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I I eat the dreams of young children So today We have a special episode of murder okay, Thea Thea. Are you ready? I’ll do a countdown. Are you ready? Yes, okay, okay, three two one run out This week of murder run is all about the memes we have four different memes for this week an Thea is John Cena, so(Laughing) Dudes john cena If you enjoy this video hit the like button down below Let’s get to 8 likes also hit the subscribe button Turn on notifications if you do subscribe let us know down in the comments will we’ll be replying to you guys and yes, so Madelyn and Crainer, are you ready to get murdered by John Cena There’s also new trap There’s a new killer trap, which the literally if John Cena kills one of us throws the trap on us It’ll turn us into a zombie and we fight for her Yes, there’s for the survivor there’s a trap vest which if we use that if we die we Explode into all of our traps on the ground There’s also a random trap, which if you throw it you get a random trap, so? Right right right so you could throw down like a really good trap on that one I’m gonna, but I’m gonna turn it in John Cena. I’m gonna buy my John Cena armor, okay The armor is John Cena Craner Means John Cena look at me Craner You don’t have to lie it to get to make PA proud of you, okay? You just want to means Ya, see it tell them my boss Alright, so is everybody traded. Everybody got everything well. Yeah said a tea oh one last round she got two extra stacks and other stars and This round were fighting in an insane asylum Okay get back here is your red little hot over here you hide back here Don’t you look at us. We’re gonna go hide under glee duckling So all the John’s so I have I have six of the random trapped and for the portal trap so crater We have to do this we have to What what do you have? In the insane asylum, okay, I have my hiding spot everybody ready, it’s on it’s I’m peeing it’s on payin here. We go three Two one okay, okay? I’m gonna try this so we I have the random trap the new random travel see what happens, okay? It turned into a point okay, oh, no chick it is okay. We’re gonna see her now wait I just do a glow trap at her, but it didn’t work It didn’t oh, I did a neck break did that one work wait? Why did freeze trap freeze trap was triggered? Oh, I see her. I see her okay. I see her she’s frozen Okay everybody hi Denise insane asylum, don’t move Oh She’s burros Okay, I’m gonna throw random trap. What is this? Yeah, I can see you two guys, I’m gonna say this do not throw the random trap near a wall. It destroys the wall What a home run the ocean gets ask writer writer shiggity remember she had two extra specs Right there, what does that turn into okay? What is that? Way crater where you end, I don’t want to go where you are Killer activated ghost mode, so we’re invisible. I think aren’t wait oh She activated Joe smoke Okay, I have an idea. I just trying to think about how to get there. Okay. I’m gonna throw this Portal trap onto this trip. I don’t know what this trap is though What is it? So I’m guessing that’s all out of them Store trap start trap perfect, okay Remember we have this mod Okay, I’m gonna drop another one right up here right up here What is that a? Boat that’s necklace That’s neck break, so she’s somewhere inside of the asylum. Oh, she’s greater greater. Be careful greater. Be careful Broke her neck broke her neck I’m pretty sure we own t in this one oh Good okay, so crater Crater was the last life. He’s the next up killer. Let’s do this. Yes, all right so craters to killer wit This is one of the best models we have seen is crash bandicoot Such a good meme. Oh my gosh, okay, okay, Mattia and Madeline I will be I will be the protector of you two I will be the male figure protector It’s always bad I will be I always die when I’m being protected I’m sorry. I let you down often Madeline Ridiculous, I love that model Oh Coming in Okay you guys ready to hide. I have my strategy I will protect everyone inside of this Asylum aside from you – I will they protect me. Let’s do this Okay So this is my strategy I have this trap here, and I have this one you guys remember this trip. Okay, okay greater Don’t you look at my screen hacker. Let’s do this everybody ready? Listen there’s a Wahby okay Everybody ready still you are crazy dear you are crazy It’s on you – yeah Do you want to be the first once again That is a bad thing you don’t want to get ward Where is she I heard you said you were crazy so I assumed that you were hiding