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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Hi I’m Eve Park the Girl With the Blue Hair, owner and founder of 1-Pup
Games I have over eight years experience in the casual game industry, as artist, QA, producer, developer sales and marketing and distribution.
This is one of the games I made with Lifetime. (hostile makeover) But January first of this year I
decided to wear all those hats at once and launched my very own company: 1-Pup. i’m proud to announce the prototype for
1-Pup’s first game, Pingo. Pingo is a simple but addictive puzzle game, like
Tetris or Bejeweled. If you’re familiar with poker and bingo you already know how to play Pingo.
most gameplay modes are played with a standard fifty-two card deck but in the deck skin shown here, I’ve changed the
colors around a little bit to be more easily identifiable. The prototype
ships with two gameplay modes: ‘Casual’ which gives you time to figure out /the/ best way to play every single
card… and ‘Speed Mode’, with three different
settings, that reward you with score multipliers for playing quickly. I
developed Pingo with the unity engine, so it could be cross-platform. And
I already know that plays well with the mouse. But it was designed from the ground
up for the Ouya. I know it’s just a simple
puzzle game, but i really aspire for Pingo to be for the Ouya as Lumines was for the PSP. I’ve put a
lot of work into this prototype, but there’s still a lot to do before it’s
luanch with the Ouya in March. Graphically, I still have some placeholder art. But for the final, I’d also like to add
additional decks and skins. including one that’s reminiscent of
traditional playing cards and another and another deck that’s a stylized version of the
penguin characters, complete with little animations, and maybe little dances when you score. I also have lots of ideas for variations on the basic gameplay, such
as a quest mode and a survival mode. the final will also include a number of
trophies and achievements as well as some kind of high score the accord
system. The features that I end up including in the final version had a lot
to do with the reception of this video and the prototype so please send your feedback to [email protected] so i can
make Pingo the best game that it can be. Show your support that telling
your friends and sharing this video. Show me that this is worth several full-time, unpaid, months of my life. Your
response is critical to help me decide which features and platforms to include.
And if i win the prize money, from the Ouya create contest, I can afford to make this game
so much cooler! Such as multi-player? It would be sort of a ‘Poker-Words With Friends’. Thanks for watching. Expect more exciting things from 1-Pup And if you’d like to follow my progress,
checkout my new video blog: The Girl With the Blue Hair And if you’re not one of the eight
judges, but you’d like to playtest a web-demo, send email to me, again at

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