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Minecraft Memes Are Taking Over My Life Oh! Top of the morning memesters. I didn’t see you there, standing in my room. Why are you all here? I know why you’re here, you’re here for… MINECRAFT!!! That’s right cuz when we’re not playing Minecraft, we’re thinking about Minecraft. If we’re not thinking about Minecraft we’re posting memes about Minecraft. I seriously cannot stop thinking about the game. I am legitimately addicted to it… I did not expect myself to enjoy it as much as I possibly am. So let’s get more of it in our lives. When Jack plays Minecraft don’t constantly… Sh*t on him for playing the wrong way like y’all did with Felix. Let both of them play Minecraft and enjoyed it as they want to. People have been generally super nice so far. Which again, I didn’t expect ‘cuz I know nothing about Minecraft. I was hitting rocks with my hand, I was ‘diggin ground with a pickaxe. I was doing all the noob things, But people were super nice! They all give me really helpful tips and guided me along and have helped me enjoy the series even more. So, thank you! ^-^ Playing Minecraft for the very FIRST time! You did it. You crazy son of a b*tch you did it. *laughter* Well people wanted it and I kind of wanted to at the same time. Hearing Felix talk so highly about the game and hearing him genuinely enjoy it, I was like, “Man, I want to play Minecraft now, now everybody’s playing Minecraft” It’s just such a wonderful wholesome time, and let’s face it, Would you rather be playing stinky, poopy Fortnite or if you rather be playing super wholesome, dog petting Minecraft? I know which one I would pick! I love Jack, but here’s some truth for you guys. “Playing Minecraft for the very first time!” Minecraft – Survival Hunter – Man vs. Wild Episode 8 – First Night *laughter* Oh wait- when was that uploaded? 6 years ago, June 2nd 2013?? *Video starts* Oh my god. I didn’t even crop out the freakin… FPS in the corner… I didn’t know what I was doing! But guys I’m playing it for the very first time!! *awkward chuckle* I’ve actually played it twice before, I did the Survival Hunter episode which was a like a survival mode thing, But I wasn’t actually really playing it, I just got in to try and make it seem like a man vs wild thing, where I was like looking around nature and trying to find crazy stuff. It wasn’t a very good episode, and then I did a custom map. Actually with Felix, back in the day for my thousandth video! ‘Cause I thought it’d be hilarious if I did Minecraft for my thousand video… So, I’ve technically played it twice before this, But this is the very FIRST time. It was the first time I’m taking it seriously. It’s the first time I’m actually enjoying it. I’m playing it, Not against my will. I love our some people are actually getting upset about it.. “H-He played it before! It’s not the first time guys, look! I have receipts, I have proof!!” Everything on the internet could be used against you!! 🙁 That was part of the joke of why I capitalized “first” in the title. Big brain! How long until he realizes? “Jacksepticeye uses pickaxe to mine dirt, everyone…” Okay, calm down. It only took the second episode. All you had to do was wait 24 hours. I figured out the problem!>:( In hindsight, yes, it was very dumb, But you have to remember what it’s like for someone completely new to play Minecraft I have no idea what I’m doing How many of you out there went into Minecraft and punched a tree got wood and then we’re like “hmm…” “I’ma punch a rock!” and then you didn’t get any stone and then you cried yourself to sleep All of us have been there We’ve all been Minecraft noobs at some times. Just because you’re a level 100 mob bosses now does not mean, You should shame the level 1 crook, okay? I’ll get to your level soon. Me watching Jack figure out Minecraft Not bad kid…*laughter* Thanks, Dad! Okay, here it is! Here it comes! I was waiting for this stuff! I’m not 20- Sean in 2014, I’m not gonna be doing Minecraft non-stop after this, It’s not going to become a Minecraft channel. This is basically the only Minecraft video like… like EVER gonna do… Sean 2019, full disclosure I’m actually playing this because felix has been playing this and he’s enthusiastic about it- But what’s wrong with that?! It’s been five years since these statements. Come on cut me some slack, but Seriously, um.. Back then, doing Minecraft- Minecraft back then was the Fortnite. It was like a happy wheels kind of thing where a lot of people were jumping on it just to get views. That you would play it just in the hopes that the series would take off that you’d get a billion views From it and all that kind of stuff and I I didn’t want to do that There was plenty of the games to play back then But now that kind of hump of Minecraft has kind of gone Now it now it’s fine to played people aren’t so open arms about it. Well, I Say as minecraft 7th Renaissance and tons of people are playing it just for views But I seriously only played it cuz Felix said it was really good and