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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

(tense music)
We made it! Here I go, hope it works! Good luck! (portal whooshes) Hope it works, too! (portal whooshes) Woo, that was a close one! (dramatic music) (lava bubbling) I thought something bad would happen, but nothing ever did. Yeah, me too. What’s up, guys? Before we get started,
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Mm, that was good. What’s that sound? Oh!
No! Lava! (tense music) What do we do? I don’t know! Out the window! Try there! We’ll be fine. Go, go, go! Oh my gosh! Where’s all that lava coming from? You shut off the portal, right? No, I told you to! No, you told me to put the milk away! But that also applies to
shutting of the mirror. Well, whoever’s fault
it is, we gotta go shut off that portal to Minecraft. Okay, lets go! Whoa!
Its filled with lava! How are we ever gonna get over there? We need to find something
to put in the lava and crawl across to the mirror. Lets try buckets! Yeah! At the shed! Right, buckets. (creature slurping) (metal rattling) Whoa!
Is someone in there? Hello? Is someone in there? (knocking)
Anybody? All right, we aint got
time to deal with this. We have the mirror to deal with. Come on.
Okay, lets go! All right. ‘Kay. Okay, Chase, go in and place
these buckets in front of you. Okay, wait. Why do I have to do that? Because I said so. (Chase groans)
(Chase sighs) Um, yeah. Shawn, I don’t think
this idea’s gonna work. Lets go through the front door. Good idea. (suspenseful music) Okay, lets go inside. Wait, lets check to make sure lava’s not gonna pour out on us. Okay. I don’t see any. Me neither. Should be clear. Okay. All right. – [Shawn] There’s no lava over here. Well, from here it looks like the lava’s contained to the TV room and the kitchen. Okay. So how are we gonna get to the mirror? I don’t know. We could shut off the power. Yeah, but that won’t
work ’cause the computers and the mirror are hooked
up to emergency batteries. Well, we could also– (lava bubbles) Ooh, we could throw a rock at it! Oh yeah! Wait, no, it’s a portal. It’ll just go through it. Hmm.
(Chase gasps) Shawn, a Wither Skeleton! Run! To the garage! Okay we need to look for something to defeat that Wither Skeleton. (creature groans) (boy screaming) – [Chase] Okay what was that? Oh, there’s another Skeleton and a Pigman out there now! Oh no, we need to get
upstairs to make a plan. All right, who helped those
mobs get in the garage? (suspenseful music)
The door was closed! Chase, you know mobs spawn in the dark? Oh yeah, and the mirror’s open! So they start spawning in
our world where its dark. We have to shut of that mirror before it gets to nighttime, otherwise they’re gonna spawn all over. And I can’t sleep with lights on. Shawn, where’d you put
that Switch cartridge, the Minecraft one? Uh, I left it in the car. All right, I have a plan,
and to do it we have to get that cartridge. Okay. Almost forgot to grab the Switch! There’s a zombie Pigman right there. (lava bubbling)
(zombie grunting) Be quiet. Okay. (suspenseful music)
(footsteps crunching) (Pigman grunts) Shh. Go! (gasps) They’re out there! Get down! (zombies growling) I can’t get the Minecraft card in the van. Do you think you could distract ’em, get away from the van? Yeah, but what’s your plan? All right, since we can’t block off the portal from here, I’m gonna block it off
from inside Minecraft. But to do that we have
to get the game card. All right, you get the game card, and ill distract ’em. (lively suspenseful music) Hey, while I’m at it, I’m gonna try and get the mobs to follow me into the backyard. All right, good luck. Oh yeah. Yoo hoo, come and get me! Oh yeah. Yoo hoo! Come on, slow pokes! (tense music)
All right, now’s my chance. Okay. This better work. (zombies groaning) Come on! – [Chase] Yes, I’m at
the villager’s house! I know the way to the portal from here! All right, here we go. (zombies grunting) Whoa, those Skeletons almost got me! Shawn does not know how easy he has it. (sighs) (zombies groaning) (zombie growls) Hey, Pigman and Wither Skeleton! Come join the party outside! Just a couple more seconds
to shut the portal off. Oh no, an Enderman! (Enderman growls) Phew, its gone. (gasps) (Enderman growls) There’s a Enderman behind me, isn’t there? (Chase screaming)
(tense music) Shawn, there you are! I’ve been looking for you! There’s an Enderman after me, and I just need a few more seconds to sit down and shut the portal off. Okay, but this isn’t
probably the best place ’cause I just about got all the mobs rounded up in the backyard. Well, that’s not good. The Enderman! (both screaming) Hurry, Chase, close the portal! I’m trying! Just hold on for a few more seconds! The Enderman! (toy gun fires) I can’t hit him! He keeps disappearing! Yeah, you can’t blast Enderman! All right, I’m in front of the portal now. Just gotta place down these dirt blocks, and then it should stop the
lava from flowing inside and the mobs spawning in there. Just a few more seconds. (groans) Yes, I shut it off! But the mobs are still here. – [Shawn] I’ll take care of ’em. (triumphant music) (toy Nerf blaster blasts creeper) (explosion hisses) Yeah, we did it!
Yeah! (boys cheering) – [Shawn] Oh boy. – [Chase] That’s not good. You’re the one who blasted the Creeper. You’re going to have to tell dad. – [Shawn] He’ll understand. I just don’t get it! Where’d this big hole come from? It was the mobs from Minecraft! A likely story. Well, there’s not gonna be a
lot of Minecraft in your future ’til this holes filled in. Good luck.
This is gonna take forever! I know! How are we suppose to clean this up? (gasps) Chase! Yeah? If we had some of those Minecraft blocks, then we could fill this hole up in a couple of minutes! Oh yeah, good idea! – [Both] And we still have the– Mirror.
Portal. Portal. And we can go back to
Minecraft and get some! Should we do it? Yeah, let’s definitely do that! Guys, don’t forget to like and subscribe and comment down below.
(wings swooping) Which do you think is cooler,
The Nether or The End? And have you been there?
(Ender Dragon roars) See ya’ next time! Boom! (Ender Dragon roars)

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