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hey guys this is scruffy and today I’m
gonna show you everything you need to know about llamas in minecraft
including how to tame them click the link in the description below for more
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llamas come in four colors tan which seems to be more common to me white gray
and my favorite dark brown to tame a llama you just keep trying to climb
onto it and that’s right click on PC Mac or Windows 10 ZL for Wii U or switch L2
for PlayStation and LT for Xbox the llama will keep throwing you off and you
just have to keep climbing back on its back until you see the hearts that mean it’s tamed. Llamas spawn in extreme hills and savanna biomes the only really
negative thing about llamas is that you can’t control where they go while you’re
riding on them or put saddles on them like you can with horses I’ll show you
the only way you can control where they go in just a minute my absolute favorite
part about llamas is that you can put carpets on them as decoration open your
inventory pick the carpet you want and drag it into the slot next to your llama
and then you will see that the carpet looks completely different on your llama
I love the purple and green carpets because they make Enderman and creeper
carpets once you put them on the llama to get off the llama you’re riding you
just press shift for PC Mac or Windows 10 and right stick for Wii U switch
playstation or xbox one of the best things about llamas is that they can
carry things for you in chests first you get chests out of your inventory and
then for PC Mac or Windows 10 you right click where the chest
should go use ZL for Wii U or switch L2 for PlayStation and LT for Xbox then you
can try putting things in a chest each llama can carry a different amount
depending on how strong it is it’s from 3 to 15 items so now we’re gonna talk
about the only way to control where your llamas go you can make a llama Caravan
by attaching a lead and walking around holding the lead you can make a caravan
of up to 10 llamas per lead so if you have two leads you could have 20 llamas
total so if you’re moving somewhere this is a really good way to move all of your
things you want my biggest tips for that use is to put carpets to mark which
llamas are carrying which items or you can use name tags instead to make llamas
breed you need to use hay bales and then you get these adorable baby llamas llamas eat
wheat and hay bales and you can make baby llamas grow faster by feeding them
llamas will spit at wolves but wolves will attack the llama if its strength
is not high enough llamas will also spit at you anytime you attack them even the
babies will spit at you if you do kill an adult llama it will drop leather
thanks for watching guys and let me know what else you’d like to see in Minecraft
I’d also love to have you subscribe

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