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Are you guys ready to see the most legendary minecrafter ever you’ve never even played the game before let’s just calm down , okay? *intro* Is that bacon?
Are you left and right clicking at the same time? Probably press e to open up your inventory, E for inventory eeee
Traumatize Tramatatize? OHHHH we’re gonna be the coolest Minecraft couple ever
Brianna plays minecraft comment down below do you think she will suck I think she will. thats meannn
Do you think she will stink she probably will.I I smell nice guys, I have perfume on
So um this is Brianna’s first time ever playing Minecraft, and she’s never really watched minecraft before either
Until we met and got engaged so she is a total noob, I wish I had a shirt
This is like they have one in roblox and it says like I’m with noob *ding* You should make one we should in your merch
This is gonna be interesting
We’re gonna be taking Brianna through her first time ever playing
Minecraft if you guys would like to see Brianna play anything else in Minecraft
She’s pretty talented at a lot of things everything totally so you know hit that like button and subscribe and she’ll she might even dab.
Say that you’re fine, and you’re not really fine you just can’t get into it because they would never understand it was pretty embarrassing
Y’all I did like acting and nursing could you are you okay, I am hiccuping COULD YOU CALM DOWN!! well fine I’ll let you run the whole show.
Goodbye, so these are my minecraft maps so you’re gonna create a that’s super best mine player ever show thats alot of adjectives
That ‘s gonna be your dad soon, okay
Create new world oh, okay here we go you’re gonna be a lot faster than dad
So I’m excited world name new world,
you can name whatever you want *Gasp*
I knew I knew she was gonna do that.A WHOLE NEW WORLD
Y’all better know the reference this is what happens when you’re almost married like you just you think like the other person
I was like she’s gonna name it a whole new world isn’t she?
Don’t you dare close your eyes, okay? I’m not gonna be touching the mouse and keyboard. That’s all you, that’s all you now. I’m nervous, I’m nervous now.
It’s building terrain, so that’s you right now. You look like me guys
Can we get Breanna her own skin? Tweet it
Tweet it at me or Breanna has a Twitter Bri, baby Barnhart on Twitter
There was a really sweet person who made me my own skin on Instagram
Oh really. Do you still have it? Well, it’s on my phone, okay?
Well, we’re gonna get that okay
So I’m gonna teach you how to play Minecraft the first steps is put your hand on the mouse.
Put your hand on the keyboard so you do
WASD it feels very natural so push it yeah, just like that you’re doing really good
Can I jump? Yes spacebar with your thumb. *Bloop noise* There we go you’re already moving about 10 times faster than dad, so you gotta hold
Now she’s learning *Long bloop noise*
If you hold R you’ll sprint oh?
But you gotta also press the W key. Oh *Laughing* Oh look at that, she’s learning fast
Okay, so sweetheart the first thing Oh watch out there’s a hole there. You got so lucky! She gets a village! What’s that mean?! You kidding me?!
So, there’s a random generated structures in Minecraft, and they’re rare. There’s a village a villagers in there
But I need you go kill those cows first. Cuz you need to get you some food. I don’t wanna. I know but you gotta you’re a hunter
Briana doesn’t like killing animals. I know I don’t like killing animals this is mean what you need sustenance
They are funny looking. Yeah, look at their faces, wait how do I kill it? Look at it. I don’t wanna!
Keep looking at it *Ahh!* It’s cute!
You gotta punch him. How? Just click up yeah like that yeah. You gotta walk up to him.
You got a punch them a lot though. Not just once. You gotta punch him! There you go, keep punching him. Nooo! You gotta punch his udders! Come back he-no! This poor cow!
I don’t really want to eat you. He’s gonna try to run away DIE! DIE! DIE! Ahhh! *Screaming and Preston laughing*
He’s not-oh! You got him. There you go, but you got his beef. Is that bacon? Oh, I thought it was. It was a pretty good guess, actually.
