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24 thoughts on “Minecraft Is Everything | Korok Clan

  1. turns on the video
    Parker: Starts talking

    Me: Okay philosophy discussion.


    Parker: Minecraft is my favourite.
    Me: Aight.

  2. Ok idk why I am relating to this so much,and honestly don't mind😂😂😅
    When I was with my dad he would never want to play with me I don't know why. It sad I just want a friend to okay with😭😭

  3. Your voice is so soothing!! You could be explaining how you've cursed my entire family for generations to come and I'd probably still like the video.

  4. I love Minecraft so much! It's also my favorite video game! I'm mostly in creative making a lot of different things! I once made a castle and become the Wolf Queen! (❤ω❤) but I do have fun survive and me and my bond over Minecraft actually!

  5. I love Minecraft! It's nostalgic for me since I first played it on my PSVita. Nice video!

    (Coincidentally, I just got off Minecraft not too long ago, lol)

  6. You know I was playing minecraft death run when I got this notification and I always play it when I listen to music or audios and this video hit close to home minecraft was in my childhood. You said when you were twelve dude for me it was when I was 8 this video kinda made me emotional of how minecraft was a big part of my life. I'm thankful to my brother for introducing minecraft to me

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