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Today, we’re going to be talking about the Groza in Player Unknowns battlegrounds
I got the footage and broke it down for you guys, so we can take a look at the newest rifle
That was added to this game the groza fires 7.62 caliber rounds
and it can be fired in single or full auto mode like all of the rifles in the rifle class the grozas magazine has a
capacity of 30 rounds and it can fire those 30 rounds at
750 rounds per minute that’s a shot every point zero eight seconds. That’s not the fastest rifle in the rifle class the
M16a4 is slightly faster
But it is the fastest rifle capable of being fired full auto. Now each of those bullets being shot out of this rifle are going
to do
48% damage that is tied with the Akm as the most
Damaging rifle within the rifle class and once you’ve dumped all of that ammunition out of your magazine. It’s going to take three
Seconds to Fully reload the Groza if you tactically reload the groza it’s going to take two point two five seconds now
that’s the
Reload time of any of the rifles in the rifle class the groza has quite a bit of recoil up close
This is manageable due to its high rate of fire and high damage per shot
But at range the groza has some serious issues with its recoil in this first clip
I’m not trying to counter the kick of the weapon at all and you can see it has quite a
Significant amount of recoil in the second clip I’m actually trying to counter the vertical recoil to the best of my ability
However the horizontal recoil is still a significant problem like most rifles in this game at range
Switching to single fire and tap firing is your best bet to stay on Target
Speaking of range the groza can be zeroed between a hundred meters and four hundred meters
That’s tied again with the akm for the lowest range possible and the muzzle velocity of this weapon is
715 meters per second again tied with the Akm for the slowest muzzle velocity of any of the rifles
so since we know the muzzle velocity is let’s talk about how much you have to lead a
Target who is moving at a full Sprint perpendicular to you, At 100m
you don’t have to lead very much this gun has a very high muzzle velocity even though it’s the slowest of the rifles and it’s
pretty easy to consistently land on Target at
200 meters it becomes a little bit more difficult you must lead more ahead of your target
But you can still land those shots fairly consistently at 300 meters
It becomes quite difficult to land shots on your target and again you must lead more aggressively and at
400 meters you can all laugh at my inability to land shots
Consistently on my Target
It is very difficult 400 metres the bullets can be in the air for quite some time and you
Have to lead a bit more aggressively still so since we’re talking about ranged engagements
Let’s talk about the damage fall-off of this weapon up close. It’s going to do
48% damage and about every 100 metres thereafter
It’s going to lose just under a percent of damage for every 100 meters the bullet has traveled
This is significant because it means that even at a thousand two hundred Metres which appears to be the maximum distance
Players can even render at at a thousand two hundred Metres this weapon is going to do 40
Percent damage, it is still a three shot kill at over a kilometer so any engagement
You’re going to take with this weapon
It is almost always going to be three shots to kill them if you’re shooting them
unarmored in the chest now three shots from this weapon full auto is a time to kill of
0.16 seconds that is very quick and since we’re still talking about range
let’s talk about sound you will be able to hear this weapon from
600 Metres away now after about 500 metres, it’s barely audible
I mean, I had to really turn up my sound it’s difficult, but there is a sound file that you can detect there
So 500 meters is a pretty safe bet to assume
No one probably hears you but 600 meters is the absolute fall off
So let’s go ahead and listen to what this weapon sounds like at range
Now suppress this weapon can be heard up to
250 meters away again though that is an absolute maximum that is turning my sound all the way up
So loud such that if I were in a red zone
I would probably go deaf from the sound and it’s very very hard to detect the sound at about a hundred and seventy-five
Meters out so anything kind of above 175 meters
You can be relatively confident people don’t know that you’re there, but again the absolute fall-off is
250 meters and let’s go ahead and listen to what a suppressed groza sounds like at a distance
so now let’s talk about the attachments the Groza can utilize we just mentioned the suppressor so like every other time I’ve talked about the
Suppressor it not only reduces your sound but it makes you more accurate and it also