I liked survival games and I’ve never played it This is why I waited a month After Felix started his series to start doing it cuz it just yeah Minecraft tips they left PewDiePie submissions and now their in r/jacksepticeye I’m not gonna fall for your tricks. Okay me big smart IQ. Brain. I’m not gonna fall for it I’m gonna I’m gonna learn on my own with the help of everybody else cuz I don’t know what I’m doing and it’s a very tricky game to figure out Jack creeper and That does it another creeper they’re everywhere Goes out at nighttime once why are there so many enemies I didn’t know I knew not to go out at nighttime in Minecraft, but I didn’t know who’s gonna be this scary I didn’t know it was gonna be stuff everywhere I thought creepers like a rare thing that would show up every now and then to try and blow up your base and you had To kill them in time. They didn’t know there was just a random thing that happens everywhere Random everywhere. Yeah, that makes sense. Why am I getting so hostile? You guys have been super nice to me. And this is all in jest. It’s all part of the fun I’m actually having a great time accepting. I uploaded its gaming on YouTube dying Straight to minecraft That’s good, that’s good. I like this this is a good meme. Hey guys, welcome back to part 57 of Minecraft YouTube gaming is dying to be fair. I use fortnite as my example in the trending tab. I never said anything about Minecraft Could you just let me play minecraft? Let me just have my nice wholesome time with Sam in my house when Jack uses a pickaxe to break turn it hurt itself in Its own confusion. I Bet he’s not even wearing those glasses. There’s not even a drop of blood to be fair. It worked. I got the dirt You can’t fault me sure The other one is faster But my method still works the same as I put would in a furnace and it burned and everyone’s like wait what? No, that’s illegal. Sean vs. Felix so far. Are you ready for pain water sheep? I’m sorry. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to it was an accident your meat will not go to waste See, I like animals unlike Swedish people. I don’t carve of them up into meatballs. I take care of the animals I love the animals except the ones that I had to kill to survive, but those ones don’t count. All the other animals are delightful *OOF* also love how I’ve uploaded two episodes of Minecraft so far as of recording this episode and Everybody is just there’s been millions of Minecraft memes so far and it’s wonderful My entire life has been taken over by minecraft and I’m pretty okay with it. Sean exploring during the night time and minecraft creeper So you have chosen death. *laughter* That’s a good one I like this meme This is the best meme send this one to the top when Sean finds out about potatoes in Minecraft. THERES POTATOES IN MINECRAFT! Why have I’ve been sittin here eatin pigs and sheep and wheat and Bread NO every other gamers trying to get that bread. I hear gamers are trying to get those taters I want to get some spuds. What do I get potatoes? Tell me tell me now. Tell me now or I will Smack you I won’t I promise. I’m sorry that I threatened you Can you please tell me where this puts there Jack making walls using stone fence and putting glass paint as we know confused screaming? Jack using stone pickaxe, huh? Okay, yeah I get it I even I learn I’m I’m like four episodes in now and I go back to like part one and I’m like ooh, Four episodes in guys. I’m a Minecraft pro already. I’m a veteran I know exactly what I’m doing now if they ever played together Ken Felix Jack? I’m new to this. Okay, but I wasn’t long ago until Felix was new, Felix is the head on the right a little while ago Alright, but I’ll take it as long as I get to play Minecraft and have fun with my friends. I will take it This is this is wholesome content jacksepticeye who only just started playing minecraft today makes diorite walls Me who has been playing Minecraft for 10 years and didn’t know you could do that Interesting. See I’m teaching people something people didn’t know that you could put wood in a furnace Some people didn’t know a lot of people didn’t even know that phantoms could attack you at nighttime if you haven’t slept for 4 days, I’m Teaching people people didn’t know you could make walls out of walls. They’re cold walls What else was I supposed to do? everything else is called blocks If something’s called a wall and houses metal walls. What am I supposed to do and make it stuff on walls? I’m I’m the smart brain you are the big dumbs, but I can’t even see this So glad I grew up doing this not this Auto jump on. Oh, yeah No I I spend an hour in the game and I immediately had to redo all the buttons not having shift as sprint in a PC game is so bizarre to me having to double tap W is so painful having your character jump over everything as Soon as you get close to it, there’s like oh wow. Oh, yes. I will go in the ocean Thank you. So annoying the creepers just saw me bouncing around minecraft like this like what is wrong with him? No wonder