sort of picks their first pick I mean that
you would pick from this list okay we just vote okay so we’ll ask
each of you what your first pick would be and then we’ll just start tallying
the votes to figure out who the semi-finalists are got it let’s just say
we about if we each get five votes to cast across all of them five votes for
my finals I guess oh so that we narrow it down okay okay all right then
Brad do you want to put your 5 down I can keep track sure I will go with the
Intel 2600 I’m gonna go with mine the GeForce 256 in the IBM model M I’m
gonna go for the Death Adder and I will go for the 8088 so you said 2600 or no wait
Santa Cruz yeah 600 K yes image Sandy Bridge works are we are we lumping that
into one 2600 Sandy Bridge because those were kind of yeah no it’s just one new
bridge it’s an bridges I call it Santa church and he also voted for GeForce 256
and the IBM model M keyboard is that you your Pixar bread yeah and the Death
Adder in the ad 88 yeah he got that one already
and the I’m sorry the other almost 256 all right so Sandy Bridge model M Death
Adder 256 80 88 all right Gordon I’m gonna go intel 8088 GeForce 8800 GT X I
am actually I’m very swayed by Ray Alana’s argument Floris yay okay gosh
but it technically is still around I it’s still around but it’s it’s on the
first it’s on the farewell tour okay yeah it’s on the farewell tour
it’s like Kobe taking 75 shots in a game um you got two more
votes I got two more votes I am going to pick let’s buy you some time
let’s chat saying I’m sure there’s gotta be a lot of chatter about this you know
a lot of people are still angry about things that weren’t nominated yeah well VR a lot of people were saying
the original oculus TX with me I think that’s gonna be an eventual still around
and people talking about their their old systems like the the 2600 I got USB 3 on
it the mx518 they prefer over the Death
Adder that’s whiskey Omega so well I ice Ennis says it’s a eighty eighty six
eighty eight eighty eighty eight no contest so we have big vote there that’s
easy lady take that easy out there and then twisted ziz asking why Ivy over
sandy bridges of the bridge why not yeah what white sandy bridge why not Ivy
Bridge over Sandy Bridge it was really great but I felt like at that point it
was iterative whereas Sandy Bridge was more of it actually had the first impact
so you just at least I just remember it better yeah yep so I’m finalizing I’m
going with eighty eighty-eight okay eight hundred GTX Lars Corsair keyboard
RGB keyboard I had to throw that why I just because they yeah and then also I’m
gonna say Sandy Bridge I think it’s I think it’s a very persuasive argument
you know people are wondering why we didn’t nominate RGB water-cooling that’s
too it’s a little too abstract I think yeah like RGB like literally after the
course here RGB keyboard came out the world chance right within 12 key and
then and went into laptops it really did that was like the start of the trickle
right just yeah kept like reaching further out
Renee says a 4004 Mike drop Intel 4004 to pre PC in a way I am
I was wondering earlier how far back we could go I’m 377 360 370 are we
including mainframe systems ok Elena pic 588 Polaris the IBM model him can you
scroll up goodbye actually sorry the GeForce 256 one more oh it’s hard it
looks hard someone buy me time I will say ok having lived through some of this
and I’m just moving my lips now ant let’s wait oh you hadn’t had sandy
bridge or Sandy Bridge alright cool and then for me I’m gonna
do Sandy Bridge as well I’m gonna do the Death Adder I’m going to do that was –
I’m gonna do the 8800 I’m gonna do the Corsair k70 and then the I’ll do the the
the model M as well so mm-hmm alright well we’ve we’ve got one that
has four votes which is Sandy Bridge so three votes and 8088 has three votes
model M has three votes but I think we have to all consider them as
semi-finalists because people can change their votes unless we get down to only
three votes per person yeah yeah so so moving on I’m gonna call it Sandy Bridge
right sure okay sounds good until Sandy Bridge moves on IBM model M moves on
intel 8086 8086 aying okay so then I’ll just keep the ones that got any votes
and then it’s corsair k70 got two votes AMD polaris got two votes the razer
deathadder got two votes the GeForce 256 got two votes and NVIDIA 8800 got two
votes so we have what is that one two three four five six seven eight
can you list it all against me cuz I want to just have it written out until
Sandy Bridge IBM model M Intel 8086 8086 Evan T AMD Polaris RZR Death Adder
GeForce 256 and GeForce 8800 okay thanks cool so we have we have eight and we
need to get down to three so five need to get taken out of here
so are we going down to just three votes now right does the final round yeah that
makes sense right I like it sure alright then Brad once she kicks
off all right I’ll go with IBM model M I feel as iconic I will go with damn it has to be the 8086 and I will go with
the GeForce 256 nice I mean Gordon g-man three votes I get
three votes yeah Ruru two also thinks the 8086
should be in yeah that’s just easy gimme right that’s just but what is number two
and what his numbers wait so you’re putting one vote on 8086 yeah you have
to I just I just sort of you don’t have to you don’t have to the beginning all
right so you have two votes left then Gordon I will go with I will go with
8800 GT X we were shouting and yeah fierce debate and all of us are just
like – oh no it’s all becoming a politic thing which well and we we just had
grooms in the YouTube chat say what are they doing entries for the Hall of Fame
hardware that we think should be remembered forever it up in the stars
you will come and visit any Museum one day what we’re doing alright Elena
alright can you can you remind me of what Brad and Gordon vote Brad voted on
the IBM model M the Intel 8086 and 8088 hundred and the GeForce 256 Gordon gave
it to the Intel 8086 the AMD Polaris and and and GeForce 8800 ok
it does get political right I’m already regretting it too are you are you do
your first one for Intel 8086 I mean pretty much I only have two
remotes at this point what’s not you it’s so hard
Yomi on what while you’re while you’re deliberating we just got a super chat
from Joshua Thank You Joshua and he’s asking can you do a fan of wards or a
strawpoll oh you know yeah maybe it would be cool if we could do an easier
poll for online then I would like to I know yeah you know in it we definitely
want people to chime in we know it’s controversial because it’s just like
every time you hear about who got into the Hall of Fame for what he has won you
go like he or she wasn’t already in there or it’s like what come on this
tour then you go too soon or what about them so and so yeah right okay I think
my decision but like Gordon I feel like I’m going to regret it a little bit all
right all right do it Alena Polaris okay is one GeForce 256
256 Wow okay and I am going to do Sandy Bridge I’m going to do the model M and
I’m gonna do the 8800 because it might have a chance all right which leaves the
Corsair k70 had no votes so I’m taking that one off we have three two are we
down to three yet we have three top votes yeah there’s only one that got
three votes and that was the 8086 so that’s in 8800 that is just say that’s
in yeah let’s let’s lock that one that one’s obvious wait can we throw confetti
for it yeah and then there was only one that
got one vote which was Sandy Bridge and then the rest got two votes so if we
could if we could take off Sandy Bridge which leaves us and oh and the Death
Adder didn’t get any votes either so we’re down we need to cut we need to cut
– so maybe we put this one to the audience because we’ve got the model M
got two votes the Polaris got two votes the 2:56 got two votes and the 8,800 got
two votes so – should we put it to chat to say hey we
force we force ourselves to vote taking 88 out of there you pick one between so
between which one would you drop yep which meets a nybridge model M Flores no
88 in there yeah we already got rid of Sandy Bridge I only had one vote so
these are all the ones with two votes so all the ones that had two votes were
Polaris 256 800 and model M wings cancer says IBM the ruber 2 says it’s too soon
for Polaris Renee says I regretted I’m regretting Akashi says
Takashi’s given one for 8800 whiskey says drop Polaris psycho gaming says
drop 1 Nvidia and Polaris brewery chief says players didn’t do anything
spectacular Desmond says 8800 for 8088 that’s already in Takashi says hook ster
says IBM model M CC says model M model M is the one piece of hardware that we
talked about today that if you walk into a nerds office and you’re you see it
you’re like I know what that is I love you I want to give you a and I feel like
that alone makes it worthy of inclusion yeah and that thing is so iconic and
it’s so great to use if you ever have the you know experience of touching one
and we’re getting we’re getting a lot of love for the model M in chat but there’s
not a ton of love for Polaris alright so are we actually allowing chat to decide
it or are we actually just doing I’m just saying that that’s the you know so
who’s already in 8088 it’s the only one that’s in for sure
what about 8802 votes no well yeah if the rest got two votes
there’s 256 8800 model M got two votes model I’m definitely has the chat’s vote
Angie 56 and Polaris is the anti vote but we’re getting some votes for the
8800 and Chet so second yeah what if you we had to
pick between those four 1800 pilars well that that is the four we’re trying to
pick from yeah yeah so everybody nobody’s really saying
anything about 256 I said we’re picking again and a lot of people are saying
Polaris is too soon if okay so we’re gonna pick again from that round from
those four does that make sense sure yeah we get two choices g-force GT
oh god GeForce 8800 GT X used to be behind it if folks polaris model M 256 you imagine the actual like Baseball
Hall of Fame yeah yeah I know it’s terrible I’ve had
to pick between those I would say modeling to turn a vintage show to 1800
model M okay Gordon I agree him to Elena oh I’m gonna have to stick with Polaris
everybody sorry Polaris for Elena and one more I know super all right well model M got four votes
cuz I’m going with model M and I’m going with 8800 so model I’m got four votes
and the 8800 got three votes 256 got no votes and players got one vote so model
M is the second inductee yeah full nerd you have to respect your history I want
the veto should’ve got on the very lower states are the right now I lay the roots
before you build up also I want to point this out we did end up going with one
CPU one chief Huey did not play in it yeah so yeah there we go
Gordon you do you have the list I have lists so now we’re basically left with
three now we’re done we’re darling that’s it yeah
because it’s still it got a majority Wow okay so and in the chat was in it too so
yeah actually I think this actually aligns with what Chad was saying
yep yep Wow you know people’s choice hey you know what the full nerd includes included we should totally set up a
straw poll and leave it in the YouTube comments yeah I think for next year we
should probably make our picks a little earlier perhaps and that way we can have
time to like share it with everybody promote it campaign for them that’s true
I mean I guess that that’s but then it doesn’t give you any maneuvering because
sometimes like I heard arguments and I changed my mind on the fly yeah like I
was gonna go Pentium 2 should get a vote this year yeah well there’s always next
year once you tell them expand it there’s one that we do have in advance
