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Whats Up Guys, Welcome back to brand new video
on this channel. So my rant for today is about mobile games
like Mini Militia,Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Pokemon Go etc. Each month, these games make A LOT of money. Some of the top games make over a million
dollars A DAY! Yes thats right in just a day!! SO CRAZY RIGHT! So where do you think these game make money
from? Of course its because of us. Its because of their players. So dont you think it will be awesome if these
companies gave money BACK to their players??? Well, we all know thats not gonna happen in
a lifetime. But I’m here with a SURPRISE for you guys. Believe it or not I have actually found a
company that will!! with their NEW game called “Puzzle THIS!” It’s on both app stores. It means that both the android or iOS users
can make use of this. Basically, it’s a speed jigsaw puzzling
game where you compete against your friends or people from around the world. Whoever does the jigsaw puzzle the fastest
wins. The cool thing about this game is they’re
going to run CASH contests. For example, let’s say you try this puzzle (gameplay) After you’re done, there’s a TOP 5 button and in there, there’s a CONTEST tab. If they are running a contest, you have to
be placed in the TOP 5 to win a prize. * Restrictions apply. Check Contest Rules for details* So how many
games you know will reward ttheir best players around the world?? Honestly, its first time for me. They’ll also be having contests for referring
your friends to the game. When you Register, you get a Referral Code. Give this code out to your friends. When they register with your code, you get
credit for referring them to the game. For the month of December, they’re running
a cool contest on Referrals. Whoever refers the most people to this game,
using their code, wins $100 cash via PayPal! As the game gets more popular, the size of
these prizes will increase. I really like the fact that this company will
be giving money back to their players!! The more players – the bigger the cash prizes. So let’s tell everyone to start playing
this game!!! Imagine when they get to 1 million players… They might give away $5,000 or $10,000 in
these contests. So I contacted this company and asked to be
a sponsor and they accepted!!! Because I want this game to be heard. I want all of you guys to download and try
out this game because for more revenue they earn, the more we could benefit from them. So now, I am kind of a brand ambassador for
“Puzzle THIS!” Let’s try and blow up this game and be the
best players! It’s such a new game, so we have a head
start! You can download the game by clicking the
link in the video description. Then click on the respective app store button
to download. And Hey!!! Share this YouTube video on Facebook or Twitter
or whatever network you like the most. Your friends NEED to know about this new game. The sooner they play, the better they can
get – to compete for the REAL large cash prizes in the future! So thats it for today. I wanted to let you guys know about this game. After all, its a puzzle game. We all love to do puzzles. So please give me a thumbs to this video and
together lets push this video to a 100 likes before my next video. So see you guys later and until then, PEACEE
OUT !!

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