Completely eliminates the muzzle flash from your weapon as shown here by my two
Very handsome assistants. Now the groza
also cannot fit any grips of any kind
But it can fit magazine attachments the extended mag attachment for the groza
Extends it from 30 rounds to 40 rounds
Just like every extended magazine does for all of the rifles the quick reload is
supposed to reduce the reload time by 30%
However, it actually does not appear to do that in the current release of the game it appears the quick reload magazine is
Bugged on the groza. It does not reload the weapon any faster than having no attachment at all
However, if you manage to get your hands on an extended quick-draw it not only will bump up your weapons capacity
But it will actually increase your reload speed too. What the quick-draw should have done
so you’ll see those reload speeds drop by 30% a reload of 2.1 seconds and a tactical reload of
1.5 eight
seconds now let’s talk about
optics that can be mounted on the groza which can at times look a little goofy the red dot sight can be mounted on the
groza and it provides no magnification, but it does allow you to ADS 20% faster
You can also mount a holographic sight on the groza and that also has no magnification
But it also allows you to ADS 20% faster this rifle can also mount a 2x aim point scope. Which is actually a
1.8 times magnification sight and it also makes you
ADS about 10% faster and finally you can throw 4x acog scope on this rifle
That actually is a four times magnification optic, but it does nothing for your ats time
So what’s the takeaway here guys?
What is kind of the conclusion for the Groza well first off
Definitely throw a sight on this weapon the iron sights for this gun are hideous
They are very very hard to use they do not provide a clear sight picture
I definitely recommend throwing at least a red dot onto this weapon and also if you get a quick reload
Magazine right now its bugged
And it doesn’t do anything
Get rid of it or find yourself an extended quick draw which actually does increase your reload speed
Despite the fact that the quick-draw magazine alone does nothing and obviously if you can get your hands on a suppressor
It’s the only attachment for this gun it is a net positive
and it seriously reduces your sound profile and because of the increased recoil and because of the
Lowered range abilities the lower muzzle speed the lower range zeroing on this rifle
This rifle is probably more suited for close to mid-range encounters
And definitely will see some struggle in long range encounters though if you can land those shots this gun does
massive amounts of damage with very little fall-off the bottom line is this if you
manage to get to an airdrop as this weapon is only available in air drops
It is a great weapon to take it is potentially one of the most powerful if not the most powerful
rifle in the game
It’s an absolute beast up close and if you can manage it at range, it’s still going to pack a serious punch
So I have a huge list of people. I want to shout out
I apologize the list is pretty long, but everyone really came together to help me get this footage
And I’m incredibly appreciative and I want to shout out my boy iron dog. He’s got a twitch check the description
I want to shout out my boy lazy gun eight as you’ve known him before
Check out the description for his twitch suicidal baby was kind enough to lend me his time to help me test the groza
He is a twitch variety streamer
He’s a Target for hire check out the description below for his twitch and my dear friend
El Saya came out and helped me
And I also have my dear friend Shinobu helped me his steam profile is going to be in the description and Ex
Mortis of the pubg
Subreddit came out and provided me access to his custom server the pubg subreddit is a fantastic subreddit
It’s one of the kindest most entertaining communities
I’ve ever seen and fighting for the title of kindness community is the PC Gamers Hawaii community
They’re the largest gaming center in Hawaii
They run competitive esports events for pubg for league of Legends. They have a discord
I’m going to link that in the description of this video
They were super kind they lent me their custom server a bunch of really nice great dudes and as always
I want to thank they provide me with amazing Data
Mined straight from the game, so I don’t have to do Frame-By-frame analysis
And I can give you guys numbers that are concrete and accurate so I apologise for the really long outro
But I do want to thank the people who helped make this video possible
Leave a comment below if I got anything wrong or if there’s something I missed subscribe if you want to see more ocd content
I’m MagnumDopus keep crunching those numbers

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