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Why do you think love lovindies hiding in an ice cream shop funneh?
Like I said gold if you want to find the villain first you must be the villain
So I think lovei and II would have first got herself a chocolate mint ice cream
Are you sure lemon tea wants the ice cream or you just want to eat the ice cream?
well this saying goes both ways [ah]
Let’s go and check out the shop
It’s so cute. Look at it. This is a little little derp [tie] [down] [ghosts]
Oh wait, or two ice cream scoop [oh]
Yeah, a vanilla one I
like this place very classic
[bye], hello there fellow customers. What would you like today?
Do you have a chocolate mint ice cream? That’s one of my favorite flavors?
We have cherry though
But I see chocolate mint right there. Are you all out? Well? No, but we have cherry
Cherry meh, I hate cherry gold you go first. Well. I hate chocolate mint
So you can’t have either
What a so evil, what kind of customer service is this yeah, okay?
How about you order first [goal]? Let me just check the menu over here
Can I get one clean vanilla ice cream cone, please?
Um excuse me. How so lazy [oh] uh
sorry, I was just uh
None of your business [buy] what you want, but one plain vanilla ice cream cone, please yeah, sure
[of] course we do everybody has that who doesn’t [have] vanilla or chocolate?
Actually, do you like chocolate
No, I don’t I have prefer vanilla, please
Fine, I’ll go get you a vanilla cone. Just just stay there, okay
Just don’t leave [that] sighs
put a basic Flavor gold
Delicious anyone favorite okay anyways did the Captain ever tell you what she looks like?
No, he just gave me a short description. He said she has long strawberry blonde hair I
Saw someone with that hair color earlier when I was on the gondola really
Was it was it her?
Mmm. No, it wasn’t it was another strawberry blonde girl that she did look pretty evil
[Mm-Hmm] your strawberry I mean ah
Your vanilla cone is done. Ma’am. It’s nice and cold. [oh], thanks, honey. Come over here
Um he said she was a big big fan of pink so she’s probably wearing pink colored clothing as well
Is anyone around this resort wearing pink?
Wait that girl is but she doesn’t really have strawberry blonde hair. It’s kind of dirty blonde. Yeah, that’s true
Hmm. Well anyways can I get one chocolate ice cream cone, please?
Finally a reasonable order, okay coming right up
By the way um your ice cream are very pretty thank you for making this oh
Well, you’re welcome. My mother always said that I was a perfectionist never Miss my aim. Oh
She must be bored [here] because she made this sketch City
Look at it
Wait, you just got plain chocolate no topping or anything, and you called me basic. Oh wait can I also um?
Here’s my here’s your chocolate ice cream cone nobody can I get Sprinkles please?
Really? Do you really want to add sprinkles with that?
Sprinkles make everything more fun Confetti pew all right fine
[-] the Sprinkles
This girl’s so [lame]. I am usually at customer service
So are you guys do around here? Here’s your ice cream by the way?
Sprinkles for fame Q. [nah], we’re on a business trip. You know no big deal eo
What type of business?
If you don’t mind me asking you know same old same old well
I hope you enjoy your [ice] cream cone. It’s mostly ice
From out there by the way cool authentic [mountain] ice
Yeah, real ice cream. Are you gonna take the ice from out there? It’s not very sanitary
Well no one’s stopping me so I mean why not?
What did this technically be snow cones then not ice cream?
Yeah, actually if you didn’t know ice creams were the original snow cones
Well, thank you so much for the ice cream cone. Yeah. Oh wait wish your name Tag by the way
I would like to thank you properly [oh]
my name is
Lisa Jones
Minson whip at
Wait a minute
What is it [uh]?
You forgot to put the sprinkles on my ice cream cone. [oh], silly me he just let me grab some sprinkles for you
Thank you
What’s with her? I don’t know she’s so lazy imagine if we were lazy agents. I’d be like
Get your hands up. Hey. I i have to go outside and get sprinkles
There’s none in my ice cream shop. Just just be right back be right back. No problem. I’ll help you no
I don’t need your help. Oh
[bro] buttons me
um you dropped your
Weight, haha – oh, silly me haha. Let me just pick that up and I’ll get you a fresh new cone
Um okay funny wait a minute
That’s Lemon tea oh
Yeah, you’ll know wait lemon tea. Go you’re under arrest for being a public nuisance
[you’ll] never take me love money stop moving. I will shoot now. Oh
Really love for life. You’re not hydride sure sure are you gonna jump?
No, I’ll break my legs, and I didn’t bring my grappling hook
Love Andy could get back here. [why] [is] she traveling off -?
can you see I don’t know maybe we could look through these uh
telescopes and find her love andy
Darn it. Come on gold there must be another way down the mountain. [yeah] cuz he lifts her way too slow
A tower viewer we can’t find him from here. Come on red gold. Well this way she’s I?
Can’t believe she tricked us. Yeah
Well, she kind of looks suspicious. I guess what type of girl wears a pink mustache n
Well, I didn’t want to question her because you know we we can’t jump yeah alright. Yeah, that might be rude gold
Do you have a nickel? I mean a quarter yeah, that’s 25 cents for viewing [got] your back here you go
Thank you. You always got it back
Gold [I] see her really where?
Um she’s with some creepy green ogre thing. That’s not wearing a shirt
What are they working together or something? What are they singing? Well she looks frightened?
Oh, I forgot to tell you when I bumped into her. I put a mic on her. Yes, mommy just
Yeah, let me just activate the chip on [my] phone
Awesome. What is she saying?
