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Since 2011 MINECON has been the time of year that we come together to celebrate
the past, present and perhaps most
excitingly the future of Minecraft.
Our event has evolved over the years to what
you’re experiencing right now and next
year we’re evolving it even further
joining our live broadcast in 2020 will
be an all new, in person event called
Minecraft Festival.
Minecraft festival will take place from September 25th to
September 27th in Orlando Florida
I’m pretty excited as a Floridian you
can expect interactive exhibits
inclusive gameplay competitive
tournaments live entertainment creator
and community panels and more. To sign up for more information please head to our website. Very exciting!
And now please welcome to the stage Agnes and Jen’s!
Welcome how has the show been for the
two of you? You were buzzing around.
Yes, it’s been super fun yeah really amazing.
Yeah it’s been fantastic. Great Show!
It was very cool to see the Dungeons premiere.
Yeah absolutely it’s so fun.
and I love the opening cinematic it’s so cool.
It’s beautiful, so Jens how does it feel when
we have two new games coming out?
It’s of course great like we have Minecraft
Dungeons and Minecraft Earth but we actually have a third minecraft game coming out
It’s a board game called Minecraft
Builders and Biomes.
Builders and Biomes! That’s very exciting yeah there might be a hint of Builders and Biomes somewhere for people to see.
So you’re gonna tell us about an. The next big update!
But before that, I want to know, how you
got into gaming? Agnus?
Oh yeah so I have played games and
loved games as long as I can remember
and I used to draw games before I could
program I actually learned programming
much later. I just used to draw my own games and then one day I thankfully made it
into gaming and working on games and it’s so fun.
We have a photo of the original tiny Agnes here. I love I love that you’re playing on a computer you also
have a baby bottle so those you have
really been playing since you were very small.
Yes, I mean I think I should be old
enough to drink from something else there though.
But I probably was quite stubborn.
Like “I want my bottle”!
Were you coding at this point? Or is that much later?
Yeah no coding yet, only playing.
And Jens how was game development how did you get your start?
Yes, it’s a very similar story.I loved games and I made levels on on paper and added
enemies and when a friend showed
me a shoot-’em-up construction kit on
day on the c64 and then that’s when
I realized we can make games and I’ve
been doing that since then.
And of course
we have a photo of adorable tiny Jen’s
there on the left playing
a game and watch.
You you look the same. More beard
So you’re gonna tell us about
the next update.
Yes but first…
okay but first
First a part of the next update we want
to show you a block that is not
completely related to the theme of the
update but still it’s really cool so
here is the Target block.
Target block!
How cool is that. I also like your little
chicken advisor there hanging out during
the whole process. Tell us about the
target block.
Yes,so you can shoot arrows at the target block and it will emit a redstone signal and the closer the arrow
hits the bullseye the bigger the signal
will be.
How do you see players using this?
Well, making mini games and various
contraptions of course and and maybe
also create new hidden entrances to
their bases.
That would be cool.
That would be amazing.
So you said this is part of the next update
Yeah we’re super excited to
finally have Nether updates.
The nether
So the nether hasn’t been a place that’s
very liveable and that is all about to
so how is that changing?
I mean well it will still not be easy to live there.
But we want players to be able to have a
base there so for example
you can set your spawn in Nether. You can
find food in Nether
but it’s still a really dangerous place!
Food in the nether? So that means there’s
Well it’s new mob and we will
talk more about it later.
Okay so first.
Of course we also wanted to make sure that there’s more things to explore
and and yeah more things to find more
things to do so we we wanted to
introduce Biomes to the Nether.
Yes, so we will actually show some of them today
and the first one is the Soul Sand Valley
Soul sand valley.
You’re right not sure I would want to
live there.
It depends on what you prefer.
What’s happening in Soul Sand Valley?
It looks incredible!
Yes I would say this is a scary biome.
It’s quite barren and it
has this blue fog and a blue fire which
is a new block or actually if you place
fire on a source on it will now turn
blue and it’s also like the stalactite
and visible fossils.
and you’ll be able to take the Soul Sand block and that will work in any of the dimensions
that is very cool. I bet people will do
really amazing things with blue flames
You did say biomes. So we have another
biome to look at. What biome is that?
It is the Netherwart forest
There is a lot in the Netherwart Forest!
So what’s happening in there?
Lots of things, so yeah as you can see it’s two variants of it.
So the red one has a very live atmosphere in its own
very weird and Netehery way since like
swirling particles and a lot of
vegetation. It is very dense.
