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Hey guys it’s Anton, quick update today.
Cecilia Liu from Scarlet Heart and the Sound of the Desert has been getting
flak recently from mainland Chinese commenters who have publicly criticized
her for being the spokesperson of some online fantasy video games. The critics
have denounced these games as causing the decline of Chinese youth and the
destruction of society. Heavy words. Now, online fantasy games are extremely
popular not only in China but throughout Asia and have led some high-profile
cases in the past such as that one guy who recently spent 1.4 million USD on
his character in Justice Online, a Chinese MMORPG, and accidentally let his friend
sell the account for $500. Yikes. Online computer games are a
lucrative business and often sponsor celebrity figures to endorse the
products. This is nothing new of course, much like how the fashion industry will
enlist popular actors or actresses to be their spokesperson. But writers in China
recently have been directly blasting Cecilia Liu for her appearance and
sponsorship in several online games. One prominent critic even gave her an
ultimatum: “I will give you three months, end all your game endorsements, otherwise just quit the entertainment business.” Wow. We know that C-netizens can be
vitriolic, much like the recent Yang Zi fiasco and which a leaked picture of
Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan was posted in which of the pair were kissing. For a
scene in the upcoming the Oath of Love, by the way. This sparked netizens to
throw insults at Yang Zi saying she was too ugly and that she was washed out and just trying to be popular again. I feel really bad for Chinese actors and
actresses because the level of toxicity from audiences can be pretty absurd. I
mean, Yang Zi was just literally doing her job and it was all part of a scene
for that drama. Now I understand why celebrities keep their relationships
private. Yang Zi Studio snapped back at the comments through an official statement
and possible legal action, but so far Cecilia Liu has been quiet on the
matter. Cecilia is not new to the Chinese entertainment business, of course, so
these kinds of comments I’m sure she is used to but I feel like sometimes it
reaches new levels of absurdity. Of course celebrities will accept sponsors. A lot of times this can be a significant portion of their income and
in the matter of online games being addicting, yes they can be, but I just
don’t see how her face being on the cover can cause players to be any more
hooked on the game. People, please. Can we exercise a little more common sense and
just a little more common courtesy online. Lately I have been feeling like
celebrities are getting scrutinized for everything such as donations for the
current health crisis. Celebrities donating too little or even too much can
get criticized. Come on you guys, I hope this is not the kind of internet future
we were heading towards. Anyhow that’s it for this video, today what do you think
of the Yang Zi Xiao Zhan controversy and do you think that Cecilia Liu is in the
wrong by accepting the endorsement from the computer game company. Let me know what you think down in the comment section below. Anyways for more drama news updates like this remember to subscribe to the
channel for more content in the future. As always my name is Anton, thank you so much for watching guys I will see you in the next episode. Bye guys!

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