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people don’t judge your friend do you guys ever worry about Ebola do you think that’s real no the government says nobody’s in push me [Music] since February 2014 an outbreak of Ebola spread across West Africa from Guinea to Sierra Leone and now it’s finally reaching the coast of Liberia and its capital Monrovia confirmed by health officials the deadly virus has already killed seven people in Monrovia scientists speculate that a possible cause of the Ebola outbreak might stem from the prevalent consumption of bush meat from animals like monkeys and fruit bats the scientific concerns surrounding the consumption of bush meat begin in our genes because we share 99% of our DNA with monkeys the chances of an infectious and incurable disease like Ebola crossing over from a monkey to a human is exponentially higher than with any other animal Ebola is is one of those words that you can say it anywhere in the world and it invokes fear dr. Joseph fair is a renowned vie Rolla gist who we met working out of a lab near Liberia’s capital city of Monrovia take me through sort of the lifecycle of the Ebola virus if someone catches it if a person catches it so Ebola is is what we know is a viral hemorrhagic syndrome and so a syndrome is just like aids Ebola is a aggressive hemorrhagic fever syndrome Ebola in particular causes the walls of the capillaries to slightly separate and blood starts leaking you’ll get conjunctival injection which is bleeding into the eye that petechial hemorrhage and that leakage ultimately leads to shock and death just like you would have with sepsis so you’re bleeding out from the inside basically you’re bleeding out from the inside your blood pressure is lowering to an amount so you when your capillaries are leaking the blood is no longer being transferred through your body effectively it is a very painful and agonizing death that no one would want to go through despite the fact that I was now worried about bleeding from my eyes we headed to a local lab where they were quarantine and testing for Ebola the lab is an abandoned eight testing facility nobody was there save a few scientists with hazmat suits working on the outbreak behind those doors was Ebola culture which was being used to compare two cases of reported Ebola throughout the country to see if it matched up how about these mess they wear these masks so right in here is where the Ebola testing is actually happening these are the suits that they wear in here and I respect what he says when he says not to touch them because these have already been used somehow I feel like this sheet is not protecting me from Ebola protective equipment that we wear when you go inside we were you would wear this okay are you I was standing out here and I’m scared I’m glad my jumps out here and your jobs in there dr. SARS in charge of all infectious disease testing in Liberia he’s kind of a first line of defense against mysterious disease coming out of Africa but like many Liberians dr. SAR was skeptical about the presence of ebola the truth is that we haven’t had any except for one kiss of course one case constitutes an outbreak in the Ivory Coast it’s somewhere in the 70s I think and that is all says them in Liberia no not anywhere else except now culturally humans have evolved with non-human primates all throughout Africa and Asia and I think something that we don’t usually think of in the West is how that they evolved here they’re kept as pets they’re also used as a major food source aka bush meat now a monkey is only one part of what you would consider bush me to bush me piece of bush meat would be any animal coming in the forest again most people don’t kind of recognize the need for bush meat so when you imagine living in the deep forests of Central Africa and or Asia it’s very difficult to raise domestic animals yet human beings by their nature need protein sources so bush meat in many parts of the world still is a necessary part of the diet there are certain types of bush meat which we know are more dangerous than others and those particularly our birds non-human primates including the chimpanzees gorillas monkeys bats we’re learning our rate of great concern but despite the danger how does one of Liberia’s top scientists feel about Bush me hope now I will be very dishonest if I tell you know I ate bush meat the antelopes they kill them to dry them and emit comes to market that’s what I like more yeah I don’t like monkey meat it turns out the very facility we were standing at has a rich history of pandemic disease a chimpanzee testing facility in the 80s and 90s it was here that a doctor named Preston Marx discovered HIV – in a local pet monkey in a nearby village while HIV one the most common strain of the disease was discovered to have come from chimpanzees as early as 1959 it was unclear where HIV to the less common but still deadly HIV originated from until dr. Marx tested a sooty mangabey while working at the Institute in Liberia in the late 80s and I took this picture and my second trip of this young girl in in in Lofa County is over Liberia and it’s worth a thousand words I mean look at it I mean that that sooty mangabey which is the species the only species in in West Africa that harbors the ancestor to HIV – and look at it it’s like a no it’s like a cat it’s like a house cat it’s it’s our friend in an eerie parallel – dr. Marx discovering HIV – in a pet monkey from Lofa today’s Ebola outbreak seems to have also originated from the same place Lofa a dense jungle province of Liberia that sits on the border of Liberia Sierra in Guinea is a trading center where hunters from the jungle bring bush meat two trucks that then head him to markets in all three neighboring countries in an attempt to stop the virus the governments have banned the bushmeat trade but Liberians have been ignoring the threat and the ban in order to find out why we met up with a local journalist but turns out he harbored a few Ebola conspiracy theories himself here’s your friend I’m interested in this Ebola thing because the feeling in Monrovia and across the whole country is that Ebola never came to Liberia we are what Assad is the main market and we are going into the market where they sell bush meat and other food stuff there only the bush meat shop is in the back the smell is super future so the Liberian government bans