and then the rest on the fly so once you tell people the the three the the first
inductees into the four empties into the annual nobody cares about full nerd
hardware Hall of Fame I have a sound clip of that at the end intel 8086 and
8088 yeah more popularized version it’s word
all started folks yep and also second official nominee to the full nerd Hall
of Fame no surprise IBM model M buckling spring keyboard amazing a classic I’m
breaking mine out it’s in my garage gathering dust beautiful beautiful you
should be in the third inductee into the full nerd hardware Hall of Fame is
invidious GeForce 8800 GT x8 series really eaten the 8800 GT
and the 8800 GT X you know that’s the third one and that was hard that was
really I thought that was gonna be a quick fun segment and you know I plan on
kind of making some sort of thing on the wall over here to kind of list out the
Hall of Fame so I’ll bring in the model M keyboard yeah so we’ll have something
in the set permanent that you know has the Hall of Fame and if we have the
hardware right next employee of the month there you go all right well we got
we got more segments going on a little more lively a favorite full nerd moments
yeah fun there are a lot of moments to pull from I do want to hear the chats
moments because I want to sprinkle those in but we have some favorite moments as
well do it should we play some clips yeah excited for this I think what one
moment that we were all all very excited about even at the time was when Hort
when Hayden took the the keyboard challenge in episode 9 should I play
that clip that’s in the top three moments of my life one of them is behind
that moment with Hayden that is just let me let me play the clip and we can we
can talk over everybody if you’re watching you see all these keyboards if
you’re listening in front of us are I don’t know eight keyboards seven of them
are mechanical did I even catch right well you didn’t there’s eight one of
them is a dome keyboard I brought that so that man or whoever is taking solder
on the set look so different Allen yeah when you have like a the wine tasting
they give you some yeah right not only counting seven keyboards is it okay
there’s seven keyboards I know he’s named the stone keeper now well of
course it’s his job studies all this lifeforce knob right
ever sec oh so what do you prefer well I don’t know else here I want Curie red no
I’m like that too because I like cherry blues whatever everyone is talking about
you Brad Terry blue or get out of here actually I love the Razer BlackWidow and
they got rid of it and I even though I’ve gone through two or three of them
for years before that I switch brands cuz I needn’t carry blue board I need to
raise Black Widow do you miss your blood but I’m bringing this up because I’m but
everybody’s oilless it’s just like they say oh well I can’t drink Pepsi I like
coke right I don’t believe in this before which is why I’m doing this now
there’s only one person on the keyboard every PC play murmansk about who was the
Rain Man of keyboard keyboard and he would be like cherry green these keys
were made who could do that I’ll get them all wrong I can tell you that and I
will try cuz I have a favorite thank you you mail I know my own body for how
we’re gonna do this is we’re gonna put a keyboard in front of them I product this
is an e looks ready podcast is not sponsored by Intel but I have an Intel
Intel blindfold they give this to you if you buy Intel integrated graphics for
gaming yeah yeah great graphics you don’t want
to look at it’s gonna be ugly so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna put a keyboard
in front of Hayden I’m gonna hold up the sticky it’ll say what the keyboard is
what type of technology or what color where we have a razor keeper we have a
room where we have a blue we have red Brown I don’t even know and I’m gonna
hold up to the camera sorry for audio people I can’t say because if I say then
I I don’t want to give him any hints because by process of elimination he’ll
know that like I don’t want to do this keep well maybe maybe do it in a
specific order and remember the order you did it in I feel like if I get it
right we should we should gets it right yeah yeah I’ll just say I’ll say make
sense I’m gonna preface this by saying what I said to Gordon which is I believe
the razor keyboard and the cherry blues are gonna be the hardest to tell apart
because those keyboards are I mean the the razor greens are just knockoff
cherry blues but we’ll see all right and part of the the thing is that he can’t
handle the actual keyboard itself because obviously there’s different
sizes so you know so I’m just just pressing the keys so I’m gonna put the
first one down I don’t know if people can see that on the camera I’m holding
it up go ahead yep you can put both hands on there it’s right in front of
you kind of I believe those are my favorite but it’s like you from the path got it okay I’m impressed watch him do
this that’s the easy one though that’s the one you got to start with I know
best has Gordon said I know him better than my own body man I hate hearing my voice back on the
way back some crap or domes alright what’s next what to pick next so this is
a linear switch I can feel that right off the bat right yeah the resistance
I’m gonna say these are probably the the blacks that’s racist all right so far so
good she warmer than those fingers up yeah
yep Gordon’s face did you made sure that you
couldn’t see through the blindfold you could look down but he wasn’t yeah I
know there’s no way you didn’t he didn’t need to cuz I did anything so I can I
can feel a slight bump when I pressed to these keys so I am pretty sure that
these are Browns Wow man on a roll yeah I mean any time anyone ever questions
the keyboard reviews in the future just they will of question like people are
like Oh what do you know about keyboard reviews and I’ve sent them that segment very low actuation point on these I
think these are Logitech’s romaji switches yep yeah good good good they
feel a little bit a little bit like a cross between Browns and a rubber don’t
you have left definitely we have church they even previous since then right yeah
actually yeah so this is a very easy linear switch so these must be Gordon’s
crumb stain and yeah and this is the razor greens they’re their booze but
they have a low activation point no no it’s that that’s a dome keyboard Wow all
right well that’s that is impressive seven four seven
and every carry on a black house and everything that a single favorite moment
of working at PC world so far that’s not just my favorite full nerd moment not
even just for how Hayden just nails every single one but the fact that
Gordon tried to put the output the same one in front of him twice right I didn’t
know it’s so classic Gordon yeah classic Gordon classic Aiden I mean that it’s
just like all-time I don’t think anybody could get every single one of those
keyboards right I mean that was seven different mechanical keyboards he knew
every single one of them yeah yeah to give a peek behind the curtain we were
talking in slack about what moment should be on the show that’s a word show
and what or clip show or whatever hundredth episode and we all just
immediately went keyboards you know yeah it’s it’s a favored moment I’m glad I’m
glad I was there and it is always funny to look back I do have to say that man
who was it in the chat today they said it was Oh John said the best moment is
when Gordon was impersonating Mickey Mouse and also a man who said it
somebody says they always like how you mess up the the beginnings
oh yeah wings cancer best moment is Gordon trying to nail the intro every
time you get it once I got it once times couple times yeah yeah that Mickey Mouse
mo I do like those Mickey Mouse ones can we say that without doesn’t he you can
say like Mickey Mouse why not yeah yeah cuz we’re trying to get you know you
know let me put the graphics to the MCU we we have another clip but it’s it’s
about three minutes long so the galaxy worked out you can have a total movie
built around just computer nerd sitting around playing video games and on their
computers all day that’s oh yeah it would be done better if it is this is
this the the one I think it is yes yes before we get to that though I got to
say some people some people love the white Gordon is wrong
episodes half nerds no no I have to go back and look but yes i’m somebody says
too hard wise Gordon oh here we go hook stir hook
stir said why Gordon is wrong they like that episode that was a good one and
funny enough another peek behind the curtain four people uh the the episodes
that have any sort of review in them usually get get a lot more watches and
so we were joking that our next half nerd will just say something like Gordon
the review yeah yeah will be Gordon you know and I will early on when Yelp first
came out Will Smith and I in our previous employer when it came out we
reviewed each other and we said harsh things on each other review of me by
Will Smith is still in Yelp and probably probably I can’t find it but holla
honcho says that we should do a montage montage of eating paper I did not do
that but yeah man we’ve we’ve eaten a lot of papers yeah we’ve eaten a lot of
people I don’t know if I’d like to do that cuz I feel like I’d be under
represent eight ever under represented because I don’t need a lot of paper
uh-huh I really that time I hit that SSD price was amazing right I thought that
was that was like I was in a week of hitting that person that was right to me
you hitting the rising price was um you know that one I think sends that my
memory I’ve been really lucky with those i mean i’m i tribute it’s a lot but like
I guess the pelorus prices well the not real part again lucky I mean cuz there’s
nothing what else would it you know there’s no no I idol seven says that
they love Gordon’s rants about consoles it keep it keeps them powered she wasn’t
fueled yeah turning out the angle – should we play
the next clip Elena you want to tell people why you picked this one you know
it wasn’t just me everyone else actually got on board with it once I mentioned it
go after our fun fact another peek behind the curtain Adam tried to veto it
because it makes him uncomfortable every time I played I actually played it
yesterday for Dan Dan who’s the other video guy filled in for when AMD was
here I was on vacation he he just had a baby and he said that this is factually
correct information and Adam have never heard this no but they will tell you at
certain point yeah it’s uh we’re at whatever at 2 centimeters
yeah well they don’t really mean 2 centimeters I think 2 centimeters that’s
actually like right that’s on a ruler I can find it it’s like a guess it’s like
it’s I forgot if I went back to it when you
actually measure the structures on a CPU they just randomly something to make
themselves feel better about it maybe and Dan did say in his experience
recently there was a percentage you know they said the the measurement thing but
it was also percentage like hey you know what word 75% way there I would take
that because that can kind of go back and forth you know that can like if
percentages can fluctuate Adam I’m about uh we’re gonna be done in about an hour
maybe five hours in actuality but I’m gonna tell you an hour it’s at five
hours or one hour I just don’t call it an hour just like hey what my sister was
like I’ll be up there I just have to put my shoes on will she’ll be up in five
minutes it’s thirty five minutes later right to put your shoes on just don’t
don’t use a time frame then 2-centimeter yeah don’t just say that
yeah okay yeah anyway yeah I’ll say yeah Cora now