somewhere Trap nice bow trap Madeline nice boyfriend Or, maybe she has a portal trap, okay You have been spotted oh no he gets it Next map yes nice, okay, okay, we’re good No No, you don’t I probably see you. Don’t you don’t know where you are both upstairs. No We’re not know or not I am I am. I am in the garden picking flowers. I made the card Yeah, it’s burrow trap. Okay. Okay, cool trap I Thought you would run by Alright, so I’m the next killer. How was the last one alive? Let’s do this that was good. Are you guys ready? Hold on three two one I Am the PPAP guy, I will kill everyone with a pen plant Apple Apple pen let me I’m gonna mute this cord I want to I want to I want to talk about my strategy by don’t don’t you listen in you jerks so I want to Test out this loo trap the corruption trap, right So let me get so I need three stacks of writing me three nether warts and there we go now I’m getting the corruption and what this is allows you to revive a dead hider and Turn their body into an animated helper who will help you search for the rest so if I can kill one of them Then I have a zombie to help me find the rest So I just need to find one and the way I can do that Trying to think how can I find okay? I can do this hold on yeah remember this the infrared vision What me grab the infrared vision so I can find one of them And then I can use the trap wrecker to find the rest with my zombie Dudes, hopefully this is good. I don’t know if this strategy is gonna work Hopefully this zombie is good. All right you guys go hide. I’m coming for ya three Three John Cena’s versus PPAP guy Sorry sorry go ahead. Sorry. Sorry. I’m a hacker Okay, it’s on ten it’s on kid here. We go three two one go. Okay. Okay, okay, so here’s my plan. Here’s my play do Let’s get inside. Let’s get inside. Let’s go upstairs. Go upstairs. Go upstairs. Okay, okay, throw don’t drop trigger. Who did it you’re dead? You’re dead I don’t want to tell you okay, okay here we go. Oh, okay. Okay, let’s throw this Madeline battlin I am sorry I have to do this I’m sorry. I have to turn your body into a zombie now Come with me Madeline come with me zombie Madeline Where I can’t get through here Oh No, I fell I fell I fell like you falling out of the map nothing hit me Where this zombie is supposed to find you guys zombie I need you to find things Madeline you’re so useless Crater, where is TIA where is this? You’ve gotta be wait, so she’s hiding somewhere bad. Where is she? Where is this stupid zombie Where is dear All right, so now it’s up to way who’s like killer Tia, Madeline Madeline Madeline is the last killer. Let’s do this and the last meme Catch me a side girl oh And of course battle it is her a lot of you guys say she looks like her when she does her hair a certain way Okay, I have a specific plan for the cache male psyche girl. You will never have a sword You will never have a sword in this round Madeline Outside yep sure we all hide outside So we have that and that this is gonna be good all right you guys ready everybody ready Okay, you just everybody don’t go outside cuz she’ll catch you so catch you outside Want to keep an eye on the cache, I’m gonna keep an eye on the cache okay is everybody hiding everybody ready Inside you can please don’t catch this outside okay, Madeline I inside What’s going on Great I’m gonna try to save you, okay, I’m gonna do a hack trap and then send that to you, okay Okay Great you’re bringing Okay a trap okay heck trap she doesn’t have a sword anymore. She does never saw Backtrack backtrack by Hector a Hector And you need to be really fast right now for her not to catch you okay, I don’t want to catch me outside I tried to go where you wouldn’t suspect me outside All right, so that was the final round let’s see who has the fastest time all right? Let’s see who the winner is we got a crash bandicoot. Catch me outside, John Cena and PPAP in three two one I won by fives. I would by five seconds and Madeleine was two seconds behind Craner This was the fat or the closest we have ever done in murder run oh? If you guys have enjoyed hit the like button down below Also hit the subscribe button on notifications if you do subscribe let us know down in the comments We’ll be replying to your Craner. You look ridiculous that is the best that is the best? Model I’ve seen yet. I just realized my hair starting to look like crash bandicoot’s hair now That’s who you are now Dudies are grooties baby love me hard thx lol suck my lolipops daddy i… maby?

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