they wanted to kill me spiders can’t swim minecraft is a liar Tarantulas can swim what? According to the park tarantulas can swim that large spiders are able to use their legs like paddles and row across the water. No No burn it off burn it all down. The internet was a mistake. Somebody go to the Internet and light a match under it This is this is information. I didn’t need to know Thankfully, there’s no spiders or tarantulas around here but the last thing I need is tarantulas to be able to get across a Body of water that I thought they never could learning the name of places mods and items in Minecraft. Ah, no gross calling everything minecraft Now that’s big brain. That’s big brain high IQ, man. Yeah see technically I’m not wrong. If I call everything a Minecraft then I’m right about everything everything in Minecraft is a Minecraft It’s a verb. It’s a noun It’s whatever you want it to be Minecraft is just minecraft, baby. What are you gonna be Minecraft about it? It’s like when you play Legend of Zelda, that’s a Zelda You’re Zelda. He’s doing Zelda over there. Zelda’s not actually a thing in those games You play as a character called Link. My dad when I’m teaching him how to play minecraft. Oh god. Hi. Are you one of suppose Minecrafts? Hi minecraft I’m dad Come on, it’s good. It’s fun. I’m not a dad. I Don’t know the names of everything in the game yet. So I’m just gonna call them whatever comes to my head That’s a Minecraft. You’re a Minecraft. How about we make a new rule on YouTube How about everyone worried about swearing getting demonetised and be the big money Jar going away? So how about we instead of swearing we all just say minecraft from now on minecraft is hip Minecraft is cool minecraft is good for search engine optimization. If you say enough minecraft, lots of people will watch your videos So, how about we just swear instead of swearing? We just say minecraft from now on Oh Minecraft it works really well like son of a minecraft Big brain corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture Minecraft and a Minecraft there’s the same picture. They’re all Minecraft guys PewDiePie plays minecraft Jacksepticeye, plays minecraft, everyone plays minecraft, Mojang stonks *laughter* When you see jacksepticeye starting a Minecraft series and he knows less than Felix did perhaps I treated you too harshly *laughter* Yeah, I imagine I know a lot less than most of the people most of the gamers on YouTube because I think a lot of people have played it at some point at least a little bit in their spare time or to try and Like make a series or something I Have never played it not even once guys there’s no proof of me ever playing it before but this is the first time that I get it going and I get I make like little pickaxes and I I make diamond Pickaxes and I I do all the things that everybody else is always talking about. I can’t wait until I make a Cobblestone generator Whatever that is. I just I just heard kids talking about it. And I was like, oh, I’d want to be a fellow kid I’ve only had Sam for a day and a half but if anything happened to him I would kill everyone in this room and then myself Yes Yes exactly thats exactly what happens, Plus I love Brooklyn nine-nine So this is is an epic tier meme for me This is doubly funny. But yes, this is exactly what I would do. Sam is in my life now it’s all I can think about If I ever got a dog in real life, I would be the exact same way But now minecraft lets me live the life that I’ve always wanted in a great colorful cubed world I don’t need to actually go outside anymore guys. I can just play Minecraft I don’t need to get a dog in real life. Just play Minecraft Sean. I swear if anything happens to this saw dog, Sam I’m ending this series immediately Felix if anything happens to Sven I’m ending this series *laughter* Did he say that? Oh crap, I Haven’t seen any of Felix’s like actual episodes. I’ve seen them in my feed and I watched the first one a little bit But I didn’t know he actually said that *More laughter* See that’s what happens you give somebody a dog and all they want to do is protect it with their life The dog is more important than the series. I mean, this is not a crazy thing to happen Also now that I think about its Sven and Sam are pretty damn close to each other So I’m probably accidentally gonna call my dog Sven. Well, I have exhausted all the memes That’s that was only a fraction of the memes after two episodes Can you imagine how many there’s gonna be when I upload 100 episodes of Minecraft? It’s gonna be crazy, but I’m really glad people like the series so far. I am having an absolute blast playing it. It feels like it feels like doing YouTube in like 2014-2015 era again. It just feels fun. I could just sit down and play a game all the time You don’t have to worry about anything just play and have fun and enjoy your world. It’s delightful Don’t forget to smash like in this video for every time that I have said minecraft in this video and remember don’t be a Minecraft Be a Minecraft Minecraft!