associates CPU process technology with childbirth yes yeah so did Gordon correct right quorum in the chat to move
on says didn’t didn’t Brad’s daughter get locked out of the house once what we
were podcasting it was spring she was all right she there’s a tree in the
front yard right there she went and sat in it crossed her arms and stared at me
for I realized she was doing it after we had continued talking for about 45
minutes that’s funny we’ve had some good times
did you get rice cream like oh hey you want ice cream remember the damn key also you know as a
producer I could say you can walk away at any moment don’t worry yeah I think
that moment just because I don’t know usually laughs quite that hard listen to
episode but I just did a pretty good workout yesterday now it hurts because
that was the perfect support all right any other any other moments we want to
call out did you not clip those were the two people my favorite
moments on the show or ones they aren’t actually really easily clippable because
I like deeply enjoyed our conversation with AMD recently I deeply enjoyed the
conversations we’ve had with Ryan with Will Smith like when we’re able to get
people on here and spend an hour plus get real nitty-gritty about stuff that
they care about that’s my favorite part of the show yeah and mine obviously you
know I’m kind of the only one who sees it cuz I’m back here but I love just
going through the chat just seeing what people are saying there’s there’s always
way more chatter than then obviously what I can say and
sometimes it’s stuff that I wouldn’t want to say on there but yeah it’s it’s
fun and especially you know starting up the discord discord has been a fun place
and definitely helps me with the questions
so actually I’m real glad that we moved to live chat because the first several
episodes weren’t just sitting here talking and it was cool and all but once
we start saying oh you know whisky Omega said this in responds this funny joke
hey didn’t Brad’s kid get locked out or whatever like it’s ads I love being able
to sit here and talk with all of you people well into that same point it
literally took me a whole day to edit full nerds you know because we would
record it I’d have multiple cameras and audio so then I’d have to go you know
and edit it too you know and then piece out the or edit the camera switches and
then and then export out all all the different versions and you know now I
get to switch it in real time so that that really helps that’s my favorite
part I do like in the live aspect and having
an audience input is it also keeps us honest too
to have like hey you’re wrong or you’re full of it on this and beyond the trolls
honor in there but I mean clearly says I disagree based on this and then like
yeah okay you know we really correcting in real-time is actually very useful it
also makes our arguments stronger a lot of times too because some will say hey
hey what about this so then we end up talking about it from multiple angles
and then whoever happens to list it on demand really gets like the benefit of
all of that discussion yeah yeah and it’s just amazing because we haven’t
dropped too many f-bombs yeah Troy says uh Troy says their favorite is when
Gordon keeps saying smooth 30-30 on ray tracing I’m kidding smooth story on that
I I work with someone who’s at it competing
while it’s at a competing gaming website and he said that about console gaming
and they we said it was smooth you know turned into a meme of course
part is that that particular former colleague of ours actually a PC camper
hey that’s why it was really like what 30 what is that I will say there’s a
difference between frame rate and frame times because sometimes I can tolerate
50 frames a second you know yeah if I got frame drops and frame times you know
spikes in there I don’t care even if I have 60 or 120 you know like those frame
drops are way more annoying than 50 frames a second
yeah but constant I mean you know a smooth 30 versus you know 140 with some
framedrops I don’t know what I would take I would probably take the take your
frame drops honestly I don’t mind that over the I would I know that 95% time
I’m getting a hundred smooth can still be slow Gordon yeah smoothness we had
same using that you think HDR monitor so I feel like I need to step back from
this conversation you know I’m thinking I’m just screwed because both of our our
30s at home or DVI only ooh yeah thanks yeah and you know what these
next-generation cards no DVRs dead to them and it’s been there are some cards
that don’t have it right there already our already that we’ve been there and
it’s really hard to find dual link DVI adapters from DisplayPort I bought one
I’m returning it now it didn’t work just as hard they’re pricey okay who is that
Mike Royce as uh Elena steals you can’t beat her deals yes people people like
hearing your your deal stuff all right why don’t we when we move on to some
predictions I would say this isn’t like a gonna be a normal predictions episode
that we usually do at the end of the year this is just more for fun you know
thinking that hey we’ve done this for you know a hundred episodes now and
we’re talking about rising three the r-tx super 1080 super just came out
today you know what won’t be tea we’d be
talking about in episode 200 which we did the calculation and if we do one
every every week it’ll probably be around two years from now so middle
point yeah this is more like us talking about
you know flying cars and just trying to imagine like man that if we’re really
lucky enough to continue to do full nerd for a couple more years like man what
what what’s gonna have changed that’s the reason why journalists like
predictions because they were never around to like hey yeah flash photo says
that they predict more remote full nerd episodes yes yes I do want to do some
more from I definitely want to try to get one done at CES this year because we
have some special plans for that yeah now that we figured out the the show
stuff I think that would that would definitely be fun yeah everyone’s remote
for me and you know we should do we should get a sponsorship we should get
who could we maybe party city will sponsor us and we’ll send and we’ll send
all of us out to Brad’s house and we do a live episode from Brad’s house in the
tree yeah yeah we’ll do it all from under the tree actually next month I’m
gonna be in San Francisco so we’ll do all in person so Big Mama in the house
is a 128 core CPU calling it thread Ripper 520 cores 128 course what do you
think that’s it off right into my first prediction okay do it we’re going to
have a truce in the core Wars I don’t expect mainstream consumer CPU platforms
to go beyond the level that Rison third gen is going right now it’s gonna top
out at 16 course alright so you’re not giving your full predictions for you
want to just only do one aspect or you want to do all of it what’s your what do
we give me talking about 22 what are going to be running in 2021 Brad what’s
gonna be in people’s computers 21 20 21 your son follows the 16 core okay any
other any other features that we think will be normal by then by then I think
ray tracing is going to be more common than not in triple-a games
yeah two years from now especially with next year all the consoles
and they’re gonna have ray-tracing support in there so there’s gonna be
even more incentive for Ubisoft and EA and Activision and all them to bake it
in I think two years from now radiation is gonna be much more common I
think it’d be uncommon for a game to launch without it and here’s triple-a
again that being said speaking of games launching I’m gonna channel Hayden on
this one and I’m gonna say we will master totally with you on that one I
was listening to some old episodes for the trivia section we’re doing next and
yeah we were are we were still talking about how star citizen was supposed to
come out in what 2016 he’s been just rolling that over a year two years or is
next year’s prediction hoaxster says maybe a full nerd show using AI
replacements you know ages micros estar citizen 2024 we were like nah when the
2024 is when the beta comes out big mom in the house is asking what about 8 k 8k
PC monitors but nobody will buy them yeah I’m in fact they already exist now
right yeah TVs I know TVs already out but I don’t there are some monitors yeah
Dells a super high-end yeah they’re crazy I’m gonna oh I had one more okay
go for it Intel graphics are gonna be out in two years
they’re not gonna challenge in video at the high end and they’re not gonna
challenge AMD’s ap use at the low end is my other prediction mmm I don’t think
specifically they’re gonna target like that mid-range then I just think they’re
not gonna be willing to price their processors low enough with game Abul
graphics to challenge AMD’s ap use okay um while we’re on the topic of CPUs
excuse me mm-hmm my prediction is that we are gonna see
eight cores be common and norm for mid-range so like your your
Rison five parts we’ll just have eight cores as a matter of course please be
true six already right we are almost there and I think two years is a
appropriate amount of time for it to start it steadily march in that
direction do you think only on the AMD side or also here’s the thing on the
Intel side they won’t have hyper-threaded made the core i5 right no
hyper threading for you and any other hardware predictions 2021 should I throw
some out yeah I actually was thinking about this morning and I am because you
know 20 it seems like sometimes like Oh two years no that’s a long ways away but
it’s not that far I’ve got a bump Brad went first cuz I agree I think we’ve
we’ve had sort of a a singularity for core the core Wars I can’t see high end
war we are right now going any higher I don’t see I don’t see like Oh next year
I don’t think bringing c24 core rise in our intel parts by 2021 competing in
that in that four to five hundred dollar range I don’t think that’s I don’t think
that’s where it’s gonna go I think until will come out with its ten nanometer
process by then I mean forgot to take it’s gotta be out by then they’re coming
out this year but I think they’re gonna be out I think both Intel and AMD are
gonna sort of balance core count and efficiency you know I I don’t want to
use the term IPC because I don’t think it’s really well understood I would say
what each CPU can do with each clock cycle which one basically gives you more
performance for the work that it has I love multi-core I love lots of cores but
I don’t think most consumer applications are really using all that we have right
now so we’re gonna sort of pause that on the coral on the core count war because
people they neighbor to catch updating Microsoft the cats up they need game
developers at catch-up they need application developers to catch up
they’re now affordable everybody’s got them no reason not to do it
but I think they’re just gonna make these CPUs just super efficient I think
Xen 3 and you know whatever that the 10 nanometer plus part that Intel has in
two years it’s gonna be like really it’s gonna just do a crapload more work in at
you know at this at the same clock and also I also think clocks are not gonna
go higher we’re pretty much gonna be stuck at 4 to 4 or 5 for the next few
years again probably for in fact because the smaller process so I think clocks
will be stuck I think 16 is probably about right 16 mid-range I agree with
that you basically your core i3 will have 8
cores probably in you know I 3 not I 5 yeah I mean I yeah I really think it’s
gonna it’ll want it’ll go lower so rising 3 core i3 8 cores 12 16 probably
8 12 16 kind of like that and you know I also think yeah that doesn’t mean there
