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Happy New Year everybody hi guys I’m Erin and welcome to air in place today we’re gonna share five fun facts about Minecraft there’s a boy in Australia named Lucas that recommended minecraft and tornado so I’m doing minecraft now and the next episode I think is gonna be tornado hi Lucas thanks for recommending this video I hope you enjoy the video that I made especially for you it’s now 2020 it’s a very exciting new year my new year wish is to have my channel growing have more subscribers have more likes on my videos you can help me by that by leaving a like leave in comment on question or subscribing and ring the notification bell and means a lot to me really I really hope I can make great contents for you guys and well let’s get started minecraft fact number one did you know Enderman that teleports around and make weird noises they actually say real words in English but in Reverse or weirdly pitched like for example and here we have Enderman spawn eggs lag you won’t need all of them either so but I’ll take all of them cause I want to spawn more so inventory there that’s the Enderman if you hit it makes that noise hit again makes different noise and what we’re gonna get is a diamond sword because what I don’t want to waste all my entire life chilling him so well yeah what do you want I’m gonna die tonight so he’s screaming and stuff is all all English really pitched and reversed or just weirdly pitch and reverse what and right now looks like the weather’s really bad just to us like I’m in weather clear should be clear now oh it’s your phantom see a lot of phantoms gonna go kill it I hate phantoms do you know what time time set day there we go now you can see and the phantoms are burning which is amazing because I hate them all right we can jump down crane creative and you know what game-mode survival for this one minecraft fact number two did you know the brown panda the rarest mob in the game first of all you’ll have a small chance finding a jungle biome and then you’ll have a small chance finding a bamboo forest in the jungle biome then you’ll have another small chance of finding just panda in the bamboo forest and then you’ll have a very very small chance of finding a brown panda in the bamboo forest so over here I’ve got all seven species of [Music] one have escaped when I was shredding the bamboo and creative because they’re getting too too tall and laggy for my game so this is the normal one it’s the normal one yeah many people know it they think it’s so cute but it has a frown wait no is it yeah that’s the normal panda you saw with the frown this is the magical brown panda it’s like the normal plan de except it’s brown just rare so yeah this panda is the puppy eyes panda which is also called the sad panda this is the sick panda which is like actions like a normal Panda except he has one a fraction of the normal pandas health and sometimes it will appear a slimeball on the floor so could be a useful slimeball farm so just give you a bamboo eat eat they also can’t eat this is a playful one one of my favorites he can do a barrel roll just wait for it wait for the better room just you can see his tongue is out there bamboo bamboo this one is the aggressive one [Applause] well not he will attack sometimes randomly if you hurt another panda next to him or hurt him he will attack and he does a lot of damage for example sorry you see you see three hearts of damage you can die to hit two hurts okay you’re gonna stop messing with you okay just calm down this is a lazy panda he he’s always like upside down rolling and stuff I’m kind of hungry I I’m really hungry you want one sadly you’re not a panda you can’t eat bamboo so yeah also if you want to make them breed all you have to do is get them together which I’m not gonna get close to the aggressive one they will have a 50-50 chance for example if I’m breeding the puppy eyes one and the brown one they will have a chance of being there will be a better chance of being the puppy eyes one than the brown one because the brown one is more rare but if it’s two normal pandas we’ll get them in love mode you still have to wait for them to be hungry and it’s not just bamboo you can feed them you can also feed them cake for example I’m gonna push you push you I made a man minecart for no reason and he keeps writing and running except now you can also feed it cake cake that’s right you can feed it cake I put two pandas spawning so I can show you guys the breed you can’t just breathe it out of nowhere in the desert you there has to be some bamboo nearby so for example it place a bunch of bamboo bamboo bamboo there bamboo out of bamboo and then now I’m gonna spawn two pandas you can’t breed them with oh come on I got a baby planet when I want to breathe some and that’s what the baby one looks like you need a lot of bamboo to let them grow you need a whole lot of bamboo to make it grow so yeah you’re gonna can’t really breathe it now it’s the only time this is really bad weather / weather weather a clear return okay that’s better I’m really hungry at least you can’t eat the cake and proof that I can feed the cake to the marvelous panda there it’s wait you see see wait don’t turn the back you see he’s eating the cake don’t why are you turning your back on me he’s eating the cake not just bamboo but you can indicate but you can’t breed with the cake that’s a problem all right moving on to the next one I’m even more hungry minecraft fact number three did you know that covering the Minecraft surface the most common block is dirt you’d think it’s pretty obvious but there’s still devout desert biome which is sand I guess but it’s dirt the most common block on the surface so we’re gonna take a little trip through NASA spaceship oh yeah I forgot to take some of this aerodynamic stick which has ripped I three toasty warm boots in case you get cold to save the helmets fire protection and also just a big just a normal one all right inventory let’s put this here safety helmet and toasty warm boots okay we’re ready to go on an adventure it was a really big struggle but I managed to do it also / weather weather rain because when it’s raining you can use this a million times you [Applause] you can see mostly land and it’s kind of dangerous so yeah we don’t need all that stuff anymore apparently the safety helmet and stuff didn’t really work mm-hmm I just wear like funny jokes and stuff all right down to fact number four minecraft fact number four did you know that out of percentage that means beneath the surface is stone the most common block because you only have one layer of dirt and beneath that is just stone and some ores all right so here is giant pixel art I built here I don’t really care if I die so this is a giant pixel art I built which is like a pickaxe a giant pickaxe breaking the ground and a bunch of words and stone pop up leave her ratings of my build its I can do better than this but I didn’t have much time so yeah okay you all just kill me I’m hungry all right I’ll respond [Applause] / [Applause] and [Applause] [Applause] so now it’s gonna be almost beautiful not yet not yet beautiful we need to slash time set day now it’s beautiful now again now it’s all good because well yeah so good minecraft fact number five down to the last fact did you know that pumpkins itself is more rare than diamonds diamonds you can find at the level a deep level and honestly it’s not much of a struggle to find it you can if you have an iron pickaxe and go down to a cave you can find like maybe say a few diamonds in ten minutes but if you’re out searching for pumpkins it will take you much more than 10 minutes ponds around mountain biomes and really jungle sometimes and well obviously not the desert just places where there’s a lot of vegetation trees and stuff and it’s a pretty rare block honestly alright so look this is how much diamonds you can find at the same time around if you’re good at finding diamonds if you know how to play like I do and this is how much pumpkins you can find at also same time diamonds well it depends on your luck honestly if you can find you can find just say thirty times this must this much diamonds and you can find zero pumpkins or you can find zero diamonds and lot of pumpkins but usually pumpkins are more rare than diamonds because you have to find the right biome have to find that little one or two or three or four five six seven pumpkins but diamonds it’s around bedrock and it’s pretty honestly easy to find one I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you have leave a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already ring the notification bell leave a comment or a question it really means a lot to me have a good new 2020 I’m looking forward to make a series of Minecraft soon it depends on your feedback if you like it well I’ll do it for sure and again thank you Lucas for giving you the suggestions and everything for your supports see you guys peace [Music]

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