The Theft Protection

Myths and Facts About Identity Theft

It’s mighty magic swords
Orders for higher headquarters excitement. I’m so hard. Why don’t you try reading pictures?
Are you not going when you live here?
Who’s a contest tomorrow
I signed up to sing a song and I want to hire you to play you’re agreeing mandatory to back me up unchanged and
feel exactly free to
Any magic sword it rail for you Oh
Bamber I’m gonna need your moral support
So if you cheer me on I’ll give you a coat of my prized gym with those gems
I could purchase a special edition ultra read Veronica victorious and the gratuitous cameos
Okay, buddy. What do you mean me to play?
Oh, I don’t know yet even actually started writing my song but the contest tomorrow and you don’t have a song
I want to be the one who raised the song it’s deeply personal
Ruff’s going to his office to the cave and stuff where he I can pour my heart out into lyrical the men
Taking the job
Well, I guess you’re just going to have to wait
If you’ll just excuse me, I was just following right? Yeah about that
You can’t come back this way special orders what you monster turns out take off, bro
Barely see ah Who am I kidding? I need some cooler spy gear. Let’s go soo ah much better look
There’s grub or Deuter feeling like you can’t ask for my help. Luckily for him. I can watch him without his permission
Rats he’s gone. I need to get closer
Raaaar break union rules. Okay, great
We got a hurry Oh, mr. Cotton well time to talk let’s go
Waiting here for an unknown period of time did you finish your office know what my song doing and I got it right here
Can you give me a South Pole sure thing sis? Let’s just have

1 thought on “Mighty Magiswords Gotta Get Grup to Get Down Episode 1 – Jack Perters

  1. Mighty Magiswords Gotta Get Grup to Get Down Episode 1 – Jack Perters

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