won’t be wars because it store there are so our wars the people who really need
these things it’s clear we’re gonna have a sixty-four core the Red River Intel’s
gonna go after that as well so for people who really need it for you know
animation artists you’re gonna be in 2021 you’ll be looking at 64 cores and
you know probably lower price better core 64 is gonna be awesome
affordable for content creation artisan thread Ripper and whatever you know the
the big socket Intel part is by 2021 I think guesses these four terabytes I
mean won’t be too terrible to be standard on a mainstream build and 4
terabytes will be sort of the nicer end to have on a single single SSD well what
about this whole uncertainty with the tariff situation I feel like that’s the
one variable that makes it hard to predict yeah I’m worried about it and I
do storage I think the big growth is the storage I think Ram we may finally be in
a transition to ddr5 I don’t think the pasture will go up that much 16-gig ddr5
sounds about right for maybe 32 of the density goes up for graphics
I think Nvidia firmly is in control of the high end I think they have a big
lead and ray-tracing and I think by 2021 I’m with Brad
everybody who was hating on ray-tracing they’d be like I never said that oh yeah
I love ray tracing right you were saying you hated it I think they have that but
I think they really cool thing about 2021 is that mid range mid range and
lower is going to just be all-out bloodbath battles between Intel AMD and
NVIDIA I think sort of like you could see all three of those companies
competing against each other at the same time that’s gonna be amazing
yeah and you can sort of see like I could see basically 2070 super going for
2060 prices in two years right I mean that’s that’s not unheard of seven
nanometer Nvidia parts and we’ll have newer iterations of so you see it start
to go back down as opposed to it you know creeping up steadily Oh as it has
in the past couple of generations yeah yeah actually piggybacking piggybacking
off of that and what I was gonna say is that I actually maybe this is more of a
wish than a prediction but I think if we get that kind of bloodbath we are going
to see much more attractive options in that like very lower and for ap use from
AMD just because as we’ve said earlier or Bret said earlier rather that Intel
is not like quite willing to cut into its own you know pie really with its
integrated graphics but AMD is more than willing to say like hey here’s your
raisin three with you know some pretty decent graphics you want to go ahead and
game go for it yeah so I’m gonna disagree there with
Brad I think Intel’s gonna come at AMD really hard with integrated graphics
right no I think so and discrete graphics I do not think so an integrated
graphics I don’t think they’re gonna touch the CPUs I think they’re gonna get
my my I disagree and I think Intel is in a wonderful position to be disruptive
with graphics it’s it is but whether or not they will is the question I think
they will I really think when the first Intel graphics part comes out I think
they’re just gonna mess with Nvidia and AMD as much as they can they can price
them out of band where they shouldn’t be forcing AMD and NVIDIA to push prices
down and I think their their fight with it AMD is mostly going to be in
integrated graphics they need integrated graphics too hanging on to customers now
right especially because we’re looking at fighting 7 nanometre AMD parts in
laptop low in its need to bring it but here’s the thing though do you think
they’re really hiring the star-studded you know lineup they have so that they
can pummel the heck out of AMD over integrated graphics I mean I wouldn’t
think so ah you know I think we’re we’re
shuffling a deck going to smaller process and then you know the Intel also
has that there they have their email they have all these different ways of
packaging different processes together so they’ve I you know even they have
realized monolith think it’s tough we need to put these things up so I think I
think we I think it’s going to be a wonderful time to and it has been
already it’s going to be an even better time to be into the piece some patience
good competition is good you get more performance for less money and I think
it’s nuts during prime day I did a rehash of what I normally write over
Black Friday which is what’s the cheapest gaming PC you can build using
these deals I basically double the capacity on a lot
of the components over last fall’s build right so like last fall I had the 2200 G
with like 8 gigs of ram and like a 120 gigabyte SSD and this time I had 16 gigs
of ram and a 240 SSD for pretty much the same price like the reason it was a
little more expensive this time and like I think 25 bucks more so it’s because
the cases were as cheap right oh right because of all the the turfs on the
cases and huh yeah that’s uh what else in 221 I think I think Intel is really
gonna shake it up in the 500 and less market like because people underestimate
Intel don’t underestimate Intel’s you know they work real close with all these
system builders cuz Intel’s inside that’s what you see at Best Buy that’s
what you see at Walmart there’s a reason if you go to Best Buy or Walmart now so
many of those systems have obtained inside of them it’s cuz Intel’s go and
hey you want these marketing dollars put some obtain in there appreciate you do
the same thing the graphics I don’t think they’re gonna be
able to compete with nvidia on the high end and I won’t be surprised from videos
high-end stuff stays just as expensive yeah because there’s just no reason for
them to lower the price of a 20 atti or what its equivalent is I mean I can’t
imagine what 30 ATT is gonna be like in seven a demeanor that’s just gonna be as
he’s me probably gonna be an untouchable card unless you really want to go there
with the money and I don’t think AMD and Intel we’re leaving care to go there
it’s the thing they don’t really care you don’t move a lot of those cards
anyway good margin you don’t move a lot of volume so yeah we got a lot of stuff
from the chat oh I hear something I hear their prayers on YouTube Alejandro says
no SATA ports and motherboards in 2022 na na 2 legacy legacy doesn’t go with
that fasten PC look up ATX King you were there I am lucky enough SSDs around from
all my past builds that I’m not gonna buy it by the board where I can’t hook
them up cuz I don’t want to buy a bunch a new
drive I like that though I like that you know it could be maybe an option at
least flash photo says that Gordon will buy a PS 5 for the next Xbox by 2021
yeah hold your breath cool Rudy says it’s the question will we be
playing half-life 3 before star citizen in 2012 22 you can play half-life 3 in
star citizen on your starship nice and I gotta be playing either nice there’s
just the forever off they’re never gonna come Big Momma in the house says maybe
CPUs with onboard HP M this will do it differentiate the price if the price is
right I don’t know if that’s really I I do definitely think that for it on the
Intel side they have an advantage with octane and they won’t be pushing that to
their advantage I don’t know how that’s gonna manifest itself but you know that
actually could be a big game-changer for Intel what they do with update on their
CPU how they closed it yeah when you were stuff when they just had that
competitive analysis of AMD that we been fenced you know when AMD was here the
thing they were pushing a lot in that assuming it was you know actor and true
not in that in that competitive analysis was their platform advantages their
security which made everybody laugh but octane 5g stuff like that so I totally
expect until we push nest up hard to over on Twitch another twitch lurkers as
a we will see am five twenty twenty to sixty six pin with 32 cores with three
threads per core by 2021 yeah okay we’ll take that and northern tech hermit
on twitch saying in episode 200 they predict we will be talking about a
Chinese x86 CPU manufacturer in some description with the real products in
the US I don’t know I don’t know if that’s yeah yeah I think market in the
US I don’t think so I think it’s tough to right I mean yeah
it’s even even with the no matter who’s in the current administration I feel
like large Chinese companies have had trouble breaking into the US market
Exodus my problem is I think x86 is really tough pick just because of all
the intellectual property it’s really hard to get into it that’s why there’s
really only two players and you know via that has a license and but they’ve got
nowhere but even outside of that I’m just saying though like the whole
marketing around it is gonna be difficult to get people to yeah I guess
you know what I what I know is price is right for everybody in the entire worlds
like oppressor I don’t care you know over on our discord pseudo soul today
says episode 200 AMD puts down Nvidia Facebook sells oculus Andy puts down
Nvidia and and yeah I can see that’s a lock you I could see that by him yeah
that’s that is real cool I hope they I mean it’s kind of a mixture of a
nightmare and a dream that and Facebook bottom because Facebook has all that
money but they’re creepy as hell too so and I don’t know whatever I never made
any sense I mean I don’t think they’ve really figured out what
to do with it it is almost unfortunate they didn’t going to somebody else who
had a better path that they could have for it it feels like but who knows we
don’t even know where viewers may be so many bison yeah that’s a bug lovers
Texas game Bacardi is predicting in I 10 1 0 1 1 1 or 1 0 1 0 0 0 KS F he’s
probably right but I hope he’s wrong yeah I don’t even know I can say about
those model numbers yet a lot of things I want to say they’re accurate it’s it’s
a little confusing oh yeah consumers gonna need a lot of help Intel
confusing with its naming structure you can’t see that one coming
you know I mean I always loved you like to here at these old stories they they
had all the media down even real media not just like tech media to had the Wall
Street Journal we’re in this room it’s like a some kind of really nice
conference room at Intel and before people don’t remember this now because
all they like oh yeah 2600 K 7700 cables that is but it used to be
Pentium 4 3 gigahertz Pentium 4 3.0 6 gigahertz right that was really that and
then at some point intel says we’re gonna use model numbers we’re gonna use
model numbers and we’re like what what is what is 965 mean what is that we’re
like well aren’t people gonna be confused by this and Intel said to us
and they said well we think it’s actually good if they’re confused about
the model numbers because then they will ask the person who knows about was their
way of trying to like sell you on it because it would give you job security
no no he was really like it if you’re at a store and you go like what’s the
dearest chain this this you know Pentium 965 and the Pentium D you know 555 or
whatever right it would be like and then you would talk to the blue shirt and
they’d say well this one’s got hyper threading this is a dual-core whatever
and and they actually sold that as a feature of the model numbers we all
laughed everybody’s like whatever you guys are so wrong and look
at us Oh 2500 K oh that’s the best thing ever right now model numbers are so
ingrained into into all of it nobody would go like oh uh Pentium you know you
would never go like Oh core i7 3.0 6 gigahertz Oh what the hell is that right
you you wanna see the model number now you know there’s a you know ivory bridge
Sandy Bridge alright just saying a couple we know where a couple more weeks
cancer in the in the dis courts as a by 2021 Brad will shave what I had