Okay, quiet listen
You pretty me like your hair
You release me this instant [or] [I] will [train] you
Me like you to tranq you
It’s kind of funny. Gee where’s my love bow. I love you. You’re so [pretty]
She kind of deserves that
pretty dress
He can’t come with me pretty lady. Oh
Wait. [God] she’s following him I
Think [he] has her bought me my love boat that I need that to make the world a [better] place. He’s pretty excited
Come on. Follow me. I saw [Lovington] the Orc running this way
Time to set down some secret. Jelly jumpers
Aka slime block
Cool. I saw them running this way funny wait. Oh what?
Yeah, you have to help remember the captain said you have to bring her back alive, or you’re fired
Hi, let’s go get her
Follow these giant footsteps. Look whoa, you good thing it’s snowing
Hey, aren’t you a little cold girls? No funny is this foot pretty bigger than me
Yeah, it’s way bigger than you is it bigger than me. Yeah, it’s the size of both of us
It’s probably three times the size of your whole body
Do you smell that yeah? I smell smell [one’s] cooking something. It smells like turkey dinner actually
had to have
This is my house. Do you like my [huth]? [oh]?
Not really. It doesn’t really have [much]. I love my house. I sit on your [everyday]
What is he doing with her? Do you like nice new man, can you please give me my bowl?
no, I
Keep it. It’s pretty
This no man is pretty this fire is pretty
And [my] who’s is the prettiest?
Do you love everything yes? I love everything well
Maybe if you give me my ball back [I] can make you love everything even more
But they already love everything even more don’t you love how the fire sparkles? Yeah? Yeah, I love
everything can I go now please you give me my ball back sure uh
No is pretty I keep I keep it
What are we gonna? Do funny?
Um you have to make a distraction gold
Okay, what’s the plan?
Gee I don’t [know] if you’re gonna like it
why why are you getting worried laughing because I’m gonna make you look like an ogre –
What – no way, [I] just got my hair done yesterday
Okay, okay. I have this new agent app that Britta got me and
It’s gonna make you look like an ogre. Okay, just a cell
standing on [ogre]
Hey the app works
Tell me I look beautiful
You look like you crawled out of a swamp. You look gorgeous, huh?
Why thank you, so I’m guessing you want me to go over there now
yup, and
You got my back covered right yep? I got I brought my tiny pistol
Okay, I’m going down. Hopefully this ogre doesn’t make me his girlfriend or something that’s totally gonna creep me out
Don’t worry. He just loves everything okay, cool. I [got] [your] back
Come on. What is gold doing?
Hello, [ooh]
pretty Lady
Someone here to save me you stay here pretty lady one. Oh
What happened to you love indeed? You’re gonna go to jail
Monica, and why would I go to jail Missy?
Because your nuisance, and you ran away all my mission stop
Stop thank you ladies should not argue. Thanks, then kill me
They kill me secret ages
Ha let me put your hands up right now. Yeah, put your hands up. [oh]
Don’t let your hands up. Oh, this is pretty funny
This is really funny. Love indeed. Love Andy
Don’t you dare shoot me. I swear don’t you shoot me? I’m aiming right at your eyeballs. [hey]
step a shogun, whoa
Hello handsome
Is so pretty why did you dean oh, hi you want some of this?
What some of this is shiny this is what you get for spying on me meddling in mind. I’m not a funny funny
Everyone deserves to be in love
every my love oh
I’m in love with water
Oh this [water’s] so nice
Get back here
So pretty everything [in] the world [shields]. Oh, beautiful. Don’t you agree Mr.. Ogre? Yes?
Yeah, thank you this world is so out
Loving do you do don’t shoot me again? Don’t shoot me again. Love [indy]. I’m taking you down. [oh]
Wow, Mr.. Ogre. You are one look at me. Stop it. I’m gonna take that [a] 150 Vulgar lady
Give me that bow. Thank you
Lemon tea. Can you stop?
No, why you are coming with me? You’re under arrest love the world needs to be in love no your honor Ella
No, you’re under arrest for being a public nuisance
Now stay here when I go get the handcuffs out of gold don’t you move love Indy?
Love Indy
Don’t move okay. I like your shiny chain you having gold
Give me the handcuffs come on Saul so what’s your nose. Give me that good no?
cops smoke, you know it can like
Lemon II
Love it. [oh] [pity] lady come back
You’ll never catch me. I still have my arrows and I and the master the world deserves love
does the love
Oh my gosh
First Mission ever failed I let the villain get away gold. Let’s get out of here
gold [oh]
It’s okay funny. You can go back to the you’re not going to go back to [the] agency really yeah
I think this is my true. Love funny
Okay, you know what this will make my day
I’m gonna take a picture of it [you] [guys] to the loveliest couple on Earth say cheese look at the camera
[pinky] cheese
Wow, that was gorgeous. Well see ya at the agency. Well, I can’t help gold now
Rainbow how do you see me?
Fine [uncle] snap her out of it. Do you know how to snap her out?
do you hit her on the back of the head or
Are you fine? [ooh]?
What is that thing hey? Why do you hit my pretty lady because she’s being weird. Bye Mr.. Ogre
Come on. Hey
No, no laughs um can you send a copter to our location?
Or the boat okay. Thank you. Go let’s get out [of] here
now let’s go uh
I kind of lost her
What see I can’t even handle a mission by yourself. [I’m] sorry it was only one time. Okay. That girl’s a trickster
Come on. We all swim
Good this way the cop is heading on top of the mountain come on. Hey, let’s go
Captain’s not gonna be happy about this yeah, I can swim [I’m] too heavy come back
right we me [to] see

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