Actually, okay, go up here. This is a village of it you’re actually grasping the concept so Breanna the only other PC game
She’s ever played is uh what’s it called again? Maybe true, but I also played roller coaster tycoon. That’s true
She also did confuse Mario with runescape if you guys are familiar with either those games
So these are villagers
They look like Squidward kind of get really close to one oh they do are they mean no that won’t hurt you they won’t kill
Me no. They’re very nice. Hi, so you can right-click them every villager is different to press escape there you go. Hey
She’s good as you learn it fast
So we need to get you some wood cuz that’s like kind of like the beginning of this game is like you need one
Okay, there. You go so punch it
Remember I
Gained a heart your health regenerates because you have hunger. I don’t want to kill another cat okay
well you might have dramatic and cinematic you draw a
Traumatic traumatized you’re mad at eyes traumatic hold it
Put these ones right here these one. Yeah, so boom go fast
Okay, and now hold now
You can click on these these yeah, I just click a bunch of times and I have 60 minute. Oh that is nice
Yeah, so you try to zzc it you turned wood into planks now. I need to turn those planks into a stick
How would you think you would do that it needs the flower?
As a fire fight speaking of fires
There we go that’s cute. See it’s who you’re playing as right. Now. You like it. Hey. It’s nighttime
Ah actually when the zombies come out, Oh bad
Zombie that’s that’s a man
There’s a creeper
I don’t know what just happened
Or how to kill you this what it’s like every night in Mike it is, but we don’t normally play survival mode
See I started with this
But now I play like bed wars and like prison escape and I’m custom they’re called custom games
I mean I went over your head, and you didn’t understand anything. I said it’s okay
We’re getting married, so you have an eternity to listen to me talk about like that
So it’s still night time. It’s nothing we didn’t even make you your first pick n oh
Okay, how to open up inventory for inventory?
Holding bag of baby blue there you go, okay almost we got a dragon on all of them
There you go is that it so you gotta put the plague down look – table we thought that’s it
Crap your bench can I shoot it like a harpoon out this window or something?
If you had a bow and arrows we could shoot a bow and arrows, but no there’s no harpoons
You money so now it takes two sticks and three of these so I’ll let you out let you think about that
Okay, what do you think?
Okay, you gotta put in the crafting bench. That’s in your inventory about nine and a half
Oh, you’re right click it right click. I paid attention. Okay? What what I did right? No – you click and drag?
That’s okay to do. No. No you didn’t do it wrong. You just did a different, okay?
Oh wait horn. What is it daytime check outside?
Ah, we got the window look at the door look at don’t let the window the door mate yes
What the zombies aren’t fired? Oh? That’s so dead don’t that’d be sad no your zombies so now think about it
What would a pickaxe look like if it takes three of those cook it right? Yeah, right right one two
I’ll tell you your clothes. I thought it okay. Oh, oh I didn’t help her okay that won’t go
Alright, so I’m gonna teach you the number one trick on how to play Minecraft the best thing so go to the grass area going
To the grass area okay, and then just dig straight down
Down look foot down. Oh there you go
Yeah, you probably won’t fall down here, so you got to move inside the hole. I want to be falling down yes
Here you go. Okay keep digging keep digging keep digging. This is the number one wait?
I keep on going Boing Boing Boing keep it going. Oh we had a long way to go
How do you get out of this hole well you’ll get there one day. I’m trapped. No you’re not trapped
I think that this is like a never ending hole. No it isn’t it yes so at the bottom of a Minecraft world
That’s called bedrock. You can’t break that rock. It’s on Sarah which down there. No. Okay. There’s the day’s a safe place
Yes, make sure relatively safe. Oh, oh relatively safe was there long you’re gonna. Be safe. Well. I mean there’s caves Ambler
You said there you know but can be but I don’t think you’re should be safe, okay
We’re just gonna cross our fingers
I’m getting recipes I can make food with cuz what you got you got so that’s adding a site
So that’s a different type of stone, so do you see your pickaxe? Yeah, you see how it’s losing
Oh, yes it that means it’s gonna break. That’s fine. You can’t you can’t fix this – wood
They’re they’re very easy to make so keep breaking okay, so soon. It’s gonna break. Oh, that’s cold. That’s good. Okay stop
Oh real fast okay, so mine in front of you two blocks
Now make a crafting bench. Okay save she remembers
Put it down. Okay, so you can get rid of those you’d put them in there
And then boom click and then let’s click here. Oh my gosh. She’s learning so fast experience
Okay perfect yes
So what is the slowest I’m in its tone, and that’s iron and then diamond
It’s so diamond and can break pretty much anything can’t break better. I think there has to be a way game mode
That’s cheating I do it all the time. I just said it out our videos
What are you doing? Yeah?