sideburns in fifth grade and I’ve had a beard ever since it was possible for a
couple jobs had to go down to the football string but that’s about it
nice really they really told you you couldn’t work there if you had a beard
well I used to work in manufacturing so I didn’t want to get my face sucked into
machine and ripped off and then a couple people including Java’s best has been
absolutely yelling at me in the chat to talk about arm and how arm is gonna be a
big player in the next few years especially in laptops and Apple we’ll
see I mean we’ll see I am frankly doubtful I I’m very skeptical of it I’ve
seen Windows on arm I’ve seen Windows on x86 and I don’t think very I don’t think
it’s I think the for PC it’s very difficult because it’s all about legacy
I disagree because it’s about legacy if I can’t run this version of quick and I
bought in 20s you know 2006 then I’m gonna be screaming III
don’t think arm is gonna work for there on Apple is different because Apple can
force people to do things but I have also seen at least one conflicting not
report but like somebody thinking that it’s not actually gonna happen so I
think we just have to see how it shakes out that’s a big shift for them yeah I’m
sure they have it in I’ve talked to enough people that it’s real it is there
they have it running this is a question of whether to pull the trigger or not
and load everybody up and see if you can make one more massive architecture
changed and to see if Mac Mac users will really
go that far I’m not sure they will this time that’s why I don’t think and I
honestly think from a performance and of view yeah if you have really high highly
optimized OS highly optimized apps unarmed specifically for the hardware
that you have yeah it’s gonna scream really well it’s gonna be really
powerful but you take all your legacy stuff everything that people been
running for a long time and you throw it overboard I mean there’s some things you
can do but are people ready to do that and that’s one of my issues with Windows
on arm laptops is that they’re tied so hard to the Windows Store and the
Windows Store is just it’s been out for since Windows 8 now so forever and it’s
still just a flaming pile of garbage man developers don’t really want to be there
it is you can shake your head let me know there’s no reason to go in the
Windows Store if you’re running a proper PC unless you’re running Windows on arm
and then you’re running it through emulation and stuff which in Microsoft
these days is even kind of like yeah the Windows Store will support more a x86
apps and stuff let’s just I hope they figure it out because I like
the idea of power efficient ARM chips challenging Intel and AMD I like
competition but I just don’t have hopes for the near future they keep all the
windows on arm stuff that’s come out so far has all been premium price too so
it’s all like super expensive laptops that run all the programs you want to
run like but it’s when you run office anything is optimized for Windows and
arm it’s it’s actually it’s almost indistinguishable for Mac or m-type low
wattage part you go off that road to something that isn’t optimizing oh my
god it’s like I hope it doesn’t get figured out though because I like
competition yeah I like Commission I just don’t I it is good to have
competition I I wouldn’t put my money on it winning not especially on Windows I
don’t think it’ll win cuz you’re talking about you’re looking at going against
AMD Intel and NVIDIA for really performance were they’re continuing the
performance apples a little different because you know it’s innocent a walled
off place with barbed wire top to keep people out so and in oh yeah
the guard towers are there to keep people out okay our towers are not in
the the last chat prediction that that I will mention that I actually am totally
on board with is a belts are thong says the full nerd will get an episode with
Lisa soo that would be really good yeah maybe maybe we’ll have to make it happen
you know we’ve got a hundred more episodes to to make it happen yeah it’s
tough that when you’re sort of at that level there’s responsibilities too
financials and getting out a show where basically we’re wearing hats and fake
mustache what’s this Disney thing they’re always talking about it true
yeah alright cool and anything else we’re gonna be talking about in in two
years do you think I had a random one okay and that is about cloud streaming
for games oh yes somebody else did mention that
too I feel like we will have seen this is may be uncharitable but we will have
seen Google start it and then stop it hi then I think they promised that they
wouldn’t but I mean I mean it’s starting soon yeah no I mean yeah it’s it’s
really I I wouldn’t and I don’t know save me like a hard stop it’s more like
oh it’s kind of just dead because no one’s taking care of it anymore it’s
like you don’t want it I don’t and it’s just wilt yeah but I don’t think you can
keep all those like that infrastructure spooled up and not do anything with it
they got we’ve got Google money so well but you know I just sort of think like
it does feel like they just have this massive Indiana Jones warehouse right
like oh you just shoved away and like then you just like what happened I’m
still I think you can’t even know then you hear about them killing you one day
like hangouts or the other hundreds they’ve gotten real rest in peace
yeah yeah I know I I think streamings gonna be a smooth 30 actually I was
streaming yesterday g-force man I don’t think g-force now and maybe
projects cloud will be successful I don’t think Google stadia will be oh
oh sorry the side note we just I just got word on the discord server somebody
made a call to Lisa sue and they say she’s confirmed a visit only if Brad
shaves yeah all right so should we move on to some trivia oh yes I actually I
actually have a big like J rental but chin like it looks like you would expect
bad things to come out of it like if I shave it’s just like very protruding
with a very big crease in the middle sounds really painful for shaving do you
have the big chin too much I wouldn’t know yeah yeah all right so along with
that theme we’re gonna move on to full nerd trivia I have come up with a lot of
questions with some help from whiskey Omega and I’m gonna start off with some
prediction stuff because I went back and watched the very first episode where we
predicted stuff which was in yeah yeah yeah I’m gonna start off with a chunk of
that because it was actually really good and and I think we’re gonna have a hard
time saying like oh wait who predicted that so let me bring up my trusty notes
here because I in my infinite wisdom had closed them so this was this was episode
13 we were predicting the landscape of 2017 also two years ago who said that in
2017 there will be a ten core CPU for between 700 and 800 dollars Gordon no
there’s no way I would have been know also I’ll point out the chat I want you
you you did chime in as well please I’m gonna say I’m gonna say bread bread wait
I’ll go with Gordon because I thought Rison was gonna be that price for a
course but you said Intel right somebody said
nope just attendant at 10:00 core CPU yeah Gordon for $700 between 700 and
$800 you like to you like to flirt with the edge a little in your prediction
yeah yeah yeah because nobody ever calls me out I’m like Adam is calling me on it
now weather forecasters always get away with it you get soaked earring is ruined
the next day you’re like oh what is a forecast say do you ever think about
flipping to channel 5 instead and looking at channel 5 because the channel
7 dude is wrong all the time channel 7 we got a couple people in the
chat saying Brad but in fact it was Gordon it was actually and you know it’s
funny over the course of discussion you started off at 700 and then you were
like in still Ohio so and then you know I think we might know this one this one
might be easy but it is kind of fun to discuss for a second somebody predicted
that Zen won’t make AMD’s market share jump more than 10% oh I know I 2018
Brad Adam and he was a hater yeah is that if somebody said Zen won’t
make AMD’s market share jump more than 10% in 2018
everyone thinks it’s me yeah that was in fact Brad talking about prices and
number two that I said that they will lose 10% was like cautiously positive
and you were like no I’m going the other direction yeah yeah actually no you you
started off actually Brad started off yeah very very positive and then yeah
kind of tempered it down and we were like well how do we measure this you
know and then 10% so all right the the next one somebody predicted a 6700 K
oh no I’m sorry Xen will be the final nail in AMD’s coffin that’s Adam yeah
and guess what I was wrong I’m glad somebody predicted Intel will not use
integrated Radeon AMD GPUs wait one more time
somebody somebody predicted actually somebody predicted that it will happen
somebody predicted it won’t happen Oh Intel yeah Intel will not use integrated
Radeon AMD GPUs who said that who said they will use AMD GPUs I think Mark said
mmm Elena was on the ship oh I would think I
think Brad you think Gordon said that it would yes because that was Ryan around
that Adam said it would not Brad said they would not and then Gordon had just
written an article talking about some leaks about Intel using AMD GPUs and
Brad was like I got hot right yeah right – I still think they’re crazy do it it
turns out it was just a public job interview for Roger Kaduri because they did not they did not kill a
GP it was basically a fancy advanced in it’s basically a fancy tiny discrete
part that’s what keep you like gee ended up being more than more so than what
everybody thought it was not widely used we have we have some some GP related
things somebody predicted that the details of
Volta will hit when Vega launches whenever that was I think it was
somewhere in the white April or March of 2007 that would say that Nvidia will
come in and release you know the the next me yeah I’m gonna guess me on that
one nope that was Brad oh and that was Brad was he right it’s in video
marketing of real jerks yeah if somebody predicted a Titan xti that’s
Adam yeah that was me no okay yeah we’re just whatever I think it feels like
Elena’s gotten more so but yeah and then somebody predicted that there will be a
dual GPU coming out oh that’s me because I who else will say something dumb like
that would be actually you you thought it was a good idea but it was actually
in the chat friend of the show Raphael oh yeah
was that was I just cause it’s never I mean it’s so clear though so uh somebody
predicted that Nvidia will walk back GeForce experience registration whoo
Adam I don’t think that was me no Elena no if it’s a conversation I’m thinking
of things Adam I I thought they wouldn’t like they haven’t they haven’t rolled
out the email or not email they had said you would have to do it to get the
latest drivers no let’s go with Adam yes that was definitely me cuz I was very
frustrated I got locked out and I couldn’t update my drivers but Brad yeah
you said you said what will always happen was a g-force experience will be
locked behind registration but you can still download drivers but at the time
they were I’m learning with putting ideas out there I’m actually that’s one
of the professional moments that I’m actually proud of because that was a
conversation that was part of a bigger press group and everyone just reported
the basic news about GFE and everything and I’m the one who said wait a second
what are you what are you saying here about drivers and that was the only one
who put out a big story about it and it kind of blew up which sounds like I’m
