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I’ve been geeking out over redstone. The other day, I had a bit of a bright idea.
I realized that a lot of my favorite piston door designs are actually really quite old and there’s quite a lot of room for improvement
in the redstone.
So I set to work on improving every single one of them. Many, many hours later
after plenty of redstone related headaches, I’m actually really proud of what I’ve managed to achieve.
So today’s video is dedicated to my 10 favorite piston doors in Minecraft
and if you like weird redstone and strange circuitry
then this is the video for you
and if you don’t like weird redstone and strange circuitry, then these are the doors for you – the basics.
I know it seems ridiculous after all that talk of
complex redstone circuitry and things but I couldn’t possibly do a video feature from my 10 favorite doors without
featuring my most used types of piston door, the 2 by 2 ones. We’ve got the 2 by 2 slime block door,
that looks absolutely gorgeous. I love the opening and closing sequence of these
It looks super futuristic and then of course we’ve got this old chestnut the 2 by 2 piston door
This was the first redstone project that I ever worked on when I first grabbed redstone. This is what I constructed
so I think it holds just a nice place in my heart.
The 3×3 spiral door
Now I think it’s safe to say that out of all of the piston doors in Minecraft, out of every single one.
I personally think this has one of the coolest opening and closing sequences.
Obviously, you guys are gonna fight me in the comment section on this one
I can already read the comments now in my head but still I absolutely love watching this thing function and you know what?
It’s actually quite fast. It’s still a fast piston door
It just has that nice animation and now that observers exist in the game, it’s actually really quite compact
So my original design was one block extra on both sides
And it was also three blocks wide now we’ve managed to get it down to two blocks wide
And we’ve managed to chop those off the sides too, which means that actually fits within the footprint of a standard 3×3 piston door
So there’s no excuse not to have the spiral.
The button operated wooden door
you know I thought I’d include this one in the video for those of you who really like the simple stuff
So here we have a regular wooden door if we just stand here hit the button you can see
It works perfectly, I mean this side it generally does work perfectly
But if we just should do that again, you can see that the floor folds out
We get pushed underneath the door and then pop up on the other side
I originally called this the under over door and I’d say that’s a fairly fitting name and
There’s yet there’s there’s nothing more satisfying than it really is there
I mean, it’s just one of those things it catches you off-guard and that’s the beauty of it. Redstone wise, it’s all relatively small
I mean, it’s not a particularly big redstone circuit. Obviously, we’ve got quite a bit going on. That is quite bulky
So we’ve got slime block launches
we obviously have to have a little channel for our player to travel through so that takes up quite a lot of space and then
We’ve got the flush trapdoors out the back here, which actually remove the floor but in terms of actual redstone
It’s actually really quite simple
And I know I know all of you hates it when I say that
Because apparently it’s it’s not that simple to a lot of you. It’s fine. It’s like it will come with time
Okay, if you watch enough of my videos these things will start to look simple I promise.
These sorts of things won’t though these these will never look simple. Two by two hipster door.
This is the only build in this video that wasn’t actually constructed by me
Originally, I used to make small 2×2 hipster doors. I was okay at it maybe five or six years ago
I was going to come up with a new design and I thought I’d check up
What the hipster door community is doing – what sort of improvements have been made in hipster doors and well
Let’s just say there are a lot smaller than they used to be
You know, my original hipster doors would be like the size of a bus. Okay, many buses, in fact, where as this?
This is absolutely tiny. It’s designed by reverse gravity. I’ll put a link to that video down in the description
He does some fantastic piston doors as well. I’ve been looking through his channel today. They’re completely nuts
But look at this thing
Seriously, look at this thing
For anyone who’s been in the redstone community for a while and
Remembers what hipster doors used to look like you will know how crazy this is
It’s totally bonkers
I’ve been playing with it all day. Oh, and did I mention that is expandable? Yeah
It doesn’t just have to be two by two, you can have it too blocks high by a hundred. Mental.
The four by four lava sides door. That’s a mouthful in it.
Now for me personally I just really like the way this door looks I like the lava on the sides and I especially like having glass in the center
obviously you can use any block but I personally like being able to see through it and if you hit this button right here you
can see that everything opens up really quite quickly
All of the lava is removed by the piston extenders and the blocks traveling fast, so it’s not really that dangerous
Because you know, you wouldn’t want lava spilling everywhere now the closing is a tiny bit slower because of course we are
limited by the speed of lava and
Lava is definitely not the fastest thing in Minecraft
Now a fun story about this one is that I spent a very very long time trying my best to get the redstone circuitry to
be 2 blocks wide and I almost got there
I was just running into some serious bugs that were causing some issues and then I realized that actually
it had to be three blocks wide regardless because if it wasn’t the lava just
Spilled out on one of the sides and that’s yeah, that’s no good is it.
You know as a redstone engineer
sometimes you get so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you don’t stop to ask yourself whether you should.