It’s like you’re nervous bad with Santa when you’re what you know like Cena gives. You coal in your bag. Oh?
That’s true. He gives. You cold look at this. Yeah, pick those up. What is it mine? What yay?
Woman mine mine, okay, I’ve really been hearing I’m sorry click click click there you go there you go
Okay, so this is iron. Yes, so now you can have an iron pickaxe and guess what iron pickaxes can mine
Hi, hi guess what iron pickaxes can mine? What fled?
Okay, and now I need you to make a furnace. Oh, I’ll give you a hint you are one block off but yep
You’re one block off. Oh, you’re one block. No. No okay. That’s the right amount of blocks. Okay one block off. Oh
Barnabas boom
Right leg right click it okay? Now you need to smelt
The iron that you mind see these are fire flames right so you use what?
to smelt iron
Well so irons up here oh
Right yeah, what would you use?
rotten flesh
One more try hold on hold on cool
So this is how long your iron is
What’s it making its main ironing? It’s ingot so now. It’s a
reforged material today, I can make stuff with it and
Now you didn’t make it torch, okay, what items do you think you’d use to make a torch?
I’ll give you a hint you need sticks. That’s a slab
if we gotta move stick
Give me this one minute wait
It did it, okay, okay, so now how would you make? I’ll give you a hint
It’s one stick and one other item in your inventory to make a torch torch
You can put as much do you want just make as many as you click on oh?
My gosh now right click right click. Oh see got light. Whoa that cool. That was cool now
What do you continue our mining it? Oh? Do we try to make a sword sure okay? Would you do to make a sword?
I’ll give you a hint remember just like a pickaxe uses sticks think about a handle
Oh, I’m thinking about like a pig, okay
That’s where the planks would be like like just tube now what piece what topping the cheese that’s correct your clothes iron shovel
sword this
Yeah, Oh
Like the sorry don’t even have to give her that many hints anymore, Dada
Dada da all right now you got to get your collector iron. Hey got a crafting bench
I’m excited now. If you want you can also make an iron pickaxe so then I’m gonna make it you need duh, duh
No, yeah if you were making it in backwards
What what does the pickaxe act like like a mushroom kind of right so it’s the opposite of what I just spent yes
Got it
I got it keep holding look how much faster that is sandwich mass is it’s getting carefully
Scared so you can look up above you and put a torch down. Oh you got a torch down
What if I just combust I just start burning well Harry technically my minecraft skins already made a fire
Just in destruction saying that’s my face. Hey look
What is that? What do you think it is it’s bedrock. Oh my god. She’s learning so fast
She grows up so fast my child all groan. I don’t know what I’m doing
Oh, I haven’t told you I’m waiting for you to notice
If I play the game for you, it’s not the same dad
I basically had to play the entire game for him the entire time. He’ll on him well if he was looking pretty
confident when he did he’s really bad, but
We need more iron your honor. I need it. I need it. It’s kind of addictive right. Oh. Yeah pass it up
It’s not like the most common one. No. It’s not diamonds are even rare. I really want to find you some diamonds
I would like a diamond. Let’s say you want to put it on there because you’re gonna break that so break the torch
That’s okay here punch the torch you get it back punch it. You just got it back
I did yeah, it went back in your inventory like three now
Okay, so now I should put it behind yeah, you can right-click it wherever you want right yeah
Are you left in right clicking at the same time probably okay?
I’m on my Nabal. Thank you. Now. You can jump up there wait you’re learning
I feel like I shouldn’t break rocks on top of my head. It’s okay tap and minecraft is different yes
That’s a high in it granite
Membrane well, we can’t be what what you found below you what you want is it blood no
One won, is that pretty? What is it? Well look. It’s doing you like Oakley. Yeah, is it lava no
It’s red stone mine it. Yeah, is yours for the takin yeah?