patting myself on the back I’m not I am just really happy when I can take steps
that help can big companies not screw over consumers so I’m real glad that
Nvidia did not put drivers behind GFE registration I think that deserves a pat
on the back side note somebody saying a bit Big Mama in discord is saying
somebody predicted they think somebody predicted rise in
3000 on 7700 none of us I’ll have to all have to go back and listen that that’s
interesting we I don’t think where do they work where they really knew what
was going I don’t know who that would be but oh look the chat history she made
such an accurate prediction Wow no I’m not taking credit for that in fact I
didn’t remember that I made such a person prediction years ago so somebody
on that episode predicted that Volta will not have video outputs what I’ll
compute only Park huh that’s not thank you that there will be no video outputs
no kind of right cuz Volta never came to consume regret but they had the like
Quadro silence I’ll say it later that was actually Gordon it was kind of
a joke it was kind of yeah it was a joke he wasn’t actually saying it I can’t
remember I listened to it a couple days ago but somebody was saying something
really dumb and he’s like oh yeah well this just in Volta is not gonna have
video outputs must’ve been some reason for that yeah I’m sorry I should have
written it down it was well that’s good I say dumb things all the time
somebody predicted that we will not see a consumer hololens
which has probably all of us everybody so it was their official prediction it
was written on paper oh I’ll go with me I think I’ve written that down one year
I think it Lena that was Brad hello no consumer Hollens right on the money and
actually you know what Gordon you were very anti it you were like nah we’ll see
something we’ll see something you just haven’t seen yet yeah yeah the same way
that you have being developed for years and the the
last the last one I thought was pretty interesting from that episode and we’ll
move on some more general stuff and vide said in video will support freesync in
2017 that’s Gordon how off was I oh yeah I said that 2008 no this year it came
out when did I say but I made the prediction in 2017 or did I actually say
it would happen I mean you said it was in 2017 but man Brad you were like no no
way no how if they do that I’m gonna eat a whole stack of paper which he didn’t
have to because it wasn’t 2017 but ended up there sort of I guess he could argue
they’re sort of not supporting it yeah yeah this is we’re really supporting it
but this stuff weren’t so bad we wouldn’t have to do all this work yeah
like we turned it on we got to work we actually fixed all these things that
should have been fixed in the first place it’s like dude are you gonna like
we tested 2,000 monitors seven of them are good we’re good we’re supporting all
of it but man there’s a lot of bad Mahler’s out there you can enable it
right there in g-force experience if you want it won’t be good you just bought a
g-sync panel are you saying it’s very classic all right so now we’re moving on
to some general knowledge stuff we I almost let it slip earlier because we
were talking about it what would does anyone remember the date of episode zero episode yep the exact episode date of
hips of zero I don’t remember that I can give you a hint I don’t even remember
the year you can remember if you thought about it
maybe I thought we started in 2017 I can’t remember anything
it was probably spring I’m gonna say it’s like April but I don’t know the
exact date so I’ll just throw out a number 16th Brad my know cuz remember we
were talking about the the 1080 yep late August I will say it’s closer to my
birthday I’m just picking a random date but April 16th 2016 I don’t even know
what season Adams birthdays I did Elena was closer it was a May 13th 2016 the 20
series launched in the 10th series yep yep 10 1080 1070 and then we have we
have a couple of rapid-fire numbers once how many times has Elena
been on the full nerd I don’t even know I will go with 77 774 this is not prices
right thank you yeah I hate those prices right yeah if I
hate those things gotta be under the answer is 6363 episodes that Elena has
been on I want then and this is according to my spreadsheet that I have
of all the videos that I track so hopefully it’s accurate but it’s never
take one yeah 63 how many times has Hayden been on this my next question
27:10 or dant for wow that’s low Hayden has been on 13 times 13 times so again
the Gordon won on that The Price is Right rules there how many times is more
a lot more often in the beginning wasn’t he he was yeah yeah yeah he was on
episode zero how many times does Mark bid on mark hawkman I’ll go with four
yet again that’s my lucky number and soon full minute trivia brazley key
numbers four and Brad wins this one at six mark has been on six whoa whoa whoa
see that is his rock Leroy Price is Right rules Price is Right rules oh no
no you you can’t go I’m right I’m just saying that’s what’s wrong with it
he guessed for he was three away i I guess seven no no he was two away who’s
six I guess seven yes you’re a much closer but I lose because of this rule I
was I was and our boss Ron Phillips is is is chiming in as well Lucy was kisses
how many times has melissa been on Melissa rear for you I’m gonna go ahead
and guess four six seven breads bread strategy is paying off it is five yes
the same number enough yep and then how many how many times says as our boss Ron
Phillips been on zero good trick question cuz he’s in the chat he’s in
the cat watching us right now that’s in the chat to turn off and for Gordon to
go to a huddle room but he’d never did it in person yeah this is this is a
trick question because he’s in the chat quite frequently and I can’t track that
but he has not been on the episodes yeah but lied fields aren’t episodes
yeah Oh game Bacardi has a good one how many times is it Adams boss set in the
background during an episode oh I forgot about that
and then here’s one so out of all the guests who don’t work here
so not the Hayden’s and Marx and Melissa’s how many guests have been on
the full nerd and can you name all of them official or specials too I mean
both Will Smith Ryan some creative Jim Anderson Rob Halleck Kyle Scott from AMD
Steve Jim Phoenix’s as the live shows that counts that counts it counts that’s
ten roger Kaduri was on a special episode yeah I’m counting appearances not just simply
know it’s it’s it’s single oh just how many guests not appearances how many
guests damn it don’t pay attention to me nine not sure if we had someone from AMD
Nvidia on here once nine sounds about right to me as well Gordon’s gonna get it I know Gordon’s
gonna get eight sounds like I don’t got it sorry I’m just saying he’s over there
thinking really hard eight you forgot Tom Peterson was on very
early oh yeah Tom Peterson’s ten time Peterson’s ten all right so it’s a list
them out for me again Tom Peterson Rob Halleck Scot herkiman Jim Anderson Steve
from gamers Nexus Ryan from creative Will Smith’s Kyle
Roger Kaduri Kyle there’s one more that I now forget I’m just so sick with ten so is that it
I’m going nine for me it is actually 10 but we’re missing one who I know it was
I know I had my head I just lost it Gordon we do it was an episode where it
was only Gordon and this person Jim Anderson I say that damn it I don’t
remember I can’t look I I’ve done I’ve done
television appearances and I don’t remember when I shot the video or when I
even showed up I can’t remember these things anymore it was a on ‘add service’
right right I’m sorry I’m probably butchering your name but yes thank you
to all the guests who have appeared we’ve had some great guests on that’s
right that was a remote that was a remote it’s always hard to remember the
remote shoots right and my head that was just vent coverage
that’s why I know but no that was that was yeah that was a special edition full
nerd we titled that way so it was uh yeah here’s a good one how many episodes
has Daniel masa oka filled in for Adam Patrick Murray three four go ahead and
do five once again Brad wins it is five I stole his number you know what I I
think I made a mistake on the last one flash photos saying obtained who was opt
and oh that’s right bill Lozinski yes yes I totally forgot about that one what
episode was the first live full nerd six I have no idea I know it wasn’t for was
in the teens I miss ya 16 that was gonna say 16 12 which is not really a teen but
you know they are the actress like teens I’m waiting for chat there’s some people
there’s some people in the chat saying 7 9 but actually our boss John Phillips
got a right number five lucky number five that was the first live episode
yeah we’ve we’ve been live pretty Wow pretty early in our in our days so we
made yeah made so this one I’m who I really hope I got the math right on this
one but it’s it’s pretty close how many total episodes of the full nerd have
there been including zero in specials 1:13 alright just made that up
no that’s too many for what 105 110 1 1 8 1 8 i’ma I work with words and that numbers
Adam we got somebody in the chat who got it
112 it is a hundred and seven 107 so I will copy out and say that and I’ve
totally forgot this before I went back and looked we did a series of special
edition full nerds at what’s that games one up north pax pax es pax West when we
went up there for the full nerd stuff or for I mean we called them full nerds you
know so I counted that as one you know we did like three you know but whatever
yeah you know so yeah we got some more left this one one single one right and
the yeah and that also includes the the Hefner tips though it’s who did you
count the half nerds as a half or as a whole I messed up how many how many this
this one was put together by Eagle died whiskey Omega and our discord how many
boxes did Brad have on view in episode 21 well really specific huh and what
companies were there oh wow which one was the largest one Wow four I mean it’s
an every rotating number of boxes so this one’s a little little hard 73 off
camera right now seven and it’s gonna be a case box so Coolermaster bread I will go with 26 there May 2016
May 2016 is geforce gtx ten series so i will go with two and it was nvidia it was it was twenty two boxes yeah nine
of them AMD nine of them nvidia for vandamm and the largest one was the XFX
r9 29 5 X 2 here is another full nerd trivia that is my favorite graphics card
of all time Wow stupid and ludicrous but it like
it’s so stupid ludicrous that it needed a 1200 watt power supply and not just
any 1200 watt power supply I had to have the rail set up to deliver power in
certain ways cuz it was just that ridiculous and still my I got it right
over back there still nice this one is for the chat I have a because I know
everybody knows this one so this one specifically for the chat and the first
one to get this will will have to message me and I will send you out a
full nerd book that we printed last year signed by us if you want who was who is
the person in the full nerd intro there’s a person who walks around and
does some stuff in that third intro I’m sure should I play the in transit yeah
is that information public at all for people I guess okay let me play let me
play the intro I have no idea you don’t know you’ll know when you see well he
can’t see it’s like playing play play oh that would be kind of hard to guess
actually yeah that’s why I’m like that’s that’s a tough one you really you really
got to have paid attention yeah it’s a hard one it’s a hard one they think
about it for a bit you know and if somebody comes up with it
message me should we give them a hint no there’s not really I mean I’ve got a