bushmeat totally right but you can still buy Bush me you can stay Bob Bush me because they are telling the Liberian Liberians not to eat it and they’re telling the market eels not to sell it but people are still selling it because they believe the government is pulling their legs alright so why is the government of Liberia saying there’s Ebola if there is an Ebola apparently it’s a scam to get some money from the international communities from the donors it’s Minister because the government is group everybody knows that the government was able to say that there was 16 billion dollar investment here they have nothing to show for it so a lot of people don’t believe official government policy was to ban the sale of bush meat however as we hit the market we learned how effective that prohibition was excuse me [Applause] there’s hundreds of my dead deer parts [Music] monkeys are both a delicacy and pets in fact they’re so prevalent it’s hard to make the connection that these cute monkeys could Harbor a super virus or create a pandemic I’m in mind I’m not where I’m a journalist we just saw this guy ran his friend wanted to eat it but he said no I’m keeping it as a pet this is spent yeah know about it hey you want come I’m hungry nah your girl a Bronco burger your calves what I’ll go anywhere and I’m gonna go my city what is love what it all fight with me Nagbe went to go get more bush meat while I walked into where I could go buy some monkey we came out to the back here and this woman had like four or five monkeys for sale so while the Liberian government theoretically has banned monkey meat you can still get it because it’s just a wheelbarrow full of bush meat right here you’re putting the water is so ok we soap then a flash game do you worry about eating this sweet please oh my god I’m getting pegged with Ebola bunky right now I’m getting fragged with Ebola bunky do you guys ever worry about Ebola you think that’s real okay Nagbe showed us what he had bought for that night’s dinner okay well I’ll go want some fresh meat this is GME oh yeah you see that funny feet until this Bushrod and ricotta bush-rat ceased of our delicates and my man if you give somebody call me don’t prepare this and get him fish they were perfect things it’s a clock yeah nag me invited us to his home to watch how his wife prepares the bushmeat for a meal just like any other food if it’s cooked there’s not really a problem it’s through the preparation and where you get that blood and body fluid transfer from the rota to the humans and we actually have found humans with the monkey forms of the viruses and so those are people that we obviously monitor because those viruses might be the next HIV pandemic that’s that armadillo thing they wrote it one of the dangers one of the things that the experts won against is that one of the main sources of transmission is that if you’re cutting the Bushman you’re handling the bush nation we’ve got a cotton and then you interact with it that’s when disease transmission could occur so nag news wife was preparing a meal for us that’s exactly what happened she cut herself while she was cutting the meat not an academic fear something that can really happen can we meet this guy’s the owner your neighbor let me let me find out he’s dead okay thank you his name is Jack Jack we on nickname for monkey in Liberia we’ll call it jackal so exactly how long have you Adam and he’s your pet yeah they say we should not touch people I mean you can this I know Emily you cannot eat certain kind of meat it means that Yaga you have put a whole lot of people out of business easy and the people who have insulted me in the market we are there after this polimedia still sell there so then what do you think about the idea of eating bush meat do you think it’s safe yeah yeah oh you either push me to eat monkey yeah you only test one no this one and where did he come from oh this is coming from go far it’s coming from loofah yeah loofah and isn’t that where they had the obama outbreak yeah that will okay oh the rumor I’m sorry particularly with non-human primates monkeys and chimpanzees etc keeping them as pets and you imagine like you have a dog well a dog bite you if you keep it as a pet so does the chair so does a monkey the monkey John Jones oh hi amen the monkey jump it jumps although sometimes I won’t know how God already made these things the monkey jump John John so haha thank you currently the most popular song in Liberia is called Ebola in town by an artist named shadow the week we were in Liberia we found out he was playing a concert downtown so we went to go meet him now the song is like three weeks oh and it’s everywhere and in every town every village every county in everybody form everybody with video explaining everybody and everything is taking it so it’s like it’s the biggest song right now in our country and it’s the big thing shadows song going viral is an indicator that most Liberians aren’t too concerned with ebola even as it continues to spread but in a place where humans and monkeys are in such close proximity a new virus could emerge that’s even more lethal some humans somewhere likely here in Africa is going to eat a monkey with a disease that’s never been seen before super Ebola a new strain of AIDS and according to Joseph that virus could kill a third of the planets population it’s not the disease we know it’s the one we don’t when we think about the worst case scenario it is always a combination of what is the most transmissible combined with what is the most lethal nothing is localized anymore international trade of transport of people and animals and crops and everything else that comes along with that you know what used to happen in one remote corner of Africa can easily spread to Europe or the United States the next global pandemic exists somewhere the virus just has to jump that gap the way HIV did decades ago and Ebola did today and when it does the planet will be singing a whole different tune [Music] [Music] [Music]

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    Just like Heroin and Cocaine… guns. All easily accesible and dirt cheap. What better way to kill off people then from within, and making the ingredients readily obtainable.
    We've seen this in US Inner Cities on a much smaller scale.
    Your Interviewer is a Rude C*nt.

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