Lasers are awesome, I beg of anyone to tell me otherwise and lasers in Minecraft are just as cool
So currently they are activated if we walk through you can see that a killer pufferfish has been dispensed
Yeah, looks lethal. Obviously if you were to construct this for yourself you would,
You would probably want to you know, employ a slightly better defense system
But as the owner of the base
You’re going to want to be able to get in and out without the killer defense activating
So if you flick this lever right here
You can see all of the lasers turn off and then we walk through without running into any issues
Now this is definitely one of the redstone circuits in this video that’s a little bit of a weird one
We have some weird game mechanics going on here
So you can see we’ve got the powered rails and then we have the string up at the top here
Now if I told you that these powered rails aren’t actually currently being powered, but they haven’t realized it yet
Would you shake your heads and be confused? If that’s the case then I apologise because that is what’s happening
You can see this piece of redstone dust clearly isn’t running into this block
But this powered rail thinks that that piece of redstone dust is powering it
So that’s why all of these are activated but as soon as I update one of them by walking on the string you can see
All of the powered rails switch off because they go, “Wait. Whoa. Whoa, we’re not powered. Okay. Why are we on?”
so they turn off and then this observer here detects that it
Resets the circuit it then repowers this piece of redstone dust
repowering this block and this detector rail moves across redirecting the redstone putting them back into that state of
Thinking they’re powered when they’re actually not. Oh good grief. I don’t know if that made any sense, please
Please let this one be simple
It’s a it’s just a fence a fence that goes under the floor and I gotta say it looks lovely. Doesn’t it?
I mean the look at this we’ve got a pair of wooden pillars
I thought I’d dress this one up a little bit because obviously if I use my standard quartz and iron type stuff
But then just had some fence posts in there. Probably wouldn’t look that good? Although we could use you could use glass panes
You could use anything here. I just like the look of fences if we hit this button though
You can see that the fences drop down underneath the floor and then everything is sealed up behind them so we can walk through
Everything looks very nice
And then when we hit the button
once again
The fences pop back up and then this wood is pushed back across
Two by two seamless glass piston door those words bring a tear to the eye because
This is the first door that I ever made in Minecraft that a.) was like an original design
It was something that I fully worked on. Obviously, it did not look like this. It was huge. I’m telling you now it was
literally about
This big okay. It was it was enormous, right?
it was the first video that actually became popular and in a way
Began to launch my channel in the direction of making redstone videos. So I love seamless glass piston doors and this one
Lightning fast
and Very very compact. I mean, watch it from the other side. Look at this
How cool and I mean the Redstone wise
There’s so much in here. There is just non-standard redstone. It’s all observer based
You’ve got redstone lamps activating observers observers observers hoppers. We’ve got Pistons updating
I mean, it’s all it’s all a bit of a mess
but somehow it comes together to actually
Function as a piston door and that that is why I’m so pleased with this design but there’s one that I’m even more pleased with
four by four vault door to this day the four by four volt door design that I uploaded is one of my favourite piston door
Designs and is also one of my most popular piston door designs people love it. It looks fantastic
It’s really really fast and is actually quite compact
but somehow I have managed to shave a bunch of blocks off this. I managed to shave blocks off the top off the sides and
Also from the bottom and I’ve managed to keep it incredibly fast as well
I’m so pleased with this thing.
I Mean look at it
Look how fast it is. The closing is crazy
Like the closing is mad the opening is a tiny bit slower but still
absolutely bonkers and
Look how small it is. It’s as small as it can possibly be. I mean it fits within the
Footprint of the Pistons themselves. Look those are the bottom pistons the door
Obviously, you can’t move those those the side Pistons of the door. You can’t move those
Those are the top Pistons of the door. You can’t move those and it’s three blocks wide
This is as small as it possibly can be
I’m so pleased with myself. I’m not gonna lie. I was I was message
I was messaging Iskall at like 2 o’clock in the morning showing him screenshots. He was probably like just dude
I’m trying to go to bed. I felt like I had to share it with him because it is weird redstone galore
It’s it’s so strange
But it works and that’s oh
That’s the most important thing
But with that being said, there’s one door that I made many years ago that can’t be beaten and you know what?
I’m gonna be honest. I didn’t even attempt to improve it because it was so clear to me that it’s perfect as it already is
The mumbo door
This is my 200,000 subscriber special and to this day, I think it is the best special I have ever done I
Just look at it I
Feel like I need to have these all over my base on hermitcraft. It’s the most ridiculous thing
But it’s beautiful. I
Love these things. I absolutely love these things and weirdly enough. I mean the redstone is actually quite compact
It’s just three blocks wide fits with its footprint quite nicely
There’s a few blocks that you can shave off in certain areas, but for the most part
It’s about as small as it can be. So there we have it ladies and gents
Those are my 10 favorite piston doors in minecraft. I’m super proud of the progress that I managed to make on these designs
I seriously put a lot of time into these
Just purely out of enjoyment actually. I was geeking out over some redstone
Try my best to challenge myself to make these things more compact than they previously were so as I say
I really do hope you enjoyed there’s a world download down in the description if you want to see them in a little bit more detail
But anyway, I’ll catch in the next video. See ya. *singing* It’s the end of the video. It’s the end of the video
It’s the end of the video. It’s the end.
Something go can go as long as it got repetitive for me
Three two one one. Bye


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