New recipes but you gotta collect it. I have to jump in the hole all right so now
How do you get out of the hole I have to mine out you can but there’s also another way you can place blocks down
Now look down look now jump and while you’re midair right-click
Right-click o
Sees you place the blocks underneath you that’s convenient yeah, so that’s how you build up and do stuff you can do it again
So then you can also place a block there to parish right yeah, now you can walk I learned something
It is you can get the red stuff. Yeah, smart smart
Yeah, it looks like a strawberry yeah to get it you gotta break that one to get closer again. It is like
I would need all the right yeah. I don’t know I feel like it’s gonna company. It’s pretty good
It does come in handy
And you also get experience from it to which I have to teach you about later on experience
yes, if you guys want to see Brianna doing another video, it’s
experience is a
Definitely need to teach her how to use it okay?
Okay, now what so remember you were just trying to mind straight, but then you got distracted because you’re reminding it
It’s okay, it happens. You’re aligning a resource I got except. There you go
No, no you didn’t get a break above you memory. You just won in one keep pic accent. Oh
Let’s go there you go keep going Det you gotta keep digging me. There’s a lot of digging
We’re gonna find you a cave eventually y’all have a lot of patience to dig for this long. Yeah, it’s a lot of digging
It’s a lot of digging minecraft is a serious game, babe
This guy would be really tired if you would be really tired be like sweating so now she write about it
So we’re gonna teach you I’m gonna teach you how to build a staircase doing so put down another piece of torch what?
Okay, so to make a staircase mine okay, turn back around so you see what you’ve done. You’ve called
You’ve made a mining shaft, so yeah, it’s like a long. Hallway. Yeah, so if you turn around see your long haul
Uh-huh okay now turn back around the other way. I’m 180. Okay. There you go, so you see these blocks
Like the time you watch this one. Yeah right okay, so mind that one okay?
Okay good, I wanted to do okay
I did you pick up I ain’t it and I’ll punch that one okay now and punch the line above you
That one and that one and this one yes, and now jump up there. Oh, I do it again ja
Okay, and it’s one more, and then the one right above you and jump good
Now look behind you and down there you go. See. It’s a staircase
I like it
So now you can go down it we and then now you can go back and jump up on it
Bullying bully and then with your crafting bench. We’re not gonna do that now but you can make staircase pieces
You don’t have to jump you just continuously walk up it you levitate
There’s a levitation potion in this game. You can burst its
It takes a long time to get there we’ll get there one day one day I hope to keep keep stair casing
Okay, you’re good. Okay now
You can mine for do you now look behind you look at the staircase you made look how big it is
It’s big, so you’ve gone up six blocks basically you say how they cats one two three four five six seven boom
Yeah, but now keep mining brother. I shall do it now one of these days. We’re gonna find a cave
You know what else you have diamonds in real life oh
So this is called a vein we got to see how big your vein is my vein I’m like thinking as a nurse like how?
Like are my veins revenge. Okay, so anybody how many of you found her so far one two
Oh, okay, that’s so good. That’s
That’s okay. That’s ah it’s a good on the house. That’s a good
You’ve done diamonds in your first Minecraft videos like me pain. Yes, you should be proud
We’re gonna be the coolest minecraft couple ever
Legendary know what no we’re good now. I actually was trying to kill you by having you dig down
Look I was just trying to kill you because it’d be funny
well it what the viewers will have
Oh, yes the would love for you to play for the first time and kill you you didn’t know about it
It would have been so funny, but you’re too good at the game
Well I was hoping when you dig straight down a lot of times you dig in the lava
And then you burn and die so I was hoping
She dug straight down and found diamonds it happened. I found the lucky guy got the lucky character oh
She’s such a cutey. As just a future husband. I’m a proud to be your future husband right now
I approve Brianna is kicking butt. Okay, so guys if you want to see Brianna play more minecraft
What do they do comment and subscribe and like?
guys thank you so much for watching Thank You Brianna for spending her time play Minecraft I love you.
She’s really never played minecraft before I love you, too
But she’s like never plays like any real video game other than Nancy Drew oh thats real, okay, you know it’s it’s scary, okay
Look look if y’all want to see Preston play Nancy Drew
Comment down below. You will see it on my little ol
Laptop we’re done. Thank you for watching guys. I gotta go escort this lady home, and we’ll see you next time. DynamiteMinecrafter made these captions 🙂

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