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Really looking forward to today’s games because of how yesterday’s matches went down.
4 matches were good, the first and and fifth ones were very poor, it got me really angry.
I came to my room, opened PUBG and started grinding as the hotel Internet’s not lagging at night.
Are you good to go, Volodya Valera?
Let’s go, Volodya Valera.
I think three’s a crowd, innit?
No, it’s okay.
It’s fine, huh? That’s love.
Did you bring your macros along, by the way?
I did. It’s traditionally in the ring that’s inside the box.
The box is locked with an 11-digit code, and the lock is in Lamich’s pocket.
So it’s all under control, we’re not joking around here.
Ideally, at least 3 top 1’s.
At least 3? Why not 5?
5 times would be impossible, you gotta try really hard and have luck as the 5th teammate sitting next to you.
Keen, you got top 2, walk me through the last fight.
We knew there were 7 people alive: 1 solo and probably a whole squad of 4.
We were waiting for them to start fighting so that Jean and I could get closer.
At that moment, the enemy got up on the roof, I though he spotted me,
I knocked him out, ran some more, I started getting shot at,
I had low HP and started a firefight against two.
I simply didn’t have enough HP, otherwise I’d have taken them down because I’m good.
So that’s the situation.
Captain, your opinion?
It was really hard, the cirlce was over two buildings with a squad inside.
We did the best we could, we abandoned 4 bikes, made it to the top 4 thanks to ubah, he did a great job.
Top 1 in the second match, requesting Lamich’s analysis.
Well, we could place at least top 7-8 if I just dropped my bike.
I mean, if I got back on the bike, drove a little, dropped it,
to not give away my position, and go prone near the bike.
And when the zone closes in, I could jump back on it and crash the nearest compound.
But I hesitated, I thought the left tree in front of me was inside the cirlce,
and when the zone would close, I would go into the cirlce, go prone behind the tree,
and just stay there afk for placement.
It didn’t work out, but it’s still experience.
The first zone was favorable to us, then it was shifting left and I didn’t have a helmet.
I got knocked, then got on a bike, drove a little, got knocked down again, Lamich got knocked out too.
Only ubah was left alive, and got us top 3.
He picked up some nice kills and top 3, which is nice.
We’re gonna get top 1 now. Probably.
Shush. Thank you for staying alive.
Thanks for crawling.
How was it?
Crawled my way to top 1, what to say.
In the end, everything worked out just fine, I’m extremely happy.
Ubah and Molodoy were actively telling me what to do.
This was a team victory, not just mine.
I did what I was told to and I’m really glad it turned out the way it did.
Diezz, you experienced some trouble, what happened exactly?
Yes. We’re playing, 0nuq breaks the fence and his game gets crashed.
Then Keen loots up, opens the door and also crashes.
Then I start rotating and I get crashed.
It all started after they installed the framework on the PCs.
Then 0nuq drives to help me, crashes into a house, gets off the bike and gets stuck in the roof.
These crashes started to happen because of the framework.
It has to be fixed, it’s a LAN after all.
What did the Starladder admins say?
We haven’t told them about the framework yet, but they saw us getting stuck, game crashing issues, I think they’ll fix it.
You got top 1 in the last match, congratulations.
Thank you.
Got anything to say?
I’m overwhelmed with emotions, I wanted this victory so badly.
The circles were mostly on the left side, it was hard to play like this.
We had to drive from Lipovka to the left side of the map, it was difficult for us to play.
We finally got to win. 18 kills, I’m speechless. I’m glad we won.
Vanya you did a great job in the first and third matches playing for placement.
Give us a brief bottom line comment about the second day.
We did well. Crawling gaming, go, go.
I was crawling around, Drainys was crawling around, everyone was crawling around.
We got good result in the end.
I’m happy everything turned out well.
That’s good. What do you think about Molodoy getting run over by a car in the last game?
I though he got hit, but it was a bug without a driver.
Well, he died, it happens.
He was calling, “Enemies, enemies” and then he suddenly stopped talking; I thought something was wrong.
One second and I’m dead.
I couldn’t do anything, I was right in the middle.
It was fun when you went silent. “Molodoy, provide info”, and Molodoy just clammed up.
I said there were two enemies at 275, Lamich was watching there, but couldn’t see them.
I misheard 235, I wanted to clarify.
Let’s go?
See you tomorrow.
Bye, Stas.
I didn’t make it in time.
Did you capture that?
I did, should I keep it?

100 thoughts on “NAVI PUBG at PGI CIS: Amazing top1 by Drainys

  1. Дрейнис красавчик но как же я орал когда он вышел под аплодисменты 12 летних пездюков)))))00)

  2. Формат просто СОЧНЫЙ! Оператор-монтажер просто божечка, команда супер молодчаги и просто красавчики, вообщем Нави Дави!

  3. п.с. Спасибо что не обделяете вниманием и другие команды, за это прямо жиирный лайк (особенно + Авангар, братишки)

  4. Молодцы и НаВи и авг, видно что дружат приятно смотреть, на хорошее отношение команд

  5. Пипец, Ubah тащил команду, а все хлопали Дрейнису, который сам сказал, что ему говорили что делать. Сам он по брейну 0 (как для про игрока).

  6. 0:56 Сейчас бы прийти на турик по пабгу в кофте фортнайта, кек

  7. Снято, смонтировано настолько классно, что ощущаешь себя максимально причастным к процессу. Как будто сам там был 😀

  8. Ну TI8 уже за нави, осталось выиграть 2 ляма капусты или сколько там

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  11. Очень круто делаете и своевременно, большое спасибо за контент!

  12. Отличная съёмка, я так полагаю, разные люди снимают контент у разных составов.По пабгу видосы в разы лучше чем в других дисциплинах. Смотрится всё на одном дыхании, моменты подобраны отлично, съёмка шикарная и это наблюдается во всех выпусках,просто лучшие!!!

  13. ЛЯ как я сука это люблю когда между командами нету ни какой ненависти или злобы ,,, Это просто пиздец я токо с этого могу уже течь ,, не то что в доте

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