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Hi I’m Valerio Volpi lead concept artist
and model maker for Digilie Studio today I’m going to present a new indie
game “PANIC PUMP”. PANIC PUMP is 3D puzzle game, we came up with the idea about a year ago because of our passion for old 80’s
puzzle games. We wanted to recreate the feeling of
those vintage games because they are very engaging but
we wanted to revamp them through 3d graphics and a new style. Our story begins with a scientist
that discovers parallel worlds through a special machine that he invests. He travels throughout different
dimensions and find unique essences from each of these worlds, he then transmits them into special creatures that he created in his lab. Each dimension has a different essence so each creature eventually has a
different personality. The final dimension that the doctor
travels to has no essence. The consequence of this is that the final creature is empty inside and slowly becomes evil, envious and angry. The evil little creatureopens up all the portal doors and creates a huge vortex that sucks in all the other creatures in every
different dimension, except for one. The evil one traps his brothers various
cages protected by hydraulic systems created by the doctor and its your job to save them. The objective of the game is the destruction of the cases in which the creatures are trapped. The cases are protected by sophisticated hydraulic system with rotors placed all around the cage. The hydraulic protection system is made up of tubes and rotors. In the tubes there are colored bubbles that
have to be arranged in each rotor to make it explode. Once
all the rotors explode, the case explodes, freeing one of the
creatures brothers. The game takes place in ten different
dimensions. Each dimension has many different levels. The game difficulty increases with every
level because we constantly throw new gameplay elements at you that eventually
slow you down and complicate things for you. For example, the teleporter, that sucks
your bubbles into a small vortex and pushes them out
from another side, you may even find them on the opposite
side in the cube. Or like the colorizer, an object changes the bubbles color as they pass through, forcing you to plan every move ahead. To make the game more enjoyable we thought it would be fun to give the
gamer a chance to customize his avatar, his little creature. You can change the color, skin texture, even the accessories they’re wearing. The player can decide at any time of the
game what their character looks like. Each time you beat a level you unlock accessories that you can show off to all your friends online. You can also unlock new worlds that you
can use to create your own levels so you can add them to the online community. The online community is going to be a very important part of this game. There will be high scores, the most-played
level, play the game in versus mode and co-op mode. Everyone will have their own profile,
showing off their characters trophies and badges. We are an independent creative group and we think that “PANIC PUMP” has high potential. Now we’ve come this far but we need your
help to finish it. We can’t wait to welcome you into our community. Thank you for watching this video.

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