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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

– Hey peeps, it’s Ronald and today welcome back, in Minecraft. Karina’s joining me. – [Karina] Hey guys! – So let’s play. The town got, you know so
we are making a new one. This is mine and BlueHusky’s house and Karina are you living with us? – [Karina] Yes, I am
– Okay. – [Karina] I’m just
building another extra house – And we are going to make my room, she’s making it bigger, the house, that’s what she’s doing. I wanna help so I have quartz to help. (sings a tune) Okay, is that good? I don’t know if that’s good. iBlueHusky! Let’s just see if she has, no she’s all fine. Okay, so we have a
bigger part of the house. – [Karina] I think this
house that I’m building right here looks really good.
– Hey, don’t just say it’s your guys’ house. What about our house? Okay, “ronaldOMG’s, karinaOMG’s, “iBlueHusky’s and Flehh’s home.” Sorry if that’s not your name but that’s what I think. I don’t know how to spell it. What kind of room is this? You call this a room missy? This is my room? You call this a room? – [Karina] Ronald, you don’t have to have the best things in the world. You could decorate your
own room, you know? – Yeah I know. – [Karina] Don’t try to
feel like you’re gonna have the best room ever, Ronald. – I’m not! I’m just asking, “Is this my room?” Hey dude, stop it! (gasps) Thank you, thank you! – [Karina] What? – She’s making it bigger. I feel so happy. Thanks! Let me just make it bigger for a sec, there we go. Put the door up here so we’ll just grab an oak door. – [Karina] I can’t wait until
we start building my room! – Oh there’s no doors. Just put a door anyway. And I don’t want it bigger than mine. – [Karina] Ronald! That’s really mean what you said. – It’ll be mean if you have
a bigger house than me. Why is there brick here? Anyway, I have a nice room. I didn’t decorate it yet, I know exactly what I’m gonna do. I am gonna put barriers here. Okay, so ding! First we need to put an armor stand. I actually don’t like the barriers now, get rid of these barriers. – [Karina] Why not? – I don’t want barriers in my room. So now I got this. My head and my head! We should have emerald armor, it would look great. I don’t know what to put in it! Its my personal room. – [Karina] I actually
might make my own house. – Really? – [Karina] Yeah, this looks really nice! – Carl the Creeper, my 2D baby, okay. – [Karina] Ron go outside and look at the house I’m starting on. I think it looks pretty good. – You want it like this? Can I live with you? – [Karina] You’re always
changing your house. – Yeah I know but I want a perfect house. – [Karina] Okay. – Why do you want it all glass? – [Karina] Not all of it’s glass. You could change the top
layer of glass into– – Wait. What is that name for these bricks? – [Karina] I’ll tell you if
you need to place them or not. – Karina you’re not
the boss of this house. Gotta find my own. Okay so I see this, this, Karina. So lights. – [Karina] No. – Well what’s that block?
– [Karina] Okay. – This light block. – [Karina] All right,
I’m gonna do this, this. – What’s the name of
that block right there? – [Karina] Wait, I’m just
gonna put down all the blocks we’ll be using for the house, all right. – So what’s that block? What’s the door? – [Karina] The door? – Yeah. – [Karina] Probably gonna be iron. – What’s this block’s name? – [Karina] That block? It’s a sea lantern. – Okay. I’ll search up LAN-TER, okay. And just because it was
past Halloween, here. (Karina laughs) – [Karina] And I think you could change the top layer of glass. – Wait. – [Karina] What are you doing? Okay. – That’s even right? – [Karina] Okay you can make
it the same on all sides, I guess. – We could put like. – [Karina] On the top of
the glass use this one. The very end one. – Karina, don’t tell me! – [Karina] But I think it will look good with this one or that one. One of these two. Ronald? Ronald those don’t look
nice, they look so dark. – Okay, then what’s this block called? – [Karina] That is dark
primes, something like that. – So I don’t need that block right? – [Karina] So this block or this block? Something good to
replace the ceiling with. You can choose what block. – So one of these, right? – [Karina] Yeah. – You know I’m scrolling, I’m not pressing the numbers? No. – [Karina] So what are you gonna use? – No I don’t like command blocks. What should I use? – [Karina] I think you
should use this block, cause there’s a lot of the other block. – Like this? – [Karina] No I kinda meant
replacing the top of the glass. – Oh. – [Karina] Actually put
it on top of the glass – Okay so– – [Karina] I got glass in
my inventory, don’t worry. No, I changed my mind. Put it on top of the glass. – Like this? – [Karina] Yeah and don’t worry
about what I’m doing, okay? Yeah like that. – Okay let’s build it then. Build it! It’s a building contest. Who built the best house first? iBlueHusky’s house is made out of wool. – [Karina] I know and
it looks pretty cool. – Yeah I know. thecuteflower is banned. All right. She hashtags you. – [Karina] And I think we
