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you’re probably wondering what you’re
watching. where are you? why’d you click this video? why is this just a clip of minecraft birds dancing to the music disk “cat”? well, let’s start from the beginning. when I first discovered minecraft, I was
about six or seven years old. it was through YouTube, which I guess was how everyone found it. I loved the game. not sure what drew me to it, whether the idea of doing whatever you wanted appealed to me that much, or the cool things people
made and inspiring me was the hitter, I don’t know. all I know was I was obsessed. my brother and I begged our parents for the game and, what do you know, we got it. only problem was that our computer was an all-in-one with four gigabytes of RAM, and playing the game was like trying to be entertained by a slideshow. so I was
mostly stuck to watching it. I never really watched any of the major
people. all the minecraft gods of youtube? yeah, I hadn’t heard of them until this last year so. instead, I stuck to smaller people. I watched hundreds of videos for hours on end, watching hundreds of different mod packs, consoles, and people playing the game. but, at some point, minecraft videos started slowing down. there weren’t any new ones
coming out because, just like I was, people were moving away from the game. whether I left because of the content creators leaving or not, I’m not sure. with that slow down, minecraft became talking about it at school got you made fun of for weeks! but, through all that time… I don’t think I ever hated the game. I didn’t play it, no. but, I didn’t hate it. that is, until… Friday August 10th, 2018, at
5:39 PM, my friend said (pictured) and I agreed. then, Friday August 31st, 2018, at 6:11 PM we pressured our old friend to make us a minecraft server. and thus, it started. we were a bit ahead of our time. the minecraft renaissance came in 2019, a bit
before the tenth birthday of the game. so, as I’m sure you can imagine, when the
renaissance did come, we were stoked. video after video, series after series, and even server after server for me and my friends. we had multiple, some hosted by the old friend we pressured and some by our other friends. one was even hosted by me, but it was
only me and one other person on that one. which brings me to it. I put hours into this thing. I had many animals, I explored hundreds of chunks,
and I grinded a zombie spawner for XP to get good tools and armor. I still didn’t have anything high-quality though, I kind of sucked at the game… …in fact, I’ve never beaten the ender dragon I changed a lot over the seven years I liked minecraft of course. but there’s always been 2 things that have stayed static about me. I don’t really have to go in to never beating the ender dragon. I’ve never stayed in a single world long enough. my friends and I flitted from server to
server, hardly getting past our first diamond pick in all of them. with building, though… when I was seven, playing on my shitty, all-in-one, touchscreen desktop, I played creative mode, and I tried to build. now, I’m 15, I play in survival mode, and I try to build. … and I love it. all the hours I put into the server went to building. yeah, I mined, I explored, and I grinded for XP. but do you see this thing? this took me weeks! I loved adding all the little details, like the log pile, the berry bushes, the random item frames with junk I found cool in them. it was how I expressed “this is my house.” “this is mine.” which, brings me back to the clip at the start. those birds dancing to the disc were my
first of both. I’d never tamed a bird before then, and
“cat” was the first disc I’d ever earned. that server also hosted the first time I
ever enchanted something, and the first time I’d ever found more than 10 diamonds on my own. after so many years, so many first for me had happened within one. which is kind of insane, because I grew up on this game. the minecraft renaissance was such an amazing boom in content for the game, and it deserved every bit of it. …but, slowly the fade it had years ago was repeating. so many people were expressing their dislike for the game, because they “had to play it to get any views.” which was slowly but surely killing it once more. while I was writing this script I asked
myself why I was making this video. it’s not to inform anyone about the game, or rail into the content of it. it was a… a goodbye more and more, I started seeing people state they disliked the game, and like I said earlier, it’s leading to minecrafts’ second demise. after years of not playing it, I got back into the game, only to watch it fall from his throne once more. I shouldn’t feel so sentimental towards
this games’ decline in popularity. perhaps I’m so hung up on it because
there won’t be any texturepack updates. maybe it’s because there won’t be any
mods. maybe, it’s because there won’t be any
small servers for a group of three friends. whatever the reason, I know that… this is the end. I say the end, but this has all happened once before. everyone thought minecrafts’ first end
would be its last, but it wasn’t. one day, minecraft might rise in
popularity again. and, just maybe… next time will be even better than this.

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