The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

This is a virtual reality game… for three players. Each player has a distinct role. And all the players need to… work really closely together… to collaborate and to finish the game. The game is actually a puzzle. And the players need to… move the circles… and remove barriers on those circles. The goal is to move a small avatar… to the center of the circle. You guys are ready? Yes. — Perfect. Let’s go. Hey there. Hello. One player can move the avatar. One player can remove the barriers. Alright, Andy, could you please… move the block down? This one? — Yeah, exactly. Thank you very much. One player can move the rings of the level. Here you go. It combines a technical level… with a visual level… and this really amazes me. You should put on the VR goggles… and you should be stunned. That is the goal. I think now… we need to go here.

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