So the players should get lost in there.
And then we have the blue one which has a very like a unique atmosphere it’s
like even more weird if possible and
this is the particle server is falling
and lots of new blocks and lots of new vegetation.
How did you decide on the
colors? Because it is so different than
the look of the Nether when you add
these Biomes.
Yeah when we wanted to make
sure that when you explore you get a
more variation since more than just red
than yellow and we were thinking about
how the overworld as much green blue and
gray and then this black purple and
yellow so we were thinking how can we
are the more color depth to do the
Nether that that kind of creates a good
feeling for the the Nether still.
It’s really beautiful but you said it’s gonna be just as hard.
So even though this looks
quite, you know like an oasis.
it’s not going to be?
Well, we still call the
Netherwart forest the Nether oasis but that
doesn’t mean it will be easy being there.
So there will be for example a new hostile mob.
I think we could
show it now and we are temporarily calling it
the Piglin Beast.
The Piglin Beast.
So you said we’re temporarily calling it
the Piglin beast. What does that mean for everyone?
We would actually love
to get suggestions from the community on a better name.
So, please if you have any
suggestions send them and then we can pick the name later.
And what happens
with this new to be named Piglin Beast
The to be named Piglin Beast is really
aggressive so it’s quite scary but it’s
also the food source in the Nether actually.
So we really want the the experience
to be very unique in that it shouldn’t feel
like another overworld so when you get
your food you can’t just have like it
pretty little farm, instead you need to find
this scary aggressive Piglin Beast and
get the food from that.
And this is the first time you have a food source in the Nether?
Which is really awesome so
that does make it livable… ish
And where
does Piglins come from?
So Piglin is actually what we call the
pig men now and we are also introducing
Piglin mob as well we can take a look at
the video I believe
Let’s see them, Piglins.
They look mean but they also have the
floppy ears.
They’re kind of cute too.
Yes, there’s a lot going on
in this video.
But at the core the Piglin is almost like a new civilization you know that we add to the Nether
and they are actually hostile
towards the player.
They also don’t like Wither Skeletons and they hunt the Piglin beast for food as well but they
do collect gold and if you as in this
picture wear cool armour they will kind
of like they will ignore you they won’t
like you but they will ignore you unless
you open chests or stop poking in their
Yes I really like this mechanic
actually so if you open a chest close to
Piglin and they see you they will get really upset.
But there’s actually a good
reason why the player wants to approach
the Piglins because we will introduce
a new kind of trading with them that we
call bartering but it’s a little bit
different to villager trading.
Villager trading, you know the villagers are
like her very friendly.
The Piglins do it in their own way so it’s like you can throw some gold at them and they will throw
and knife and then somewhere you can go and pick it up so it’s my Piglin style trading.
That’s amazing so will there be
new things that they’re gonna barter with you=
It will, but we will not tell
what you can barter yet.
So new things coming to the Nether. That is a lot of Nether things coming!
Any particular favorites in this update
for either of you or you love them all too . much?
Yes, for me it it is the Piglins because we we have we have so many ideas.
Oh so many ideas for that. Agnes?
For me it is the biomes because well it will be so interesting to
explore but of course biomes also add so
many new resources and similarly new
atmospheres. So yeah I’m very excited for
the biomes.
Speaking of biomes we have a vote going
on that we now have a winner for
Predictions, on the winner
it’s either swamp or mountains which do
you think will take it?
Hmm, well I will
guess swamp.
Okay Jens?
Well Snow is snowier.
So you’re guessing mountains?
Mountains, yes.
Maybe we should find out
is our correspondent somewhere close? Okay there you are.
I have the vote right here they have
tallied it and they have double-checked it
Who is going do the honors?
I think it’s Jens’s turn.
You were quick, wow!
All right.
Let’s hear it.
Yes and the
winner is Mountains!
How does it feel with the mountains?
Great absolutely!
it is also your prediction.
Can you remind us what we’ll be getting in the mountains?
You will get goats and you will get and
kind a new kind of snow.
yes yes and
we’ll also look into like the
generation of the mountains to give
them a more majestic feel.
Jen’s and Agnes you have given us a ton
to look forward to thank you so much.
Thank you.
It’s’s been show packed full of
announcements and to answer some of the
questions that have been coming in live
during the show stay tuned for a
developer panel that begins right after
But first let’s take a quick look
at what’s happened over the course of
this show with so many updates

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