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  1. "zelda is not a thing in those games the character is link" So we all know that zelda is the princess in legend of zelda right.

  2. My first experience playing Minecraft, my brother let me use his account which had mods and stuff. He built a structure and it was basically a giant tutorial. When I was done, he opened the door and I entered my very first world. It was a jungle biome. I got some wood. Made a crafting table, and then went into creative and put down a TON of mob spawners. The game crashed and I had to make a new world.

  3. I was the other way around with minecraft, it took me so long to find out about coal and charcoal that I just used wood and sticks all the time XD

  4. hey Jack you can dye your dogs collar by taking a dye of your choosing and right click your dog to change its collar from red to green or blue

  5. The reason people didn't know about diorite walls is a lot of people jumped off ship. I've been playing for over 9 years and the combat update literally ruined it for me. I only just now started a 1.14.4 vanilla survival to sorta try to catch up, and I have no comment on it yet.

  6. No joke, I used to be cursed by creepers on minecraft. They would come out of anywhere anytime of the day and annihilate me all the friggin time. They'd LITERALLY stake the outside of my bases. It was a crisis.

  7. Me: Finds out that tarantulas swim

    Also me: Wants to look up where they live so I can stay as far away as possible, but is afraid of potential tarantula images

  8. Jack: everything in minecraft is a minecraft
    Me: ok i can see the logic
    Jack: everythig in Zelda is a Zelda
    Me: wheres my Trident and torches

  9. Um, Jack, I don't want to be difficult about this, but the fact is YOU are in MY living room. And you're very welcome here, of course, always are…but not if you're going to make it weird.

  10. Séan vs Felix
    So far:
    Pewds: Ooh great whatersheep give me guidance and forgiveness please

    Jack: Look at the egg ok? THE FUCK OUT OF MY SIGHT!!

    [The papers have been inversed]

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  12. Jack :- there is not a singel drop of blood
    Meanwhile back ast the walls
    Me :- spits out my tea ANTI IS THAT YOU?!

  13. Hey, I was a noob too. A little less than ten years ago I sat down at my computer, aaaaaand-

    Had no idea how to move because I was used to games where you click to move or in rare cases used the arrow keys and it was all scary and I refused to play in survival because I didn’t like monsters and even in creative, peaceful and always day there was a torch on every single block in my house because I knew one thing. “If it’s light the monsters can’t get you” =_= good job me

  14. Jack not to be a stickler but Zelda is the name of the princess of the land of Hyrule you even see her in BOTH yes both OoT and Majora’s mask also Hyrule warriors

  15. I literally played Minecraft 2 days in a row, listening to Sean play it 😂 I found potatoes and said “SHPUDS!!!” Lol

  16. Folk give ya shit for playing your way but Id like to see them do this in real life (not Minecraft Earth) I want to see their face when they realize it's going to take them about three days to make that starter shelter out of just wood, if they actually tried. 👍🏻

  17. First time playing Minecraft:
    Jack: mine dirt
    Me: Don't break any block, kill every mob with bare hands, don't make a hideout.
    Also me: Why didn't I…

  18. i was a mc noob and i didnt punch stone… maybe that means im still a noob.. i havent punched stone…..

  19. 10:52

    Flashback to my eleventh grade English teacher teaching us that fuck can be used as every part of the English language

  20. Watching this after Jack got Chuck is really funny, because he's like "I love animals" but you remember he's trash-talking Chuck every episode and throwing his eggs away. But we all know he still panics when Chucks about to get hurt so it's fine

  21. ive made and beaten the wither 7 times and beat the ender dragon 2 using end crystals to revive him/her …DONT ASSUME GENDERS

  22. "im sorry im sorry your meat will not go to waste!"
    Jack now to sheep, cows, and chuck the chicken: "your trash. only profit shut up chuck! YOUR TRASH. Garbage"

  23. He said Minecraft so much I'm not even sure that it is a word anymore. Someone needs to make a Minecraft counter for how many times he says it.

  24. 10:58 "you're a Zelda. he's doing Zelda over there"
    Well, here's the thing, Jack. Zelda's the princess of the game.

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