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Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

Dude, are you napping?
I can’t get all this work done by myself. I wasn’t napping!
Something happened. Hey, don’t worry about it,
it was just a nightmare. Tell me what happened. I was back in the city
wandering around. I don’t remember what happened next!
Just here I am… Oh my God.
– What? Your helmet, it’s gone!
You died! All your stuff’s missing! Oh no…
The diamond hoe! What?! I told you to never waste
your diamonds on a hoe! It’s still there.
We have to go back and get it! No way. We vow never to go back there You know, leave off the grid.
Be real melon farmers. We’ll never be real melon farmers
if we don’t go back there and get that hoe! Damn it! All right, but we get in and we get out,
no spelunking! Fine! There is my stuff. Hey, come on man. Ok ok, so here is the plan:
You have to… Dude did you see that?! Niko, wait for me! Snap out of it!
Come on man. Look out! What happened? I don’t know man.
Something’s messing with your mind. It’s okay, I’m over it! Just hurry up get your stuff,
we are in trouble. All right, I think we got this! Look out! If we don’t close that portal,
we’re gonna lose everything. Even the melon farm? Niko, what are you doing?
Saving the farm! That’s suicide. Dude, are you napping?
I can’t get all this work done by myself. Sorry, man.
I must have dozed off. I had the weirdest dream
Everything was all round and flashy. Wait! Wait a second…
Where is all your stuff? Oh, fu… Subtitles by Valygard.

100 thoughts on “Minecraft: Diamonds Are Forever

  1. I remember i was six when this vid came out. Me and my friend was so fascinated by the vid so we grabbed a bunch of toy guns and we pretended we was those two in the vid haha

  2. Im a bit of a nitpicky person at some things. Keep that in mind:

    Minecraft doesnt have freaking guns

    Zombies dont ever, EVER alter their target which is either players or villagers, and players are prioritized

    Helmets dont fall off whenever you look up

    You only have a helmet…?

    Blood doesnt exist in minecraft

    In the name of all that is holy, what have u done to the ghast face model

    If you want to be melon farmers, theres trees behind you and stone/iron beneath you. Plenty for a hoe

    Blocks dont move in minecraft, at least without texture packs and/or command blocks, but i guess thats the strange phenomenon in video that makes a plot

    You cannot ride ghasts and let alone steer them with a sword stuck in their heads

    Actual block physics?

    The only thing i can say is right is that you never make a diamond hoe

    I am officially eligible for cinemasins

  3. Is no one gonna notice how great the soundtrack for this video is, I miss Sam making the music for these videos

  4. 4:27 this is how you ride a ghast in your MC animation
    In minecraft: While going to the top of the ghast, you might end up falling
    Cause they can have body's that cant allow to be stepped

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