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Hi I’m George and I’ll be showing you how to get Bees inside of Minecraft Bedrock. If you like this video make sure you hit that Like button, don’t forget to Share, and also don’t forget to Subscribe. I do a lot of videos every single week and to find out more about that take a look at my Youtube channel Okay let’s get to it [Music] Minecraft Bedrock Bees Minecraft Bees are available right now in the Beta version of Minecraft Bedrock This is in the Windows 10 version and also in the Xbox One version so to get the Beta there’s a few things you have to do let me show you how to do that I’ll just click out of minecraft here and then I’ll show you how to install beta on your system this technique works for Microsoft Xbox one and also Windows 10 and it only works if you have the downloaded version of Minecraft this won’t work if you have minecraft on a disk this is only for the download version of Minecraft and also you have to have already installed Minecraft for this to work if that’s all set to go if you already have your minecraft up and running from Xbox one or Windows 10 on your computer then here’s what you do to join the beta program the first thing you have to do is to open up the Windows Store I’m gonna have mine open up right here go up to search and do a quick search up here you need to search for the proper app to run this we want to look for is the Xbox app and it’s the Xbox insider hub right there Xbox insider hub so do a search for that I already have this one so I can’t go further than that on this particular screen but do a search for this and then install this on your system once that’s done you can then close this window down just get this out of the way so we have inside our hub installed now the insider hub allows you to join into the beta program for different games on Microsoft made a spring of that insider hub program tampering the app up as soon as you install this you should find it at the top of the Start menu and there we go now the first thing you’ll be seeing down here is level 1 right there and you’ll be seeing your username up here so level 1 will be showing and that’s just going to be saying observer you need to go to the novice level right here before you coming in joining beta programs there’s a lot of information right here about how to work with the beta program and then to level up due to the novice level you have to get at least 20 points and that’s what I’ve done right down here now to get 20 points is pretty easy all you have to do is just go up here where it says announcements coverage versus surveys and take a couple of surveys they have just these real basic surveys in here each one of these are worth 10 points I took those two surveys and that then gave me level two which gave me the novice level so I’m all set now once you have the novice level which is level two you then can join different beta programs go up to insider content right here and you should be able to now join minecraft it’s going to be showing you up here anything you’ve joined down here a couple things available right there but I’ve already joined the minecraft beta right here minecraft for Windows 10 bits one I’m running this on and once you’ve done that it’s going to download and install the beta version of Minecraft which is the most recent or most current version in here or minecraft okay once that’s done you can go back then and run minecraft let’s go ahead and take a look at that I’ll bring minecraft up let’s close this one down and we’ll launch minecraft and there we go minecraft is now loading in it’ll be loading in and the beta version and we’ll get all kinds little notices up here in just a moment once it begins doing that a lot of things just notice up here it says beta right there across the top you have your beta build right up in here and a bit of information about your current installation but the important thing right there is your beta build right now I’m looking at one point one four point zero point five two and this happens to have the B’s let’s go ahead and play this we playing the beta version and I’ll choose my forest clip that’s where I have my bees sitting now you will be getting some more information in here but the beta builds for instance you might find crashes you might find glitches things like that now if you find anything like that go ahead and report that and there’s an easy way to it’ll be popping up here in just a second easy way to go ahead and report those glitches or crashes and that will then help minecraft to the problems and include those in the later betas and also of course finally and right here is a bit about that finally in the final release of the next version of minecraft bedrock so you just help them to norges bugs Mojang calm it’ll help them to fix the program and you can participate then in the development of the program by running the beta version you can also get out a little bit of information right there about how to uninstall the beta version and get back to the regular version once you’ve finished playing around with it once you’re in here you’ll then be inside the beta version and there are the bees running around now I have several videos about how to do bees up on YouTube already and everything else matches all of my bee videos have been done in the Java version but the bees part of that all runs the same in Java and in bedrock so all of those previous videos that I’ve done on the bees also work out just as well here in the bedrock Edition now real fast right there on that tree there is a bee nest there’s B coming out of that right here on the right hand side of here a couple of beehives sitting on a couple of scaffoldings in there the bee nest those happen automatically and they’re spread around the trees there they’re pretty rare but you can find them and then you build those beehives and again talk all about this in other videos but real fast here if you’re in creative mode which is what I’m playing in right now let’s take a look at what we have available here in creative mode click on the little geeky and bring this up let’s just scroll down a little bit here and see what we have right there there is the scaffolding I think that looks really nice if you put a beehive on top of that looks real authentic that way you know scroll down a little bit more there’s your honey block right here and there’s your honeycomb block you know go a bit further again and see where everything else is hiding in here right there there’s the bee nest that’s what happens on trees those are just naturally placed on trees you can look around and find those they happen about 5% of the time in forests and then we’ll scroll down a bit further there is honeycomb you can actually harvest this out of the Beehive or the bee nest if they’re full of honey he’s the shears for that right down here all of your spawn eggs and that one there that’s your B spawn right there that makes your bees for you if you’re not finding them in the wild again this is in creative mode and I’ll go down a little bit further down here and there’s your beehive right there so that’s where all of your stuff is it’s real easy the main two things you need for these of course is bees either a bee nest or build a beehive and then a lot of flowers around so I have mine set up down here with my bee nest beehive if there’s just grass there’s a scaffolding there’s the bee spawner let’s see how this all works so right now I have this scaffolding in my ham let’s just put a scaffolding right there and then I’ll take a beehive put that on top there it is there’s a basic beehive setup put some flowers around so the bees house I’m going to work with also notice when you’re holding flowers the bees come to you they like it a lot when you’re holding flowers but flowers down here that’s pretty good and finally let’s go to the spawn bee and I’ll put a few more bees out here there we go just like that now one little difference I found between the bedrock version at this point and the Java version is if you click on a bee with a bee spawn or you’re not gonna be getting any baby bees over in Java you get baby bees we’re not giving those here in the bedrock version but that might get fixed in a later update so there you go that’s how you can get bees here inside of minecraft bedrock don’t forget if you had fun with this video make sure you hit that like button also click on share and click on subscribe for more videos I’ll be doing a lot more videos in bedrock as well as my standard videos in Minecraft and Java and I’ll see you next time

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  1. Always nice to see someone doing Bedrock content. There are massive amounts of Java content but Bedrock seems to be a bit thin. 🙂

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