couple more audience questions thank you and disk or to whoever gets now first
gets that book discord tweeted me Adam P Murray in chat whatever and no it is not
Steve from gamers Texas III will say I will say with somebody who worked for us
I was gonna say that that’s it’s somebody who worked and yes somebody who
used to work for us I guess watch it I mentally tuned out during the intro cuz
I’d literally have no idea like I can’t even sure it man yeah well Brad if you
get it I will send you a book I don’t have one so yeah anyway moving on to the
next one this one is also for the actually it’s for all of us but also I
think the chat would have a fun was this one I was looking through the stats on
Spotify and Spotify and we we recently have put up the audio version up on
Spotify I don’t probably the last 10 episodes I think and Spotify has really
good metrics and one of the most random metric is is hey all the people who
listen to the full nerd have five artists the five the five artists that
are most majorly in common so who are the top five artists that people who
listen to the full nerd on Spotify also listen to oh now I gotta go look in
they’re interested in this this is live artist so oh wait and it can be a single
print oh I mean you can’t look at this – oh they’re podcasts or is actual music
it’s all music I will say that it’s not like Taylor Swift one of one of them is
is relevant to the full nerd I will say that one just I just just
name some things and I’ll tell you if it’s now we have bug lovers Tech has
named one of them ain’t got it got any correctly yeah thanks I will say
it is Drake Drake which is hey relevant to the folder there’s predictions I
camera Bruce I think it was it thread Ripper to or some yeah I was like it
Drake’s birthday this is when it’s gonna launch so yeah we’ve got we got one down
we got four more Rihanna I just try to think of popular people now I won out
there sir mix-a-lot cuz no one knows either know who that is
no not sir mix-a-lot and I’m not really no and did you sorry what was the other
one Rammstein no no Rothstein we have a very small
German contingency we do they’re out there but in chat saying mmm nope no
Eminem did you did you vet Brad the Beatles Taylor Swift Nazis roof not the
bill those aren’t even on Spotify it never mind oh yeah somebody says Pink
Floyd no Lynch nails nope I will say we’re it’s mostly it’s mostly
contemporary there’s only one artist here from one direction oh come on
you’re gonna think that lo of our audience Weird Al Yankovic with not it
but that would be hilarious Weird Al would have to go yeah just just start
throwing out some you know this is half parody and relax no and some Prince MC
Chris no see it’s Black Eyed Peas no I can’t have a name it nobody can we got
one Pope pseudo soul got it post Malone really yeah yeah I don’t even know who
that is I don’t know who that is you don’t worry
about it you know I miss much oh man we got another one see this is the one I
thought was gonna be the hardest Naga got it Linkin Park Bailey it’s one of
them yes interesting enough I did not think Linkin Park would would be in the
top five and that people could currently still listen to this is a very so yeah
we’ve got two more one of them is very yeah if you just keep naming names you
come across it no but close JZ sued us all said Hatebreed out of Hatebreed but
it’s not it’s not Beyonce not Nickelback no Nickelback even if it was Nickelback
I wouldn’t say not Lady Gaga not Queen not Adele dang Lisa Sue’s country album
no no Jeff Green Day No Oh Abba nope Macklemore Jonas no cardi B nope
Chemical players nope I still don’t care you know see it no the the big one is
Kanye West yeah Kanye West is one and then the other one is marshmallow he’s a
DJ that makes sense you know yeah so if you think about it Drake Linkin Park
post Malone Kanye and marshmallow the only one I think kind of as weird as
Kanye because I can see all the other ones you know being being relevant I
only recognize that video for power was all pixel art so I mean true true but
also I think just like a lot of people listen to Kanye you know yeah he’s
definitely the most I was trying to think of popular people he’s probably
the most popular out of all those right when you wouldn’t you agree Drake you
can party posting Sloane yep Kanye marshmallow I think Drake is a lot more
behind the scenes too you know like writer yeah well he knows he’s on that
damn court alright you can’t touch anybody in the court they would ban you
forever zero games for me says it must be a young audience but yeah actually we
do have the breakdown of that it’s mostly between 25 and 35 is the majority
of the audience we ask something I can answer because I actually know I got
another one I got another one just for the chat because I think everyone knows
this because we’ve been talking about it what is the most listened-to episode of
the full nerd audio will only most listen to audio only yeah
there’s actually somebody if somebody went and and did some sleuthing they
could easily find this on the Internet I think he told me this answer so I will
extinct yeah well gorg I know what Gordon’s doing he knows how to get to
the answer and it is public knowledge it is something you can look at I yeah I
think it was and I know one of those twos I think he meant so it would be
unfair for me man yeah don’t even though I can’t mention it and I have an answer
I can’t answer it I only know two things and that’s just every single question
you’ve asked I you know if you think about a couple things you know we’ve
we’ve we’ve already mentioned earlier reviews usually do better I will say
it’s not a review but it is kind of a more special one it’s not Roger Kaduri
actually I was very did that one go up his audio I actually don’t know if that
one yeah that was early yeah that was early I could did I think we actually
did that one live from the AMD booth if you remember oh yeah yeah that was cool
wait I remember being close somebody got it close ooh
so yeah if we don’t get it in a minute oh the GPP episode actually was in the
top top couple for a long time that that’s a really good really good guess
there’s a lot of people who wanted to know about that one and mike builds
aren’t considered full nerds and they definitely don’t go up as audio-only anything to ever listen could be
confusing if you can’t sleep and you need something just like put you I can’t
figure out what which channels to put my RAM in hey you know you can cool a CPU
with beer alright well we’ll leave this one out here
chata you put in discord tweet at me Adam P Murray once again if somebody
gets it this one’s easier because it is you can you can do some sleuthing the
most listened-to vulnerability and I will send send you a
book and then this is this is the last one I think I think Gordon you’re gonna
have fun with this one whiskey Omega put it together for me
last-minute addition really good Omega good dude yes yes this is a really good
one which of the big three Intel AMD and NVIDIA got the most topic segments with
AMD because they are very much masters at trickling information and they have
ap use or CPUs and GPUs yeah I know oh that can’t be that’s too obvious you
know that’s a trap I’m okay with going for the obvious answer most most of the
chat is also going with AMD I would think that too that’s why it’s a trap
that’s why you never got to go the opposite way I’m gonna guess B yeah God
all right I’m gonna guess creative no Nvidia just because I think the aim do
you want to trap no but then the Intel I’m gonna say Intel it is in fact AMD
yes AMD so do we want to guess because
whiskey has put down the numbers do we want to guess how many AMD how many
Intel and how many Nvidia segments okay hey Adam I just gotta be out of here in
five minutes okay see all right cool this is a last question man I I feel
like I’m just me plucking numbers out of the air cuz the only number prediction
I’m gonna make is for yes the AMD had 75 wow that’s a majority of segments on the
cobble segments per yeah we have three segments per episode
yeah I gotta say it’s a lot – I’m gonna go with Thor but I seems like that’s too
tight so I’m gonna say I’m gonna say 37 which is still a lot but I mean it
doesn’t they they’re the ones they’re very open to having people come out they
were making the round to talk to people and they keep launching things and they
keep incrementing things that are and it’s all currently component desktop
before before Adam answers I was actually toying with going triple digits
and saying at least a hundred because we do it segments but I tempered it back
official topic some topics my guess is 68 for AMD 38 for Intel and 42 for
Nvidia just fucking numbers out of air notice that I will say I did not
research the validity of these if that’s wrong email whiskey Omega but go on
discord uh but I’m gonna trust him on this one
AMD 28 yeah Intel 25 and video 18 things we talked about then yeah yeah right I
think I win I was 34 who said for I said 35 actually somebody somebody in the
chat who was a Javas bests at 30 on AMD so they were really close they’re really
close this I saw in chat fast so yeah that’s trivia we got one last thing to
do I know Gordon’s gotta go I’m gonna bring this over are you gonna light it I’m just gonna move this crepe paper out
of the way yeah happy birthday to us thank you everyone
we mean because we like to set on fire whatever we’re going to call this
holiday yeah thank you for all being on the ride with us Brad go get yourself
cupcake I am expensing these like cream cheese the frog one of them
is carrot cake one of them’s chocolate one of them is vanilla so yeah happy
birthday to to the full nerd to us we made it we made it to a hundred one
hundred we’ll see you in a hundred more watching exactly this thanks to y’all
thank you yeah and this is everybody this has been wonderful 100 episodes is
awesome because it’s just great to actually get time from work to just nerd
out like this man it couldn’t happen without I’m gonna call it the shout out
should also be to one the wonderful people who make the hardware I know a
lot of people think it’s a blood sport team sport there are people working hard
to make the worn full hardware that makes all this they should get a shout
out they’re making good stuff making everything awesome and of course the
audience people who buy this stuff so and want to talk about it you know
shout out to you too because you make this all possible yep you know thank you
to all the guests all the yeah although all the companies all the people that
we’ve talked to about having on the episodes well hopefully we’ll get more
more guests on the future and yeah thank you so much to all the people who chat
and all the people on discord across YouTube twitch Twitter Facebook YouTube
you know chat especially yeah everyone’s been awesome here so and even
the people that that email in even though we don’t check the email all the
time and the audio listeners you know I listen to almost every single episode so
did you think yourself yes I guess I did thank you for for me for making it I did
it so yeah thank you why don’t you uh bring us out Gordon okay so check back
next week for your fix up PC talk on the full nerd for audio listeners and there
will be news next week for our dear listeners subscribe to us on iTunes
Google Play or stitcher saying questions and comments to the full nerd at PC
world comm we will check it one small every time you do there’s a new episode
thanks for coming out Gordon hung with Brad charges you know shell
Eleni he Balan and Adam Patrick Murray’s gonna hit the off switch
and here’s to 100 more