should make the ceiling– – You know right what she did. She griefed. – [Karina] Why are you being so silent? Why can’t we just work on the house? – (whispers) Because she griefed You hear me? She hashtags, you know? She’s really nice, you sure? She is your sis? (Both giggle) – [Karina] We ran into each other. – Yeah. iBlueHusky’s sister is thecuteflower. She’s my sister. How old is she? Okay we made a perfect– She’s twelve. You are eleven? I think you’re eleven. (muffled) Okay, that makes sense. – [Karina] What are you doing? – What are you doing? – [Karina] Putting ladders
so there’s a second floor. – But what are we gonna
have on this floor? Okay so I’m gonna grab an anvil. I’m gonna grab a furnace. Gonna grabs some stone slabs. I’m gonna grab some– – [Karina] All right. – White and black carpets. This is hard, there, there. What did she say? Okay, nevermind. – [Karina] You could add
decorations to the first floor. – Karina I know what I’m doing. – [Karina] Okay. – Sorry, nothing happened. Nothing happened. Okay let’s start building the kitchen. Oh no, that’s supposed to
be black and this is white. Black, black, white, white and white. Black, black, black, white, white. Black, black, white, white, white. Black, black, black, white, white. And black, black. Give me that speed. Oh yes I’m gonna get speed! I’m gonna be so quick! Okay. Karina, I’m so quick. – [Karina] Wow. (Ronald squeals) – How long is this? For sixteen minutes! I found a spruce pine because of this. – [Karina] Really? – Yeah! (he laughs) – [Karina] Come back! – I spawn pointed myself. Why did you get kicked from your realm? I didn’t get kicked from my own realm. (laughs) What am I gonna find? (squeals) Okay, nevermind. I found a plains, what
if I find a village? (gasps) Come on! What did you say? Come on, okay, oh it’s
a race I am so gonna win I am so quick! I am so quick, I am so quick! I am so so so so so quick! (sings tune) Okay, that’s enough. There we go, let’s put down an anvil. Slab, slab, slab. And a sea lantern to make it nice. – [Karina] What are you doing? You don’t need sea lanterns ’cause there’s already loads on the ground – But to make it nice, you know? – [Karina] You know you could
dig a hole in the ground. – Again! – [Karina] I’m pretty sure you can. – Again! Let’s get a diamond sword. Again! Speed, I want more speed! Speed, I want more speed! Speed! Thanks (squeals) – [Karina] It didn’t say thanks. – Well I meant to. Cow, get killed, I will catch you cow! Come here Cow, come here. There’s a horse but I will just run away. (screams) I almost made that jump! Look at my screen. – [Karina] What? – Oh my God! – [Karina] My goodness! (makes robotic noises) – Imagine this in survival mode. – [Karina] I would be so happy. – Faster than flying. – [Karina] Is it faster than control? Wait, if you speed like that and control. – What? – [Karina] Speed like that and control. – Oh, that’ll be epic! Flying doesn’t stop all the speed, it goes the same. And /kill, oh that was epic. Okay, so what’s going on with the house? Nice, nice stuff, right? – [Karina] I think it looks pretty good. – Like real nice. I meant real nice. I said, “RE-AL nicely!” Okay so now I’m put down a– Dude, you look so good! Hey, hey those are mine. – [Karina] What? What’s going down? – Nothing. – [Karina] Are you sure? I said, “nothing.” Nothing means nothing Karina. Okay, I didn’t mean that painting. Yeah, perfect! – [Karina] I hope we won’t
change our houses like always. – Okay. – [Karina] I wanted to live
with iBlueHusky for a sec but then I built my own house. I got advice from another
house from our broken town. – And what was that advice? – [Karina] To use this stuff right here. Wait who’s breaking windows? – I’m just making TV. – [Karina] Okay. – Okay, here and here, there’s the TV. I’m gonna put some
couches, if you don’t mind. Stairs, let’s put– – [Karina] Quartz couch. – Yeah, I was gonna do that missy, jeez! Gotta take some learning. – [Karina] You’re acting so rude today. – (laughs) I’m acting
weird and unexpected. So now on the second floor
we have absolutely nothing! – [Karina] We need two bedrooms
on the side right here. – This house’s okay. Sorry Karina. – [Karina] What? – You know what I’m gonna do. – [Karina] What did you do? – Look at this house (fakes crying) – [Karina] Ronald please, please! We’ll have a better house than that! – No I don’t like that brick kinda thing. – [Karina] Please, stick with me! You spent so long on that TV! – No, I spent two seconds. – [Karina] But Ronald, please! – (squeals) Brewing room, oh this is too much! This is what? Oh it’s someone’s room. Enchanting room? And Jon’s room. Once they figure it out– “And Ronald’s room please, “I want to live here please!” – [Karina] Ronald please! – I can do what I want. – [Karina] Stick with me on this. – This house is too much. – [Karina] You have to beat it Ronald! – Okay, it’s only filled with steak. Okay, there’s no sign to this. What is this place? Oh my God! (laughs) This is a soccer area! Or what is this Hockey? – [Karina] And cake? – If they want to put it there, they want to put it there,
don’t blame anything. This house looks like a beast! Oh I gotta change that sign ’cause– “And Ronald’s home” – [Karina] Wait you changed
the sign to, “Ronald’s home”? – “And Ronald’s” – [Karina] Okay. – Jon is my friend he’ll obviously let me. So guys I hope you like this video. If you did, smash that like button and I will see you all next time, goodbye!

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