41 thoughts on “PC Hardware Hall of Fame, episode 200 predictions, Full Nerd moments/trivia | The Full Nerd ep. 100

  1. I vote for TCP/IP. I still remember playing old school SC1 Brood War over NetBui on LAN. TCP/IP made the Internet and LAN parties possible.

  2. ATI 9600 / 9700 / 9800 pushed halflife 2 to be downloaded from steam as valve store's first game ever. The rest is history.

  3. Congratulations to 100th+ episodes 🙂

    3dfx voodoo 1 was in '96. GeForce 256 was in '99. Yes, I think GeForce 256 deserves to be called GPU while the voodoo is more of a 3d acceleration card (even needs a separate dedicated 2d card) the 1996 equivalent was Nvidia's NV1.
    Comparing GeForce 256 Performance to voodoo1 is a bit unfair, 3 years difference is a lot in a time when those cards made huge jumps with each generation.

    And yes, GeForce 256 changed everything but I'd still take Voodoo 1 as the legendary one. I'd argue that 3dfx brought 3d acceleration into everybody's mind. It was clear: if you want the best visuals and performance you need a dedicated 3d card in addition to your CPU. A mantra that stands to this very day.
    Yes graphic cards weren't new, but the whole game changed backed than.

  4. I only found this because I followed Gordon over from Maximum PC hoping for some "I hate all this [email protected]#t" rants. I have to say, I have been slightly disappointed. Therefore…

    [Liam Neeson as Zeus]
    "Release the Gordon!"

  5. PC Hall of Fame: Just want to give some love to two additional AMD innovations: 1) AMD bringing 64-bit to the desktop AND (related) 2) AMD bringing dual-core (leading to multi-core) on a single chip with the X2.

  6. Maybe only 1 choice/nominee pr person. And then on stream make a speech for why it should win. And then do a poll

  7. You have to go back a long long time to find an Intel processor credible for the hall of fame 🙂 🙂
    For AMD it is easy the Ryzen 3000 series 🙂

  8. The first 3dfx graphics chip should absolutely be in the PC Hall of Fame. Before the first 3dfx chip, PCs had 3d decelerators. Thanks to this chip, it jump started PC/Console/Arcade gaming as we know it, which led to multi purpose GPUs for AI inference and professional rendering task. It's the most significant piece of hardware that ever came out besides the first ever CPU.

  9. your 200 eps predictions are very interesting, I would just say that even though ray tracing is the way to go I can't see gpu's improve 500% in 2 years so that they can do a pleasant job at ray tracing . I can see amd fulfill a ryzen style graphics revolution, but no one will buy amd.

  10. Just of the Topic most of the music genre including Rock & Rolls is inspired by Legendary Blues. Blues is absolutely original. Congratulations 🎉 I actually used to visit PC world & PC mag websites regularly for software & hardware related information long time back.

  11. Back in the days – in the old world, when giants and dragons were ruling the world – I used Socket 7 for several years. At first with a Pentium 75, then a P133 and eventually a P200 MMX. The rapid progress was astonishing. My first Quake 1 session was a minecraft-stroboscope like experience and it changed to a fairly good looking, smooth game and gave me the capability to destroy a mighty ancient creature in the end 😉

  12. Personally – a lot of ties

    CPU – Q6600/2600k/1700/IBM power6 Big Iron
    Ram – Corsair Dominator 1066 2GB DDR2/ OCZ Gold 1333 4GB DDR3/ Skill TridentZ RBG 8GB 3600 DDR4
    Mobo – Asus Rampage Extreme/Maximus series/Crosshair/Striker Extreme, MSI k Plat, Gig x58, DFI lanparty series
    GPU – 7970Ghz Ed./EVGA 9800 GX2 SSC/XFX 8800GTX Ultra XXX/Titan series/EVGA 1080ti FTW3
    PCi cards – SB X-Fi/ Asus Essence/ Ageia PPU
    HDD – Western Digital 150Gb RaptorX/Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB
    SSD – Samsung Evo and Pro series
    PSU – PC power and Cooling Quad SLI 750 Gold/Seasonic Platinum
    Mice – Logitech G/MX series, Razer Gaming, Microsoft laser, RATT
    Keyboards – Logitech/Razer, Microsoft ergo split, Optimus keyboard, IBM m , Das Keyboard
    Headset – Creative/Logitech/SteelSeries/Sennheiser
    Mic – Blu
    Speakers – Logitech Z series/Har Kar Soundsticks, Klipsch Promedia

  13. But yet from 2006 to 2016 Intel only gave average users 4 cores max. That's not good. AMD changed all that with Ryzen.

  14. C'mon guys. The Ryzen chip introduction is a watershed moment for CPUs. Think about how many things Ryzen has changed in the market in TWO YEARS! It's NEVER happened before. The price/performance metric was shattered with the intro of Ryzen. And not only has it affected what is now considered an average user desktop config, but it has also affected how software developers are now designed software including games.

  15. The Athlon 64 was also a game changer. It basically destroyed the adoption of the Itanium 64bit processor that Intel wanted everyone to change to and leave 32 bit world behind. AMD came out with the 32-64 design that to this day Intel still uses the license from AMD for their x86 chips.

  16. You guys are so wrong about Nvidia maintaining the high end, rdna have so much headroom. Expect 64cu rdna to compete with 2080ti.

  17. Cmon. So polaris is nominated after coming out in 2016 but ryzen first gen doesnt get nominated after doing the exact same thing but way better just a year after? Cmon. Thats bs guys. I was halfway expecting Lee to suggest it at least, even if no one else did. Turns out no one nominated it with the excuse being "its too new/recent" Well if thats the case then polaris shouldn't have been nominated either, it shouldnt qualify. Polaris came out 2016, RYZEN CAME OUT 2017, JUST ONE YEAR AFTER AND DID A WAY BETTER JOB OF BALANCING PRICE TO PERFORMANCE THAN POLARIS DID. Lee, cmon im looking at you since you nominated polaris after all. The same logic applies to ryzen even more so. xD

    Before ryzen you couldnt get a well performing hexacore cpu on desktop without paying 400 usd+ AND you had to do it on an HEDT platform. That price got cut in half.

    Before ryzen you had to pay 1000+ for an octacore with good performance AND you had to do it on an HEDT platform. That price got cut in half….and then cut further the same year!

    Before ryzen hedt platform cost considerably more while you got considerably less in terms of cpu features/performance.

    Before ryzen quad core was the pinnacle of desktop computing. Now the pinnacle of desktop computing is 16 CORES! From 4 cores to 16 cores on a desktop platform in the span of 4 years, from 4 cores to 8 cores in 2017 launch of ryzen.

    After ryzen dual cores died.

    After ryzen, cpus with no hyperthreading/multithreading started dying. Hardly anyone wanted them.

    After ryzen, i5 cpus died. Their value per dollar were shit compared to r5 and even some r3 variants. This was mostly attributed to none of the i5s having hyperthreading which was made worse by them having 4 cores and lower overclocking ability.

    If anything, the ryzen ARCHITECTURE ITSELF, should have been inducted into the hall of fame by one of you guys. Could have launched last month for all anyone cares. The FACT of the matter is that it gave desktop computing a HUGE LEAP in performance and PRICE TO PERFORMANCE. It changed the landscape in a major way.

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